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Irene Varma

Irene Varma is a player character played by Lunar Rabbit.

Irene Varma
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height: 5'8
Weight: 130
Occupation: Gunsmith, Gun Store Owner, Bounty Hunter
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. Bounty Hunter Series

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'8
  • Mass: 155
  • Measurements: 30D

Build and Skin Color: Somewhat lithe, a sprinter's body built up from years of chasing down suspects, with a bit of muscle as a result of lugging around heavy weapons. Despite this, she's deceivingly petite looking, especially in her usual choice of clothes. Her skin is the color of mocha.

Eyes and Facial Features: Large eyes. Her pupils are a dark blue. A somewhat pointed nose sits above a small mouth. She possesses a petite, somewhat wide face.

Ears: Human.

Hair Color and Style: Fluffy hair cut into a flared-out feminine shape. The rest of her hair is tied up into twin ponytails. Black and blonde streaks intertwine.

Distinguishing Features: She seems to faintly smell of gunpowder at all times, even after getting out of the shower. Her voice also gets more and more excited when the topic of guns come up.

Psychological Characteristics


She's not above underhanded deals if she thinks it'll help her accomplish her goals or get someone off the streets, or betraying someone if she views them as evil. She's more practical and cautious when it comes to both gear and tactics, though, in practice, she's unlucky enough to find herself fighting on the fly - and she's well-versed at thinking on her feet. Despite her hawking tactics and the like, she's risk-taking and destructive (she's almost been bankrupted and has had to sell rare weapons to take care of a medical bill or avert a lawsuit in property damage), and more often than not, winds up finding excuses to pump bullets into perps. She dislikes having to deal with rules and regulations, as one of the reasons she became a bounty hunter instead of a cop is to avoid paperwork and legalese.

  • (And also: explosives, Funky City-style Pizza, arresting jerks, police who do their job, fast cars, hunting, shooting criminals)
  • Dislikes: Pacifists, politics and the people who get mad about politics, animal activists, corruption, jerks, people who abuse their positions, legalese, crime.
  • Goals: Clean up crime, keep her store running, and add to her burgeoning collection of guns.


Family (or Creators)

Mother Kishori Varma
Father Kenneth Miller
Partner-in-crime Luna Masako
Co-owner of store Lola Hotchkiss


Born from a long line of Nepelsian and Red police officers, firearms makers, and big game hunters, Irene's no exception to her family's relationship with guns and bullets. Her father operated a gun store in Funky City that took custom orders for local cops, while her mother was a sergeant in Funky City's Police Department.

The first present she ever remembered was a low-powered hunting rifle from her father. Since then, she's developed an obsession for anything that spits out bullets. When she wasn't busy with school, she was helping her father around the shop with metalworking and construction, or reading case reports alongside her mother and helping her fill out paperwork. When summer brought a break in school, her parents would take her to local marksmanship contests, or have her man the cash register whenever her father was too busy in the back of the store.

Following in her mother's footsteps, she signed up for the police academy. There, however, she was confronted with rampant corruption, with recruits from high places suddenly elevated to cushy desk jobs and others floundering in tests for not accepting kickbacks - the same corruption that lead to her mother retiring early, and nearly bankrupted her father with the “fees” he had to pay to keep operating. Even as she preserved, the endless rules and regulations made her bored - she'd rather be on the prowl and knocking down doors than having to fill out paperwork for discharging a gun. The final straw came when her father was wounded in an attempted robbery. She dropped out and took over the store's operations with a demolitions expert from the academy, Lola Hotchkiss.

With the encouragement of her friends in the police academy, she took up bounty hunting as a side job, where she figured she can do a lot more good (and shoot people with none of the paperwork). To this day, she maintains a healthy relationship with the Funky City Police Department - or, at least, its non-corrupt elements, bringing in bounties of all profiles.

Bounty Hunts

Irene eventually wound up with a band of bounty hunters, participating in a raid against a rather persistent gang and accidentally shooting a teammate. Despite her display of horrible trigger discipline, she continues to help the team unload buckshot into perps.



Irene is fluent in Trade, and can speak basic sentences in any well-known intergalactic language - usually related to police matters, such as 'Stop, or I'll shoot!'.


Irene knows nearly all criminal and cop slang in Trade, with the occasional smattering of Yamataigo - usually Yakuza slang. She can do basic lockpicking, but only with simple doors - anything more, and she's bound to put a breaching charge on it. Hotwiring most civilian model cars, or knowing how to stealthily disable them, is also a knack of hers from dealing with carjackers and destroying getaway cars.

Maintenance and Repair

If it fires something, Irene is, at the very least, able to take it apart, clean it, and put it back together. In most cases - especially ballistic weapons - she's able to accurize, improve, modify, and clean it. She also knows how to maintain and repair civilian cars.


If it shoots bullets, she'll be more comfortable with it than her own hands. She's adept with most small arms - especially with pistols, her favorite class of firearms.


As it turns out, chasing down bounties worth hundreds of thousands is a great exercise plan. She won't be competing in super-stringent, international races, but she does have speed and endurance, along with some street acrobatics to go with it - nothing on the level of parkour, but more leaping through fire escapes and having to jump rooftops.


She knows Nepelsian police rules and regulations, as well as Nepelsian and intergalactic law - as it applies to operating a store, selling and buying items, bounty hunting, murder, and property destruction. These are basics, though, and she'd rather not have to know these laws. She does, however, have an encyclopedic knowledge of firearms and their history through the ages, and can usually tell where a gun was made and how long ago from its serial number.


She can handload custom rounds, and has built several working guns from scratch.



Irene Varma is currently a in the .

3000 KS Starting Funds
-425 KS Infantry Battle Rifle with standard gear
-65 KS 4x infrared scope
-50 KS Grippod
-350 KS Zen Armaments “Room Cleaner” Shotgun vz. 1
-258 KS 9mm Sitanin Zbrojovka Model 79 prototype
-30 KS Wooden grips for the SZ M79
-350 KS Basic Tool Kit
-450 KS Styrling Everyday Full Set
-400 KS Durandium plates for the Everyday vest
622 KS Total

Available funds: 622 KS

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