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Ishtar Gwladus

Ishtar Gwladus is a Kishargal from the Constitutional Dominion Of Ersetu. He/She is a Characters controlled by Gunsight1.

Ishtar Gwladus
Species: Kishargal
Gender: Female
Born: 1733 ce, 5th Month
Age: 71
Clan: Kinnon
Occupation: Starship Captain
Rank: Master and Commander
Current Placement: Commanding Officer, HMS Nemesis

Physical Characteristics

Height: 9' 7โ€ (cm)

Weight: lbs (kg)

Build, Skin Color and Skin Pattern: Ishtar has dark grey, almost black skin, spattered with green spots.

Eyes and ears: Her eyes are an intense yellow-gold, ears long and pointed.

Horns: Ishatr's horns curve up, out and back from her head and are the same color as her skin.

Hair Color: Her hair is long and thick and a brilliant pale blue.

Tail: Her tail is long, hairless and tipped with a broad arrowhead shaped spike.

Distinguishing Features:

Psychological Characteristics

  • Personality:
  • Likes: Sailing, food, battle, drink, music, astronomy
  • Dislikes: Insects, pirates, being planet bound for too long.
  • Goals: To some day get her flag



Lieutenant Colonel Ibin Gwladus, RA (Father) Post Captain Alil Gwladus, RN, Deceased (Mother)

Ishtar Gwladus was the only child of Ibin and Alil Gwladus, both military officers serving in the Royal Army and Royal Navy respectively. Much of her childhood was spent between living on army and navy bases with either her mother or father, or living with her aunt when both parents did not have the time to care for her.

When she was of age, her mother took her to space, much to the frustration of her father, who had wanted Ishtar to come with him to the army when she was old enough. Ishtar spent time as a ship's girl aboard her mother's frigate, the Nemesis, learning everything she could, before becoming a Midshipman at the age of 11.

The years later, when her mother was assigned elsewhere, Ishtar remained part of Nemesis' company and continued to train to be an officer. She equated herself well with the concepts of navigation and sailing, having what the Master of the Nemesis called a natural talent for it.

Ishtar proved herself in combat when she was 13, taking part in a cutting out expedition. Part of a boarding party sent via longboat to capture a moored pirate frigate, she aided in boarding and securing the vessel and bloodied her sword in battle for the first time. When the fighting was done, she remained aboard as part of the prize crew, helping to sail the captured vessel back to a friendly port before she and the rest of the prize crew rejoined the Nemesis.

At age 16 she tested for Lieutenant and passed her exams. By this time she'd been in space for more time than she had been on firm ground. As a newly made Lieutenant, Ishtar was posted to the heavy frigate HMS Repulse, a vessel tasked with cruising the trade lanes between Baile Caenn and Baile Areleen. It was on this cruise that Ishtar got her first taste of command when she was given command of a prize crew tasked with returning a recaptured merchantman to Baile Caenn. She saw much action against the pirates during her Lieutenancy, but it was at the outbreak of the Civil War, as then Second Lieutenant of the Repulse, that she began to see her first major actions, fighting on the side of the Loyalists.

Ishtar took part in many battles early in the war, mostly small engagements between frigates, or attempts to capture enemy shipping. In 55, the Repulse was lost in battle, badly damaged and crippled. Ishtar was wounded and only just escaped death, being dragged off onto a launch just minutes before the Repulse's reactors blew. In the same battle, her mother, Alil was killed when her 4th rate was crippled and boarded.

It took some time for Ishtar to recover from her wounds and the grief of her mothers death. She spent time at home, on Ersetu, though there was little peace there, with battles happening all over the world and she had to leave her family home after a few months to avoid the armies that marched on the nearby cities. Ishtar returned to duty in mid 56, taking up assignment as third lieutenant on the line of battle ship HMS Warspite. In this posting she was again wounded in battle twice, once when her gun was dismounted in a firefight, and later when she was stabbed in a boarding action. This second wound was expected to have killed her, but she recovered and now carries a wicked scar on her abdomen where the blade pierced her.

By 58 Ishtar had been promoted to the Warspite's first lieutenant, second in command of a massive line of battle ship and flagship of the 3rd fleet's battle squadron 4. During what was later named the Second Battle for Marrad, Ishtar had to assume command of the then crippled Warspite when her captain was knocked on the head during an enemy boarding. The enemy were forced off and Ishtar took the battle ship back into the line of battle, engaging the nearest enemy ship of the line in a close hammering engagement where the Warspite's still good port broadside knocked out the enemy battle ship that had tried to board them. In return, Ishtar lead the boarding of the enemy vessel, the 2nd rate Broadsword, and took the ship after a long and bloody fight.

The prize money from the capture of the Broadsword and the two smaller vessels they took that day was enough to set Ishtar up as a wealthy woman. The Warspite was so badly damaged from the battle, holed completely through from side to side in several places, that she was forced to put into drydock on Marrad for rebuilding. Ishtar was assigned to command the sloop Deior and a temporary grade increase to Master and Commander for the duration of the command.

