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Is'kra O'rel

Is'kra O'rel is a player character played by META_mahn.

Is'kra O'rel
Species & Gender: Male Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species)
Date of Birth: 8ζ—₯ 6月 YE 03
Organization: Ex-Sky Guard
Occupation: Microtechnology Engineer
Rank: Squire
Current Placement: Exodus Fleet

Physical Description

  • Height: 5’0β€œ
  • Weight: 105 Pounds
  • Hair: Black, somewhat moppy
  • Primary fur color: Black
  • Tail tip color: White
  • Eye Color: Gold
  • Skin Color: Pale
  • Voice: Countertenor

Tall for a Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species), Is'kra is horrifically short when compared to other species. Being more of a scholar than a fighter, his body is in bare minimum shape to be considered fit for Sky Guard recruitment. His hair fur is very well maintained, but lacking any sort of stylization, as he simply assumes (perhaps correctly) that messier, slightly longer hair makes him look better.

His lower eyelids are slightly dark from personal lack of sleep at times due to his work.

His BWH is 32-26-35.


If Is'kra could describe himself in one word, it would be pragmatic. Though, this description is a bit loose.

The core belief that he holds is the fact everyone works to their own benefits. It is an observable theory, and he can justify it. A person finds a job to obtain money, in order to benefit themselves. They may spend it for their family, but this is for their own psychological benefit. A leader leads not because of his or her generosity, but because they want to prove something or do something they need to get done.

Of course, these deeds tend to benefit others too – this is also part of the theory Isk'ra created. People realize that banding together will accomplish more objectives, so they band together in hopes that they can each benefit from this mutualism. This creates the world, from the handshake between employee and employer to the social system itself. If anyone breaks this unwritten contract, then you are free to leave.

This is an analytical (albeit pessimistic) approach to viewing the world, and Is'kra is well aware of it. It's fine to care more about logic since logic will tend to get civilization further than untamed emotion. Being rational in any situation will yield better results, so thinking fast and clearly is a valued trait in the world.

Around these ideas, Is'kra shapes himself. He thinks of himself as a level-headed person, albeit less idealistic than the leader of the Sky Guard. Still, Sky Guard needs a few realists here and there to keep them in check.

He is a bit sensitive about his height.


Is'kra was born in YE 03 with a bundle of three other children. He wore thick, polarized glasses for most of his early life due to oversensitive cone cells in his eye. For most of his life, Is'kra lived in the lands of the Neshaten Federation, learning how to create electronic gadgets for ships and for personal use. Eventually, though, he set out away from the Federation in YE 38 due to fear of future racial tensions, moving to Yamatai, from where he followed a job listing to the USO, where he found some minor work. Eventually, though, in YE 39 when the Sky Guard was created, they required talented engineers, which he found himself signing up for. He tested into the Squire rank, seeking more personal benefit than anything. However, the job stuck as he found the working conditions to be more than suitable, eventually becoming effectively one of their chief engineers.

In the riots during the economic collapse of the USO, Is'kra once again had the idea to leave due to job insecurity. When the Sky Guard talked of desertion, he was quite okay with joining them, seeing as how the deserters shared his mindset, as well as the fact that even with the economic recovery, no matter how he looked at it the currency was unstable. In YE 40, Is'kra hopped on the Sky Guard's desertion fleet to a brighter future.

Skills Learned

  • Communication: Through studies, Is'kra has learned how to operate radios. His native language is Tinacen, although he learned Trade eventually. His voice still has a slight accent, however.
  • Fighting: As part of the requirements to enter the Sky Guard, and partly to keep himself safe, Is'kra has learned how to use small arms and power armor.
  • Physical: Another part of his requirements, Is'kra frequently exercises to keep himself in shape to protect against growing too weak. Although strong by no means (for a Daur), he can lift a fair amount safely. His eyesight is a lost cause, however.
  • Technology Operation: As part of his education, Is'kra has learned how to utilize numerous forms of operating systems. He can to some extent guess how an operating system is laid out.
  • Engineering: The bulk of his work is focused around designing electrical components and machines. This was mainly why he was recruited into Sky Guard. With this skill he learned many things about mathematics as well, albeit pertaining only to engineering.
  • Maintenance and Repair: Is'kra, as a Sky Guard engineer and technician, learned this. It comes in handy when Sky Guard knights return with a half-broken U-1 from fighting god-knows-what.
  • Vehicles: Even as part of maintenance, Is'kra had to pick up a little bit about piloting a U-1, the prolific model of mecha the Sky Guard used.

Social Connections

Is'kra O'rel is connected to:

  • No one, really…

Inventory & Finance

Is'kra O'rel has the following:

Standard issue clothing and equipment.

  • Custom-built auto-polarizing glasses to protect his eyes from harsh lights.
  • Several pounds of precious minerals to sell.

Is'kra O'rel currently has 3 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by meta_mahn on 06, 04 2018 at 19:05.

In the case meta_mahn becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No

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