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Ilsa Skjoldsvulf

Ilsa Skjoldsvulf is an NPC controlled by Lamb

Ilsa Skjoldsvulf
Species: Nekovalkyrja NH-17
Gender: Female
Organization: Civilian
Occupation: Travel Writer

Character Description

Ilsa is old as far as Neko go. Her deep blue eyes have lost the youthful exhuberance of her younger sisters. Favoring the Raltean traditions, she keeps herself more to the 'Valkyrja' half of her race than the 'Neko' half. Her blonde-furred ears and her four-fingered hands are the only real giveaway to her heritage. Ilsa has a great mass of golden hair that nearly envelops her when loosened– but almost always keeps it in a bound braid thrown over one shoulder. Her pale skin is unbroken by freckles, though she does have a wolf-print genetically tattooed on one side of her neck. This is a recent addition. Her typical attire consists of a pair of fur-lined boots beneath a plain brown dress and leggings. She still wears the tricorn and cloak that was given to her during the Elysian Wars when travelling. Ilsa is a cold, calculating sort. Though she's taken up occupation as a travel writer, she rarely releases an article on her InterNep blog; instead relying on her accrued SAoY back pay to travel the galaxy and enlighten herself. In person, she is blunt and at the same time incredibly stiff. She is a shameless, barbaric woman despite her formal speech and considers indulgence to be the best relaxation. Ilsa is also something of a bounty hunter, though she does this anonymously and does not advertise her dangerous hobby.

History and Relationship Notes

Originally built to fight in the Elysian Wars, Ilsa was one of a litter of Raltean Neko who made their name on the ground killing Elysians by the score. She had arranged to marry one of her sisters when the war was over, but ended up captured by her enemy. The fleeing Elysians who carried her were fallen upon by pirates who then sold Ilsa as an unused slave. For years, she was passed from one owner to another– each one increasingly more inconvenienced by her attitude and behavior upon release.

In YE 37, she was rescued from her imprisonment by Nepleslian marines boarding a pirate vessel. After ten years of being locked away, the galaxy had changed. Ilsa returned to Yamatai to have her powerful NH-17 body weakened to NH-29 levels so she could wander the stars unmolested in retirement. She started a travel blog, which met with an odd amount of success amongst older Yamataians and hardcore Ralteans due to the fact that almost every article sang praises of the destination while still reminding readers that it paled in comparison to 'the way Ralt used to be in her day' or 'the glory of the old world'.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Yamatai-Go, Trade, Old Elysian
  • Combat, Small arms tactics and power-armor
  • Humanities, descriptive writing in both language and music
  • Construction, improvised shelters and single-occupancy dwellings
  • Survival, living off the land
  • Knowledge, an avid student of history
  • Vehicles, a mediocre driver still learning the ins and outs of piloting


Ilsa Skjoldsvulf has the following items:

  • A war axe
  • A GP-13 plasma pistol
  • A warrior's spirit
  • Hope for a better future
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