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Inukai Sayoko

Inukai Sayoko was a player character played by FrostJaeger.

Inukai Sayoko (犬飼小夜子)
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: NH-33S Nekovalkyrja Gender: Female
Age: 2 Height: 5'5“ (1.651 m)
Date of Birth: January YE 36 Weight: 96 lbs. (43.5445 kg)
Organization: Star Army Intelligence Star Army Intelligence Complexion: Pale Cream (FFE0BD)
Fleet: N/A Measurements: 34B-24-34
Rank: Ittô Hei Hair Color: Brilliant Silver (DFDFDF)
Occupation: 03 - Intelligence Operative Hair Type: Straight, Long-ish
Current Placement: YSS Heartbreaker Eye Color: Viridescent (56E351)
Orders: N/A Pilot Ranking: B1)

Physical Characteristics

Inukai Sayoko, in contrast to her sisters, is somewhat taller (and more slender) then the typical Type 33 (at 165 centimeters and 43.55 kilos) - but still possesses the elegant looks that are one of the hallmarks of Nekovalkyrja. Her pale-cream appearance is quite ladylike, with a voluptuous and attractive figure; her almond-shaped eyes are a piercing viridescent green - which, when taken in with her sharply-defined Asiatic visage, gives this SAINT Operative an air of mystery and aloofness.

Sayoko's hair, complementing her quiet and reserved demeanor, is a subdued yet brilliant silver that reaches down to her shoulders; it's layered, straight, and well-kept in appearance. Her Neko-style ears are a bit long in length and outward-swept; they're covered in smooth, grey-colored fur that matches her hair in hue.

Psychological Characteristics


Ruthless and efficient, Inukai Sayoko is a no-nonsense Neko who follows the Star Army Creed with a near-religous zeal as she carries out her duties as an agent of SAINT and goes about her day-to-day activities. Sayoko, basically, is the exemplification of the fanatic: cold-blooded, never one to question orders, and merciless to any who threaten those she considers as “allies.”

The life of this duty-bound agent, however, is far from perfect, as there exists no training manual for establishing meaningful relationships with others, and worse - should Sayoko's faith in the Yamatai Star Empire ever be broken…

Preferences and Goals

  • Likes: Reading, training, observing things (especially fish), movies, physical exercise
  • Dislikes: FTL, spacewalks, foolishness, Enemies of Yamatai, boredom, reptiles, socializing, seafood, inefficiency
  • Sexuality: Homosexual
  • Goals: Living the Star Army Creed; serving the Empire

Service Record



  • Inukai Yuuko (Mother, 😎
  • Inukai Katsumi (Younger Sister, 1)
  • Inukai Michiko (Younger Sister, 1)


Created in YE 36 at the Educational Facility 1 in Ketsurui no Iori, Inukai Sayoko, originally having trained as a soldier was, due to her uncanny knack for stealthiness and attention to detail, chosen to be a SAINT Operative following her graduation from Basic. After relocating to Black Sands, she underwent SAINT training where, much to the surprise of her instructors (and the envy of her fellow trainees), she passed - with one exception - all of her courses with flying colors; upon the completion of her training in the summer of YE 37, Sayoko received the SAINT Standard Conditioning Package (along with an upgrade) and was briefed in preparation for her first assignment: the YSS Heartbreaker.

YSS Heartbreaker

Mission 0: To Go Even Further Beyond

Inukai Sayoko, along with the rest of the YSS Heartbreaker's crew, began her journey into the vast, infinite abyss of the unknown with a relatively-uneventful jump to the UX-29 'Vagabond' System; upon arriving in the aforementioned system, however, the monotony of the earlier hours was broken with the discovery of an abandoned Mishhuvurthyar base on UX-29 III - and with the discovery of faults in the older ship's auxiliary engines while descending towards said base.

Fortunately, the Yui-class Scout was able to land safely on the barren world's surface. Unfortunately, the Away Team - led by Shoi Hoshitomo Rin and exploring what remained of the SMX installation while Santô Hei Nakane Katamari performed repairs on the Heartbreaker itself - soon discovered that “abandoned” did not always equal “unoccupied,” for the installation's previous occupants had left an utterly delightful housewarming gift in the form of several “reanimated” Nekovalkyrja accompanied by the obligatory Parasite Swarm…and during the ensuing firefight, the Team's two unarmored members, a Medic and a civilian SSS Riezon named Yjara Dust, were both severely injured.

Having learned of these events via her posting at the Bridge's Mission Operations console, Sayoko thus requested permission to go and provide medical assistance; after said permission was granted by the ship's captain, Taii Tsukisaki Valesti, the Intelligence Operative was able to stabilize her wounded comrades in the Heartbreaker's Shuttle Bay and (with help) transport them to the Medbay - thereby (indirectly) saving the lives of the Medic and Dust-san in the process.


Inukai Sayoko is capable of performing all Star Army Common Tasks due her training at Educational Facility 1 and Black Sands.


Sayoko has been trained in basic radio operation/procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, powered armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. She is fluent in Trade and Yamataigo (邪馬台語), thus she's able to speak and write both correctly and efficiently, write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, and so on; lastly, Sayoko is adept at sending and receiving telepathic messages within the full range available to the NH-31 body.

