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Iriss Zepheris

Iriss Zepheris is a player character played by Charaa.

Iriss Zepheris
Species & Gender: Separa'Shan Female
Date of Birth: YE 38
Organization: Galactic Horizon
Occupation: Hired Mercenary
Rank: Officer
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

Physical Description

Much like her ‘father’, she stood on average roughly 6 feet tall, while her total length, which included her tail was about 12 feet in length. In terms of weight, without power armor, she was measured to weigh about 170lbs (77kg).

The hair on her head was a black color, and it was kept neat and trimmed so that it didn’t get in the way of her clothes or armor. Her eyes were silver with a black slit, her jaw and face, excluding eyes, is human-like with a standard jaw, a reminder of her genetic donors. Her nose resembled her father and uncle. Her ears were pointed almost like those of elves and her mouth had the more prominent fangs that secrete her venom.

Her face was stern, hard, and devoid of emotions as she uses her training to control her emotions.

Dark forest green scales covered her body, from her chest to the tip of her tail, with a lighter green almost yellow shade on her underbelly. Much like with her father Argus, she has a red stripe from the base of her skull running down her back to the end of her tail where it branches out into four ends that wrap around the tip of her tail which indicates her family and venom type which is a nervous and muscular inhibitor.

She was skinnier than the average Separa’shan due to her rather active and often times violent lifestyle. She did have scars on her body from the attacks she had been in especially some aftermath of Kuvexian ones.


Iriss is a normally good-hearted girl who had been influenced by certain individuals because of this, she understands the concept of compassion in so young an age. Though she hasn’t lived so long in life that she understands things, but because of the evil Kuvexians she understands that there is evil in the world. As she grows her allies may have influence over her personality. Her biggest motivation in life is knowing whether or not she’s being a good girl. She is still a child, so being good is very important to her, and of course, those who were raising her.

Her dream was to grow up well and to join a corporation, and also do some good for her people, like her uncle. Thanks to the good influences in her life, she’s a pretty active kid, who works hard at her studies and trying to control her emotions, mostly anger. Whether due to trauma or some kind of thing she tends to pronounce words with the letter S a little more. She also likes collecting crystal gems.

although technically still a child, she’s still learning to control her emotions like all Venis do, however she sometimes can go into a temper tantrum when things don’t go well. She’s still learning though! When she’s around people she knows she is usually brave, but she is still cautious due to the fact there’s venom in her fangs.

She can be social, she is careful about what she says to the point that sometimes she doesn’t speak.


Iriss Zepheris was created in YE 38 on an undisclosed Space station in the space, not very close to Essia System. Iriss was not born like most Separa’shan, she didn’t come out of an egg, but rather a tank, specifically a cloning tank, her existence due to someone taking a genetic sample from a source and using that in addition to technology. This meant that her earliest memory was seeing the blurry figures through the glass, rather than what a normal Separa’shan’s memory would have been. Much like a born Nekovalkyrja, she spent only three months as little one, before her body changed rapidly, growing into an adult before even the year came to a close.

There was something else, she had been told, while Argus Zepheris was indeed her father, there was an additional genetic sample which allowed her also to be a member of the Senator of Essia’s family, the group she was affiliated with, was a pirate group, that wanted to use this as a means of blackmail, to use against the senator. Fortunately, their plan wouldn’t be done thanks in part due to Iriss herself.

Iriss as forced to kill the rival pirates that her boss hated, but whether or not she had a psychic link to Argus and Aslen, she began to refuse to use her venom to kill her opponents despite not actually receiving training to control her emotions, she began developing a conscience and finally, when things went to a head, when the leader of the gang was ready to use her for his purpose, she had to kill him, before he made contact with Aslen.

The other gang members soon followed, and she found herself free of him, which meant she wasn’t going to be anyone’s slave. Iriss decided she would go to Essia, and learn about her people, live amongst them in peace for the time being until she was satisfied and ready to leave.

She found a Venis Separa’shan willing to help her with training specifically controlling her emotions, she knew well the danger anger can have on those around her. She lived n the jungles of Essia, following her father’s path in life as she trained, learned and familiarized herself with her people through a more appropriate way from Separa’shan themselves. After reading old archives, she decided to call herself Iris, though, with her own traits, it became Iriss instead and she hadn’t begun to use the Zepheris name until much later.

Aslen her uncle invited her into his family, and he helped, to provide her with the things she needed to start a new life.

Honestly, Iriss thought the life of peace and calm was something she could live, maybe she could farm for a living. She wasn’t so sure about the whole religion thing, but she thought so long as they didn’t bother her she wouldn’t bother them.

Unfortunately, her peaceful life came to an end when the Kuvexians invaded and began causing trouble. Essia was kind to her, gave her a home, a place to eat and sleep, and people willing to train her, so there was no way she was going to let some crazy aliens screw around with her world. She joined the resistance and found herself in new weapons and armor, New Dusk Conclaves revenant armor fit her well, and she used its weapons and her own built-in ones to take the fight against the Kuvexians, helping a lot of refugees to leave to make sure her people all Separa’shan to live.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Iriss Zepheris has the following notable skills:

Military training

Survival skills

physical skills

murder skills

Social Connections

Iriss Zepheris is connected to:

Mother: Tank

Father: Argus Zepheris [genetic donor]

Anslen Volontany Uncle

Sacre Ven Sanssinia

Sacre Sanssinia (Fork)

Ven Volontany

Inventory & Finance

Iriss Zepheris currently has 3000 KS.

Revenant Power Armor(Separa) [technically stolen since she never took it off when she left]

S6-Long Combat Knife “Cross”


Cold Climate Suit, with insulated skirt instead of pants

Handsfree Communications Collar

External Respiration Kit

Graviton Projector Equipped Brassiere

Cranth Media Player

Trike Compact Assault Shotgun

multiple change of clothes

Galactic Horizon security uniform

body mod 1 enhances the venom to prolong the effect

body mod 2 dark the tone of her body's color in hopes to aid in stealth

OOC Information

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