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Isaac Nolan

Isaac Nolan
Species: Nepleslian Gender: Male
Height: 5'11“ Weight: 180 lbs
Age: 23 Rank: Private
Occupation: Security Officer Current Placement: OIF Halberdine

Isaac Nolan in Roleplay

Isaac Nolan is a player character played by The Grinning Bandit and is currently involved in the OIF Halberdine plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'11”
Weight: 180 lbs

Build and Skin Color: Isaac has a toned, athletic build, though not overly muscular. His skin is lightly tanned.
Eyes and Facial Features: His eyes are oval-shaped, with irises colored somewhere between blue and gray. He has a round chin and somewhat sunken cheeks. His eyebrows slant inward toward the bridge of his altogether average nose.
Hair Color and Style: His dark brown hair is cut short and slicked back.
Distinguishing Features: His right forearm is noticeably blemished by a short, wide scar. His left bicep is tattooed with a black hammer over a black cog on a rectangular field of green.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Isaac isn't particularly happy with the path his life has taken, but he's learned to live with negative circumstances. He may spend some days with gritted teeth, but he tries to enjoy himself whenever he can find an opportune moment. He holds a strong sense of loyalty toward those he considers his friends or comrades, and a bitter resentment toward those he considers to be holding themselves above him, a relic from many occasions of swallowing his pride.

Likes: airbikes, racing, adventure, illegal adventure, mechanics, bikers, tinkering with machines, rock music, humble folk
Dislikes: authority figures, police, politicians, steady jobs, alcohol
Goals: to acquire enough money to start a career of his own (legal or otherwise); to avoid boredom and stagnation



Darren Nolan (father, alive)
Cynthia Nolan (mother, alive)


Isaac grew up as the only child of his young parents in Funky City, on Nepleslia. Much of his childhood was spent alongside his father, a vehicular mechanic, helping with simple and then progressively more complex mechanical tasks. His propensity for technological tinkering led to an interest in the airbikes common to the city; as a teenager, he bought one of his own and began riding and racing with a Green-affiliated bike gang. After the Greens' rise to power, Isaac became disillusioned with Nepleslian politics. This, combined with his parents' displeasure, led him to leave the gang and pursue a more “legitimate” line of employment with Origin Industries.


  • Communication: Isaac can speak, read, and write his native tongue, Nepleslian. He has experience using communications equipment on headsets and vehicles. He is a convincing and sometimes intimidating persuader and negotiator, as well as an adept liar, a skill honed from years of dealing with criminals and police officers alike.
  • Domestic: Isaac is capable of taking care of himself, having picked up a few skills of living from friends who lived alone, and from his mother. He's familiar with basic cooking and wouldn't ruin a simple dish (most of the time), and knows how to keep a living space clean and organized, though he's not always inclined to do so.
  • Entertainment: A few years of hanging out in dive bars has left Isaac with a fair ability to tell good stories and bad jokes. He's capable of keeping a group of friends entertained with amusing stories - not always the life of the party, but an excellent performer all the same. His stories tend to be dirty, dangerous, rampantly criminal, or some combination of the three, and thus suited more for barroom boasting than dinner party conversation. He also knows how to mix a fair assortment of drinks, though he adamantly refuses to drink, himself.
  • Fighting: Years of dive bars and dangerous living have seen Isaac in a number of fistfights and more lethal attacks. He is well-versed in hand-to-hand fighting, both unarmed and with various implements of harm. Though not a trained martial artist, he has had to fend off numerous attackers and surprise ambushes on more than one occasion and can handle himself in most brawls. Isaac has also taught himself to handle firearms and practiced shooting stationary and moving targets, though he has no experience in actual gunfights.
  • Maintenance and Repair: His youth was largely spent working on a number of vehicles with his father, who worked as a mechanic. Though Isaac specializes in airbikes, he has a working knowledge of vehicular mechanics in general and has experience working on many different modes of transportation. He could be considered as proficient as any trained mechanic at servicing ground vehicles and hover vehicles, and basically knowledgeable in repairing atmospheric aircraft. He has no experience, however, repairing spacecraft, power armor, and mecha.
  • Rogue: Isaac can handle himself with the seedier varieties of people and would be perfectly comfortable amongst certain breeds of degenerates, notably airbikers. His youth in Funky City has left him familiar with the dealings and culture of its criminal sector. He would conceivably have the intuition to find a member of the local black market or any other dealer of disreputable wares, as well as being able to negotiate a fair deal. He's also no stranger to petty theft and vandalism, with good instincts for evading the eye of bystanders and security officers while committing a little sleight of hand.
  • Vehicles: A point of pride with Isaac is his considerable ability to pilot airbikes and, in his opinion, “probably damn near anything that moves.” He does have some experience from odd jobs with cargo trucks and cars, but he much prefers airbikes and even has some renown in his hometown for his racing expertise.


Equipment (on person)

Possessions (Crew Cabin 5)

  • Black messenger bag
    • Black leather jacket
    • 2x black denim jeans
    • Leather-bound journal
    • Airbike repair and maintenance manual
  • Black duffel bag
    • 1x Origin Industries Uniform
    • 2x Origin Security Uniform
    • 5x white t-shirt with OI Logo
    • 4x boxers or briefs with OI logo (white, green, blue, and gold)
    • 4 pairs of black socks
    • 1x hygiene kit
      • 1x toothbrush
      • 1x tube of toothpaste
      • 1x bar of soap
      • 1x bottle of shampoo
    • 2x white towel with OI logo
    • 1x bathrobe or Yukata, white or black, with OI logo.


Isaac Nolan currently works for Origin Industries.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5950 DA -50 DA Starting Equipment
6000 DA Starting Funds
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