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Isadore Toral

Isadore Toral is a player character played by Tonytone.

Isadore Toral
Species & Gender: Kishargal Male
Year of Birth: 1769 ce
Clan: None
Organization: Constitutional Dominion Of Ersetu
Occupation: Officer
Rank: Lieutenant
Other: Aristocratic
Current Placement: HMS Nemesis

Physical Description

Isadore is a tall lean Kishargal. His frame is linky, but his muscle structure is similar to that of a runner. Which is a result of his infantry training. Like most Kihisgarl his body and muscles are denser than that of other species. He has the very appearance of an Infantryman—in that he appears to be fit and trim, though hard. He features ashen skin, with short black hair. His horns curl around the sides of his head and out to a point. He sports no skin spots and stands roughly 10'11 inches tall.


Outwardly, Isadore is rather polite and cordial. He sticks to the mannerisms of the military to the letter. Privately he is a some what cruel and callous individual. Self serving and a man interested only in forming his own legend, Isadore behaves as an officer and a Gentleman should—in the ball room or court. In the field he is quite arrogant while still remaining pompous.


Isadore Toral was born to a clanless family. His father was a humble store clerk who had a few connections to the royal military. Through these contacts he was able to secure Isadore a scholarship at the Military academy for the young boy at an early age. Isadore was reluctant to join but after much arguing the boy relented and did as his father and mother commanded. Boarding school was harsh due to his lowly upbringins—a scholarship boy at an officers academy for prominent clans and family's of the Dominion meant that he was forced to stand apart.

He made few friends and was regarded as odd and reclusive. He received high marks in history, Military Theory, Xeno-planetary combat and field command. One instructor noted “Toral would go far in the army, under proper circumstances.” Toral Graduated third in his class, and soon found him self a young soldier owning only his cape and his sword. He has submitted his name for a position on a Star Ship requiring a green Army officer. So far, he has had little luck and has since slipped into a depression

Skills Learned

Isadore is skilled in command. A trained leader, he has the knowledge necessary for positioning, selecting tactics, reading terrain, and assembling his troops. As a soldier he is skilled in how to maintain his musket, saber, and uniform, and the competent ability to use them in the field. He is quite talented at reading a map, and understanding when and where to deploy his men on the ground, or on a ship. His other more mundane skills include ranging, foraging for supplies and general logistics. He is also versed in medical skills when necessary.

Social Connections

The only true social connections Isadore has is to his family and to the Army.

Inventory & Finance

Isadore Toral has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.

Isadore Toral currently has 100 Sovereigns.

OOC Information

In the case tonytone becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
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