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Inukai Katsumi

Inukai Katsumi was a player character played by FrostJaeger.

Inukai Katsumi (犬飼勝己)
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: NH-33 Nekovalkyrja Height: 5'2“ (1.5748 m)
Gender: Female Weight: 98 lbs. (44.4521 kg)
Age: 1 Complexion: Pale Azure (8FE5FF)
Date of Birth: June YE 36 Measurements: 37C-26-37
Organization: Star Army of YamataiStar Army of Yamatai Hair Color: Jet Black (040004)
Fleet: Star Army Tenth Standard Fleet
Star Army Tenth Standard Fleet
Hair Type: Wavy, Long, Layered
Rank: Santô Hei
Santô Hei
Eye Color: Light Gold (FFD700)
Occupation: 08 - Medic Pilot Ranking: C1)
Current Placement: YSS Sakishima Theme: Preserved Roses

Physical Characteristics

Inukai Katsumi, though a bit more petite then the standard Type 33 (at 158 centimeters and 44.45 kilos), still possesses the unnatural beauty typical of the Nekovalkyrja. Her pale-azure appearance is quite feminine, with a shapely and sensuous figure; her almond-shaped eyes are a pleasant shade of light gold and seem alight with an inner radiance - all of which combines to form the Neko's extremely cute Asiatic features.

Katsumi's hair is an exotic, luxurious jet-black that flows downwards to the small of her back; it's layered and wavy in appearance. Her Neko-style ears are average in length, outward-swept, and are covered in silky black fur that matches her hair.

Psychological Characteristics


Passionate and energetic, Inukai Katsumi is a constantly-in-motion hyperactive bundle of life that energetically throws herself at everything and anything that comes her way - be it in her duties as a Medic, in the midst of battle, or even as she goes about her day. Katsumi, for all intents and purposes, is the embodiment of the genki girl: seemingly bubbly and harmless…until those she considers “friends” are harmed.

This open and excitable personality, however, isn't without its drawbacks - for Katsumi's greatest strength is also her greatest weakness: it would not take much to corrupt this naïve and innocent Neko's joyous and pure wellsprings of love into those of twisted, unending hatred…

Preferences and Goals

  • Likes: Music (techno), cuteness, medicine, hugs, running, zombies, sugary foods, watching anime, cooking aforementioned foods, bubbles
  • Dislikes: Insects, being alone, silence, seafood, the NMX, the cold, snakes, cruelty
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Goals: Starting a family; becoming a Doctor; acquiring a tail

Service Record

Year Assignment Position Rank
YE 37 - YE 38 YSS Sakishima 08 - Medic Santô Hei 10SF



  • Inukai Yuuko (Mother, 😎
  • Inukai Sayoko (Older Sister, 2)
  • Inukai Michiko (Younger Sister, 1)


⚠ This section needs to be updated to meet Generation 3 standards! ⚠

Katsumi was “born” in YE 36 at the Educational Facility 1 in Ketsurui no Iori, where her….energetic personality made quite the impact on both her peers and elders alike. Despite struggling somewhat in her studies (which, save for medicine, often bored the young Neko to tears), Katsumi graduated a little over a year later in YE 37, at which point she was assigned to the YSS Sakishima.


Inukai Katsumi is capable of performing all Star Army Common Tasks due to her training at Educational Facility 1.


Katsumi has been trained in basic radio operation/procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, powered armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. She is fluent in Trade and Yamataigo (邪馬台語), thus she’s able to speak and write both correctly and efficiently, write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, and so on; lastly, Katsumi is adept at sending and receiving telepathic messages within the full range available to the NH-33 body.


Katsumi has received hand-to-hand combat training and undergone a rigorous training program. She is skilled and experienced with combat in both null-gravity and Yamatai-like conditions, with and without weaponry such as energy pistols, bladed melee implements, and powered armor; regardless, however, this NH-33 Nekovalkyrja is by far at her best when engaged in the aforementioned hand-to-hand combat, for her knowledge of biology and anatomy - when coupled with her faster-then-normal reflexes and reaction times - means that she can hit harder, faster, and smarter…

Technology Operation

Katsumi is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS (found on all Star Army starships) with an intermediate level of competency and is proficient in entering and/or searching for information.


Katsumi, as part of her basic training, has been educated in basic mathematical concepts such as algebra and trigonometry.

Medical & Science

Owing to her profession as a Medic, Katsumi has received extensive training in numerous medicinal fields, such as pharmacology, humanoid anatomy, biology, and surgical procedures; to complement this, she's also proficient in the usage of Star Army Medical/Trauma Kits and the Portable Medical Scanner PMS-1M; lastly, she's learned the Yamataian Triage Practices, the Request for Medical Assistance, and how to perform some of the more mundane duties associated with being a Medic (such as conducting crew physicals and performing ST backups).


Due to having frequently exercised during her youth at Ichiban, Katsumi, despite appearances to the contrary, is extremely athletic, especially when it comes to running. Although she hasn't had much in the way of practice recently, she can still easily sprint extraordinarily fast - especially when chasing things that fall under her (broad) definition of “cute” and/or “sweet.”


Originating from the need to fuel her ravenous metabolism, Katsumi is very skilled in the culinary arts; after several month's worth of practice, she's become quite skilled at it - with the only problem being that Katsumi prefers to cook one thing and one thing only: Pastries. Sugar-loaded, mouth-wateringly-good pastries.

OOC Discussion

This character was originally created on 2015/07/04 19:39 by FrostJaeger and is not up for adoption or usage as a NPC.

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