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Illian Harsia

Illian Harsia
Species: Gartagen
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Height: 168 cm (~5ft 5in)
Weight: 59kg (~130lbs)
Organization: Pan-Union Trading Company
Occupation: Director for the Military and Security Division
Rank: Divisional Director
Current Placement:

Illian Harsia in Roleplay

Illian Harsia is a Non-Player Character created and used by Sigma.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 168 cm (~5ft 5in)
Weight: 59kg (~130lbs)
Build and Skin Color: Illian has a deep red skin tone. Like all Gartagens who served in the RRF, he is muscular and well built.

Eyes and Facial Features: Illian has red irises. His face is very angular and, by human standards, very aristocratic.

Hair Color and Style: Short dreadlock-like tendrils on his head tied in a top-knot.

Distinguishing Features: He often wears an eye-patch over his left eye.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Illian Harsia, the Pan-Union Trading Company's Military and Security Division Director, has been noted as one of the quirkiest Gartagens in business and military affairs. Most of the time, he carries himself with an air of regality and superiority. This, however, is generally acknowledged amongst those who know him as a front. A way to purposefully deceive those who do not know him.

The eye-patch he often wears hides a fully functional eye. According to his subordinate, General Morcia, “The Director does not believe most things warrant the use of both eyes.” This, too, might be part of his deceptive nature but also adds an element of condescension to most of his personal encounters.

Likes: Strong women, strong drinks, new tactics, new guns, new starships

Dislikes: People who do not learn from their mistakes, manipulative women


  • Develop new tactics for the Company's forces.
  • Expand the Company's military presence.
  • Ensure the safety of Company property and personnel.
  • Find a wife



Polan Harsia - Father (82)
Lian Harsia - Mother (76)
Morian Harsia - Sister (37)
Irian Harsia - Sister (35)


Illian Harsia joined the Rapid Reaction at the age of sixteen, determined to be the best soldier. Harsia quickly became recognized as a skilled warrior and brilliant tactician. This led to a swift rise in the Rapid Reaction Force. As he progressed through the ranks and into a command position, he began to argue for more innovative forms of warfare.

Harsia's determined assault on the established system left him with few supporters and many political enemies in the upper echelons of the military. All new tactics and technology had to conform to the accepted way of fighting. For years, he was ignored and passed over for promotion.

Frustrated with the military hierarchy, Harsia finally retired from the Union Military with the rank of Field Commander. He considered the Union Military outdated and unbending in their approach to warfare. His departure was missed by few. All of those who had agreed with him were his peers or juniors. They had left with him in protest. His younger sister, Morian, had joined the Rapid Reaction Force to proudly follow her brother's example. When Harsia left, Morian confronted him, bawling, screaming and finally striking him. Morian finally pronounced him dead to her.

Despite efforts by others in the family, the rift between the two continues to grow as they ignore each other.

Harsia and his compatriots were swiftly recruited by the Pan-Union Trading Company in YE 30 to expand its security force into a paramilitary wing. Harsia was placed in charge of what he quickly dubbed “Milaros Wing,” named after the mythical winged Gartagen hero who always sought to outsmart his opponent. Harsia considered this appropriate for the task with which he envisioned the new military arm of the Pan-Union Trading Company. Those revolutionary dreams were exactly what President Palmatar had hired Harsia for.

In three years, the new Military and Security Division expanded to included a small naval component for convoy security and a large ground force. To lead these young recruits, most of whom possessed little to no military experience, Harsia appointed his good friend, Elan Morcia, to lead them and mould them according to the way Harsia and his group envisioned.

Skill Areas

Fighting and Physical

Harsia is well-versed in the traditional forms of Gartagen martial arts. He trains often to keep himself fit. Harsia refuses to let the younger troops be more physically capable than him. He has been known to drop in on physical training classes and lead them himself.


Harsia is a man who enjoys literature. His script is considered very elegant and he is extremely fluent in the older forms of the Gartagen language.

He has also designed a battle language for use by the Milaros Wing. It has both verbal and non-verbal components for use in all situations.


Harsia is a leader of warriors. He has immersed himself in the role of leading the Company's forces to strive for greater glory than the Union Military. With the discovery of new races and a galactic wide war, Harsia half-desires to test the Milaros Wing in the crucible of war.

His dream of glory is well known to the Company troops. His presence amongst them inspires great boasts, much to Harsia's approval. Their leader's well known dislike for the Union military has created a sense of competition amongst the Company troopers, though it is largely ignored by the regular Union troopers.


For three years, Harsia trained and worked as a RRF combat engineer. This training included the use of explosives for both combat and non-combat purposes. He is capable of arming, defusing and operating all forms of standard military demolitions.

Harsia also enjoys tinkering with home made recipes, which he has passed to his troops for further review and experimentation. So far, the various explosive devices and recipes have had mixed reviews in testing.


Alongside his training in demolitions, Harsia is also very good with his hands. He has built a cabin for himself, though its location is only known to him. Harsia does not, however, hide the fact that he does have a secret cabin somewhere on Gartaga Prime.

Technology Operation

Harsia is capable of using all forms of Gartagen technology.


1 Sheshka
1 Suleo XRASER Pistol
Several sets of Milaros Wing duty and dress uniforms
Many sets of civilian clothes
Various books and manuals, digital and printed
4 datapads


Illian Harsia is currently a Divisional Director in the Pan-Union Trading Company.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
10,000 GC Starting Funds
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