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Irit Postumia

Irit Postumia is a player character played by Hotelkilo.

Irit Postumia
Species & Gender: Caelisolan Elysian Female
Date of Birth: YE 16
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: 08 Medical
Rank: Jôtô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Kaiyō II

Physical Description

Irit is 5'7“ and her measurements are 37E-26-35, 124 pounds. For an Elysian her build is distinctly matronly, with wider hips and larger bust then is typical. Something that makes her quite uncomfortable even as an adult. Her natural hair color matches her wings, black. The style changes with the season; considering the variety of things possible with long hair, it comes to about mid-back untouched. Currently it is put up in twin buns. Her eyes are brown, though the left is clearly a cybernetic replacement despite closely matched cornea colors.

The most obvious feature for Elysians and Yamataians alike is that despite the distinctly Elysian shape, Irit has no wings. Both of them are gone to the point there's not even a bump to indicate where they were. No one would see other then her room mate, but she has two replacements tattooed beneath where her originals were.

Unless specifically directed otherwise, she wears the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35 with standard skirt and a Star Army Field Jacket, Type 37.


With patients, she counts everyone as either a former or prospective patient, Irit strives to be courteous, helpful, polite, and honest. Topped off with a delicious sprinkling of shaved 'none of you should be trusted with a pencil or you'll hurt yourself' attitude. No matter how hard she tries, experience has informed her that the SAOY's mass-produced warrior women have a bad habit of getting brutally wounded over and over until they start to pick up some experience. And that they deserve to be treated like children until proving otherwise.

Fellow Elysians get something of a break; while her tone remains forceful she fully acknowledges her social superiors regardless of their rank. Her own seems to be practically immaterial. Irit can be imperious, even with officers, in self-consideration of her position as a small vessel's only medical personnel.

Despite her tendency towards tyranny, or perhaps because of it, Irit loves to socialize. While revealing personal details seems to be a sticking point, especially with those of her own race, she's a steel trap of others' secrets. Whatever enters her ears never again leaves.


Irit was, of course, born on Yamatai like most Elysians of adult age. And like many of the younger, she willingly ignores that fact as Elysia Novus is the only home she has truly ever known. Her parents were servants in the house of a senator, and were chosen to receive their new bodies as rewards for faithful service. However, her father did not survive long enough to enjoy a life free of Plebian restrictions as he died of wounds suffered during the Battle of Elysia in mid-YE 31. Her mother has since remarried and continues to work as a personal maid for the senator's wife.

Young Irit grew up in interesting times, including a near front-row seat to the Battle of Elysia. When it was announced that the Elysian Celestial Navy was to be merged with the Star Army of Yamatai she reluctantly shifted her focus… Until it occurred to her that the Star Army would offer far greater possibilities then would have been offered her in the hidebound old ECN. So she trained, and practiced, studying hard in hopes of making for an attractive enlistee.

In YE 35 she signed her Star Army Enlistment Contract and reported to Fort Hankou for basic training. Irit did well. Most of her class was Nepleslians, and a few adventure-seeking Minkan youths. Boot camp was demanding to begin with. Being the sole Elysian increased the pressure to perform well that already weighed heavily on her shoulders. After all, her mother had only consented to let the young woman leave home for a military career instead of taking up the family's tradition of servitude if she promised to bring fame to their family name.

She made it, though, refusing to bow either to the drill instructors or her classmates' taunts. In the end it was fairly clear that Irit was not… Cut out for infantry service. Not that she wasn't phsyically fit, or that basic training wore her out. It was more that the DI's watched her trying to fit into power armor and realized that it was unlikely to be possible for the young Elysian to manage the evolution with the speed required.

Undetered, Irit was willing to take the advice of those wiser then her and apply for the Basic Medic course across the Fort at Tokusan Gunjin. Her scholastic practice paid off, helping her study the seemingly endless procedures, anatomy, first aid, combat medicine, surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, triage, and the use of full-on surgical suites.