This NH-33 (Stealth) Nekovalkyrja has also received supplemental training by SAINT so that she may employ alternative means of boosting or augmenting communication equipment for the purposes of bypassing an assortment of jamming methods in order to relay critical information.


Sayoko has received hand-to-hand combat training, undergone a rigorous training program, and survived something much more difficult. She is skilled and experienced with combat in both null-gravity and Yamatai-like conditions, with and without weaponry such as energy pistols, bladed melee implements, and powered armor; regardless, however, this NH-33 Nekovalkyrja is by far at her best when engaged in, well, practically any form of combat: her knowledge of anatomy and very advanced hand-to-hand techniques (coupled with her faster-then-normal reflexes and reaction times) means that she can hit faster, harder, and smarter in close quarters - while her lethal amounts of marksmanship make her just as effective (if not better) in ranged combat…

Technology Operation

Sayoko is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS (found on all Star Army starships) with an expert level of competency and is proficient in entering and/or searching for information; furthermore, she - during her training - has learned how to covertly perform a variety of operations on the sundry of operating systems utilized by the multitude of factions nearby the Yamatai Star Empire, with some examples being the acquisition of protected information, network infiltration, hacking/counter-hacking, transmission interception, and (basic) viral sabotage.


Sayoko, as part of her basic training, has been educated in basic mathematical concepts such as algebra and trigonometry.


Trained by Star Army Intelligence as an Intelligence Operative, Sayoko is well-versed in the field of covert operations and in the concept of SERE2), particularly those relating to the areas of stealth and surveillance; thus, she's highly adept at an assortment of clandestine activities, such as physical and/or electronic sabotage, tactical reconnaissance, espionage, area/asset denial, infiltration, and henceforth.

Sayoko's greatest skill, however, lies in her mastery of a staggering array of surveillance and camouflage techniques - for they complement her quiet, antisocial disposition to a frightening degree - therefore making this enigmatic Nekovalkryja an extraordinarily effective (and flawed) servant of the Empire that, like the agents of lore, stay in the shadows, listening and watching………

Medical & Science

Owing to advanced shipboard skills learned at Black Sands, Sayoko has received extensive training in numerous medicinal fields, such as pharmacology, humanoid anatomy, biology, and surgical procedures; to complement this, she's also proficient in the usage of Star Army Medical/Trauma Kits and the Portable Medical Scanner PMS-1M; lastly, she's learned the Yamataian Triage Practices, the Request for Medical Assistance, and how to perform some of the more mundane duties associated with Medics (such as conducting crew physicals and performing ST backups).

Survival & Military

Sayoko, as an operative of SAINT specializing in reconnaissance operations, has been taught the skills required to survive undetected in hostile environments for an extended duration of time without the use of technological aids while maintaining surveillance on the objective (be it mobile or stationary); a sampling of her expertise would be evident in her ability to construct and maintain shelter, evade detection through various means of camoflauge, forage and/or hunt for food in an impactless fashion, and (should the need arise) indirectly conduct guerrilla warfare against enemy forces via methods such as sabotage and asset denial.


Combat Award
Combat Award Combat Award
YSS Heartbreaker 1 Awarded for engaging a NMX Crab-Type in unarmored combat.
YSS Heartbreaker 1 Awarded for engaging hostile spaceborne I'ee forces in armored combat.
Exploration Award
Exploration Award Exploration Award
YSS Heartbreaker 1 Awarded for the exploration of the UX-HB-1 'Juggler' System.
YSS Heartbreaker 1 Awarded for the exploration of the UX-HB-2 'Shekhinah' System.
Good Conduct Award
Good Conduct Award
YSS Heartbreaker 1 Awarded for exemplary behavior while exploring UX-HB-1 I 'Owan to Tama'.
Service Award
Service Award Service Award Service Award
YSS Heartbreaker 1 Awarded for participating in the ship's maiden voyage.
YSS Heartbreaker 1 Awarded for participating in the ship's second mission.
YSS Heartbreaker 1 Awarded for participating in the ship's third mission.
Tomoyo's Kikyô
Tomoyo's Kikyô Tomoyo's Kikyô
YSS Heartbreaker 1 Awarded due to moderate injuries sustained during the ship's second mission.
YSS Heartbreaker 1 Awarded due to critical injuries sustained during the ship's third mission.


SAINT Medical Waiver

I, Inukai Sayoko, hereby waive certain medical rights, chief among them my control over modifications to my body, modifications to my ST back-up, modifications to my behavior and reactions, and control of body transfers, for the duration of my service as a SAINT Operative. I understand that SAINT will have power of attorney and lawful control of all medical procedures related to those listed above, in addition to those requisite to the needs of the service, and that SAINT will maintain a consistent and monitored policy for exercising such control. I understand that my continued service as an Operative constitutes implicit continuing approval of this waiver, but that I am allowed to resign from my position at any time should I no longer desire to consent.

Signed, 犬飼小夜子
Witnessing Officer, ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓

OOC Discussion

This character was originally created on 2015/08/08 05:59 by FrostJaeger and is not up for adoption or usage as a NPC.

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