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Iltani Abdu-suri

Iltani Abdu-suri is a Kishargal from the Constitutional Dominion Of Ersetu. She is a player character controlled by paladinrpg.

Iltani Abdu-suri
Species: Kishargal Female
Born: 1782 ce, 3rd Month
Age: 22
Clan: Leod
Occupation: Quartermaster
Rank: Petty Officer
Current Placement: HMS Nemesis

Physical Characteristics

Height: 8' 10“

Weight: 325 lbs

Build, Skin Color and Skin Pattern: Iltani is generally slender and not too muscular, with skin that is a ashen brown coloration. Bio luminescent spots of amber and orange glow warmly off its dark surface, formed in patterns of both thin stripes and freckled clusters similar to a windswept sandstorm.

Eyes and ears: She has dark orange eyes that resemble hewn sard, and her pointed ears are often adorned with golden or cabochon earrings.

Horns: Iltani's dark horns curve out horizontally from the side of her head before turning forward and then finally skyward at the ends.

Hair Color: Her hair is a similar color to her eyes and skin spots, a ruddy carnelian. It is often worn long, with two bangs in front of her face that have decorative gold cuffs at intervals along their length.

Tail: Her hairless tail is a little shorter than most, and ends in the shape of a rounded spade.

Distinguishing Features:

Psychological Characteristics

  • Personality: Iltani is generally calm, cool and collected, as would be expected for someone who is being groomed by her family for one day manning the helm of a merchant vessel and managing the accounting behind a bustling trading business. Though at times her latent fiery nature can also slip out in stressful situations, or those of the heart… especially if ever confronted by her wayward older brother, with whom she has a bitter rivalry. When underway, Iltani is often seen sipping her favorite tea from a comfy position at her post supervising the vessel's navigational deck… though she can be caught at times in her office counting piles of gold sovereigns. These behaviors can lead some to believe on the surface that she is greedy and aloof, though those that get to know her better realize she is actually quite caring and simply tries hard to uphold her family's sailing reputation after Dagan's high-profile betrayal.
  • Likes: Tea (especially Maghrebi Mint), counting sovereigns, warm places
  • Dislikes: Cold, bland or unadorned things, her pirate brother
  • Goals: To eventually finish out her military service and use those skills to lead her family's merchant fleet to riches.



  • Karana (mother), Shamash (father), Dagan (brother), Belassunu (sister)

Iltani hails from the great city of Céic, upon the far eastern shores of Kiengir. She was born in XXXX the middle child of three siblings, with an older brother named Dagan and younger sister Belassunu. Her merchant family ran a very successful planetary shipping company that traded many of the raw minerals mined and also specialist machinery crafted by clan Leod with the night lands of Barkemp to the far west across the stormy seas, as well as a fledgling space logistics business. As such, it was obvious from early on that all three of them would be expected to prepare to follow in their parents footsteps when they came of age. Her brother seemed to show the most promise as a future ship captain, and the family poured much of their newfound profits into ensuring that Dagan received the best education that would ensure him an officer's commission upon entering the Her Majesty's Royal Navy. The younger Iltani also had some skill in navigation, but she did not earn as high marks as her elder sibling… still she worked hard helping to manage the family's finances for her elder father Shamash to hopefully one day serve alongside him when she reached adulthood, and become rich together.

Ten years after he had originally shipped off to the service, the family held a great feast in honor of Dagan earning his rank of Lieutenant and his first post aboard a Six Rate Navy Frigate. Iltani had also by now risen up the enlisted ranks to the post of Quartermaster's mate on a corvette. Their parents were very proud of both of the siblings accomplishments and felt secure in knowing their company's futures would pass to the next generation, and the younger Belassunu was wide-eyed at the tales of their adventures as she too also wanted to leave home one day and make her own fortunes. This hopeful situation was however not to last…

One year later, the family received word of a dreadful occurrence. Dagan's ship, the HMS Naditu, while on a routine anti-pirate patrol on the frontiers, was the subject of a high-profile mutiny. And the culprit was none other than their own son! The news sent chills down their spines, wondering how their loyal and devoted golden boy could suddenly be accused of murdering his own commander and joining the ranks of the infamous brigands known as the 'Lorelei'. When she found out, Iltani could not believe he was capable of such an act, for she had always known him to be a brave and noble individual who she looked up to like a hero. But sadly it seemed to be true, for there was reports that streamed in of a clan Leod transport fleet that was attacked by the same pirate band using the stolen frigate, apparently also led by her betrayer brother who knew exactly where they would be. He plundered their gold and goods with nothing but greed as his apparent motivation, and also captured Belassunu in the milieu, who happened to be on her first training mission as a civilian merchant marine.

How could his promise long ago to become rich and famous have suddenly taken such a dark turn? Were the rumors of encounters with the 'Lorelei' causing sailors to go mad really more than an overly romanticized rumor?

Iltani begged her distraught father to pull what strings that he could to have her reassigned to a ship that was heading on anti-pirate patrol duties, landing her current position as the official Quartermaster of the infamous HMS Nemesis. Now, she sails the spacelanes hoping to one day meet Dagan face to face and rescue her captive sister. Hopefully she can convince her brother to stop his apparent madness… or end his life of piracy for good to restore her merchant family's battered reputation.

Service Record

  • 1799 - Entered service at seaman rank
  • 1800 - Able Seamen - various training posts
  • 1802 - Junior Petty Officer - Quartermaster's Mate, patrol corvette
  • 1804 - Petty Officer - Quartermaster, HMS Nemesis


  • Common Skills: Iltani has received basic instruction in mathematics, reading, writing and basic technology use.
  • Mathematics & Navigation: Since she was raised helping out with the accounting for her father's trading business, the young Leod was a natural at picking up additional skills in logarithms, and spherical trigonometry useful in both planetary and stellar navigation.
  • Ship Handling: Iltani is well-versed in steerage and how to keep a ship on course despite adverse conditions, as well as perform extensive evasive maneuvers in battle when needed. This holds true for both for civilian and small & mid-sized naval vessels.
  • Computer Operation: She has received training in operating the standard computer systems found on all Kishargal ships, to obtain & enter information and use them in the execution of her helm duties.
  • Gunnery: Though she is more of a helmsman, Iltani is perfectly capable of executing broadside maneuvers and otherwise putting the most guns possible on her target. She struggles with managing larger rate vessels, however.
  • Fighting: Though generally preferring to remain calm and civil, this Leod clan member is not above giving a quick punch to the face to get the point across, and has been trained in basics of gun and swordplay as any naval enlisted member.
  • Leadership: Although only a Petty Officer, Iltani has no qualms about leading small groups of enlisted members and making sure everyone remains focused on their tasks. Her bookkeeping skills come in handy for keeping those under her charge well-supplied.


Iltani Abdu-suri has the following personal effects:

  • 1 Mess Dress Uniform Set
  • 3 Duty Uniform or Space Service Uniform Set
  • 1 Fine Uniform Seamans cap
  • 1 Regular Uniform seamans cap
  • 5 Undergarments
  • 1 Space Service Pistol
  • 6 Rechargeable Shot
  • 1 bladed weapon (Daggar, axe, pike)
  • Comlink
Other Items
  • Toiletry Kit
  • Naval Gazette, 3rd month 1803 edition
  • Other items appropriate for position


Iltani Abdu-suri is a Petty Officer and receives a monthly salary of <number> Sovereigns.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
100 Sovereigns Starting Funds

OOC Information

In the case paladinrpg becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
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