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Hullcracker “Seven Fours” 74-7444-4444

Raspooten is a player character played by SirSkully

Hullcracker “Seven Fours” 74-7444-4444
Alias Raspooten
Species: Freespacer Type 4
Gender: Male
Year of Birth: YE 24
Organisation: Independent
Occupation: Smuggler
Placement: Crew 32

Physical Description

Seven Fours stands at 6’11” with the appearance of a more mechanised freespacer despite his type 4 classification. His body is humanoid in shape but is covered in large Nerimium plates that are matte charcoal in colour, these plates are somewhat blocky in nature yet still give him a silhouette that is slim enough to wear clothing. Seven Fours’ head is rounded at the back but flat at the front with a small, rectangular, red light over where his left eye should be – this flat part curves back and continues along the top of his head until it ends at the back. A strip of white text runs vertically down the right half of his face, it says “R4SP-00-10” in a blocky and industrial-looking font.

Underneath all of his armour is very little biological mass, all that remains of him is a skull, most of his spinal column a few organs – half of which are synthetic or replacements and his heart, the rest of the internals are mechanised systems and some life support to keep his organic parts alive.

Mechanical Nature

Seven Fours is a few biological components contained within what is basically a suit of power armour and as such, has the following characteristics:

Nerinium Plating as well as the mostly mechanised internals grant him an increase in defence while making him as heavy as a fully grown male Kodian1).

DRv3 Tier 4, Light Armour

Life Support systems that keep the few shreds of his Biological self-alive can run for up to 120 hours in a vacuum, the nuclear power core is self-contained and shielded to prevent leaking radiation from damaging his job-givers.

Mindware is built in to his metal body and linked to his brain, granting Seven Fours the ability to merge his consciousness with technology and control it with thoughts.


Seven Fours is best described as somewhat eccentric, he is sporadic and unpredictable most of the time yet he isn’t some twisted psychopath because of it. This freespacer may have more than a few screws loose from his multiple and scarily constant near-death experiences but he has a heart of gold2), Seven Fours sleeps with a gun under his pillow but the guy is loyal to his crew – always there to help and crack a joke or two if the opportunity arises, even if the humour can get a little dark some times.

He has a certain drive to finish something once he starts it, the stubbornness in him won’t let Seven Fours give up on anything – he can get a bit cocky or over zealous from time to time though.


Seven Fours was created in early YE 24 as a pilot-orientated freespacer, the first three years went by in a flash until he suddenly had a flash of inspiration – he started taking on small side jobs along the way, mostly harmless things like stowing a package in the vents to give it to a shady individual later or maybe taking a few rough-looking individuals to an even shadier abandoned mining outpost.

Five years into this gig and one such individual pumped Seven Fours’ chest full of bullets – the ‘spacer didn’t die however and was soon back at it as if nothing happened. Next person tried to poison him and take the ship but Seven Fours’ new synthetic liver nullified the poison and left him unharmed besides an upset stomach and a headache as he fell unconscious – things escalated when he woke up tied to a chair, the ‘spacer was castrated, drowned, shot and a variety of other things before being thrown into a pile of trash.

Again he refused to die, the ‘spacer was rebuilt and once again went back to his job like nothing had happened. Things were mostly quiet for a while until his ship blew up upon ignition, his remains were in a bad way but they still had a pulse running through them.

Seven Fours’ woke up a while later in almost a completely new body, he didn’t have a ship anymore and was down on his luck – so he hired himself out as a freelance smuggler, choosing to shed the past and fully accept his new life among the scum of the universe as a glorified taxi driver.

If he was being honest, Seven Fours quite liked his new position.

Skills Learned

Starship operation: Seven Fours was born to fly, quite literally – he is a highly skilled pilot of nearly any space craft, this is further aided by in-built systems that allow him to merge his consciousness with most ships and vehicles.

Fighting: Seven Fours has had to defend his ship from others on more than a few occasions and as such he is somewhat skilled with most conventional firearms, not quite a soldier yet enough to fend off a few bandits with a gun or his own hydraulic fists if need be.

Maintenance and Repair: Seven Fours knows enough about fixing broken things to keep his ship and himself in a somewhat functional state.

Social Connections

Seven fours is connected to:

-No one, yet

Inventory and Finance

Seven Fours Has:

-Styrling Man Cannon, .455 Loud Boom

- 500 rounds - Brown Leather Holster - Brown Leather Bandoleer

-Westech Trench Shotgun, sawnoff barrel and stock

- 300 3” shells

-A basic handheld, self-contained welding tool

-Assorted plates of Durandium Alloy

-A sturdy backpack

-Large, brown Bulletproof Wool trench coat with a black hood

-Gauss Rod-Rifle

- 500 Staballoy Rods

- 5 150 round mags

8,475 DA

OOC Information

In the case SirSkully becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
roughly one ton
figuratively speaking

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