Graduating in the middle of her class, Irit was assigned first to an Urufu-Class Light Cruiser in the Tenth Standard Fleet, fulfilling her dream of serving in the ECN after a fashion. Given the troublesome area of operations the fleet served in, the ship was often required to deploy landing parties or even humanitarian aid for troubled planets. These frequent expeditions meant that Irit received more then the usual first-cruise experience with treating combat injuries and the sorts of illnesses that had been practically eliminated back home.

However, it was on one of these humanitarian missions with part of the ship's infantry detachment that they came under a surprise assault by local toughs. Their weapons weren't terribly advanced, and the infantry team was more worried about preventing collateral damage then they were about taking hits. Irit had taken cover, shielding her patients as best she could from incoming fire in a ditch, extending her wings as a shield almost from instinct.

One of the thugs spotted them against the dry soil and pitched an improvised incendiary grenade into the equally improvised trench. It detonated right above the Elysian medic, throwing burning gelled petrol over her back. Rolling away from the civilians she was unable to put out the flames until one of the infantry troopers managed to smother the flames.

She was immediately evacuated to orbit but it was too late even for modern medicine to save her wings. Everything had been burned down to a stump, which her boss, the ship's surgeon, removed in the process of grafting new skin onto her horribly burned back. Just as unfortunate, a frag grenade had caught her terrified patients still in the trench surrounded by flames.

For a time, as she was returned to Leo Station for recuperation, then forwarded on to Yamatai for rehab, Irit expected her career to end. Not only had she failed in her duties, she had been permanently disfigured in the process. Without discussion, she had her mother and step father removed from her next-of-kin contacts. She legally changed her name shortly afterward.

Declining bio or cybernetic replacements for her lost appendages, Irit was certain that when her enlistment contract came to an end she would be released without the option to reenlist. For the next eight months the Elysian was assigned to Fort Point's OB/GYN clinic, something that only reinforced the feeling that the Star Army was preparing to discharge her.

This may not be entirely true, though, as she was offered a chance to renew her enlistment for another term. Choosing to do so, Irit has recently been notified to prepare for transfer aboard the YSS Kaiyō II. This has buoyed her spirits back to something approaching normality internally for the first time in almost a year.

Social Connections

None Listed in her Service Record; in case of death, all belongings and remaining funds in her bank account go to the Elysian Spacer Benevolence Society, Central Uesureya chapter.

Skills Learned


Irit is a native speaker of Seraphim and conversant in Yamataigo. Her Trade is muddled by a dozen or so different dialects she was exposed to in the Yugumo Cluster, keeping her from finding the right word in regular Trade a lot of the time.


While Irit isn't a trained physician, she is highly skilled in her own field of battlefield and emergency treatment. Beyond the basic schooling provided all medics she's had several years experience in the field treating a variety of wounds and injuries. Unusually for most Star Army medics, she's also had a good deal of experience in civilian medicine through goodwill missions and her most recent tour as a nurse in an Obstetrics/Gynecology clinic.


Irit enjoys anatomy as a personal hobby, studying Yamataian, Elysian, and other Imperial species' native works on the subject as well as Star Army manuals on treating races that serve in the SAOY. She hasn't had much of a chance to work on other Elysians or the more unusual serving species, but she knows the Nekovalkyrja body inside and out.


Irit isn't much of a fighter. She always carries her service pistol on landing parties, or other required occasions, but seldom draws it. She qualified with pistols, rifles, power armor weapons, and power armor in basic training but has not really used any of it (other then power armor training) since. In combat she usually has more important business to attend to then pulling the trigger or throwing a punch.

Technology Operations

She relies on technology every day; from the medical scanner and communicator all the way up to the MBTU and automated medical systems aboard ship.


Irit keeps in shape with a medium intensity workout on the ship's equipment. She doesn't lift, but does other exercises on a daily basis to keep fit.

Military Survival

Irit successfully passed the Star Army of Yamatai's basic course of instruction and is familiar with most of the basic skills required to survive on a planetary surface. She isn't great with navigation, usually relying on the rest of the landing party to get them where they're going.

Inventory & Finance

Standard items

OOC Information

In the case Hotelkilo becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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