With command of the HM Sloop Deior, Ishtar operated around the Dunnain system, scouting out enemy movements, taking several transports and acting as a courier for the fleet flag. She was very successful in these tasks and commanded the Deior for several years.

With the end of the war in 1761, Ishtar found herself a victim of peace breaking out. The navy began to downsize it's forces and she saw her first command, the sloop Deior, retired from service and her acting bump to Master and Commander rescinded. Once again a first lieutenant, Ishtar was posted to 4th rate HMS Steadfast, which took part in operations to bring army soldiers home from the now quiet battlefront. After almost a year of this, the Steadfast was placed in ordinary and Ishtar found herself without employment, unfortunately not qualifying for half pay as a mere lieutenant.

Luckily, with her prize money from the war, finally being paid off, Ishtar was able to set herself up comfortably in the countryside near Skye. She lived there for some time, as a country gentlewoman, though soon tired from the quiet lifestyle and felt the calling of the stars again. With no employment available in the navy, she took work as a lieutenant on a merchantman, getting herself back into space once more. She spent some years in the merchant service, eventually raising to the rank of Captain of a merchant vessel, the Stargazer, which she commanded for several years before the navy called her back to active duty.

By 1771 Ishtar was again a first lieutenant, this time aboard the 6th rate HMS Lively, where she served for some time as second in command of the small frigate. The time of relative peace was not a respite from dealing with the ever ongoing pirate threat, which had flourished during the civil war, becoming an even greater threat to shipping in the years that followed.

Ishtar was part of several actions where the Lively recaptured hijacked trade ships and tangled with more than a few pirates. By 1785 though, Ishtar was promoted to Master and Commander and given command of a gun brig, the Swift. The Swift was old, cramped, warn down and with sailing qualities that were nothing like her namesake. Despite all this, Ishtar was happy. It was her vessel and her crew. She was granted several cruises to hunt pirates in between long convoy escort duties that were ever interrupted by mechanical shortcomings of her old brig. But she made the most of it and used the dilapidated state of her vessel to her advantage. In 88 she managed to lure a pirate frigate in close, hammer rake unprotected stern with her small guns, raking the larger vessel down her length, then lead her small crew on a desperate boarding action to take the ship.

Despite this victory, Ishtar found herself without a ship. The Swift was so badly mauled in the engagement that the yards deemed her not worth rebuilding, so in late 1788, Ishtar was present for the decommissioning ceremony for her small vessel and found herself without employ. For some few years she bounced around the fleet taking acting command of vessels who's proper captain's were on leave or attending to business away from their ships. She was the placeholder, minding shop while the true master of those vessels was away.

These postings were short lived affairs and Ishtar often found herself back on Ersetu, out of work, back at her home near Skye, bored and considering rejoining the merchant fleets once more.

But in 1802, after finishing yet another acting commission, Ishtar was summoned to the Admiralty and given command of the frigate HMS Nemesis, her mother's old ship. The ship she herself had begun her naval career aboard so many years before. It was an irregularity for a mere commander to receive command of a post ship, but she was greeted with a ship in pieces when she arrived at the dockyards in Kurumtamtu.

The Nemesis had been placed in ordinary some time after the end of the civil war and had sat, un-cared for and forgotten for at least thirty years, save for when salvage parties raided her for parts or raw materiel for other active ships. Nemesis had to be drydocked and completely refit, a nearly two year process that Ishtar oversaw in it's entirety. As her recommissioning drew near in 04, Ishtar was more than apprehensive that she would lose the Nemesis to a post captain now that she was refit and serviceable once more, that her tenure aboard had just been to oversee her refitting and trials. But those worries were for not, as she retained command officially when Nemesis was commissioned back into service in 3rd month of 04.

Service Record

  • 1744 - Midshipman - Officer in training, HMS Nemesis
  • 1749 - Lieutenant - Lieutenant, HMS Repulse
  • 1755 - Lieutenant - Wounded, out of employ
  • 1756 - Lieutenant - Third Lieutenant, HMS Warspite
  • 1758 - First Lieutenant - First Lieutenant, HMS Warspite
  • 1758 - First Lieutenant - Commanding Officer, HM Sloop Deior
  • 1761 - First Lieutenant - First Lieutenant, HMS Steadfast
  • 1762 - First Lieutenant - Out of employ
  • 1771 - First Lieutenant - First Lieutenant, HMS Lively
  • 1785 - Master and Commander - Commanding Officer, HM Gun Brig Swift
  • 1788 - Master and Commander - Various acting commands
  • 1802 - Master and Commander - Commanding Officer, HMS Nemesis


Common Skills

Ishtar received basic instruction in mathematics, reading, writing and basic technology use. She is skilled in stellar navigation and the art of sailing.


Ishtar has the following personal effects.

  • 1 Mess Dress Uniform Set
  • 3 Duty Uniform or Space Service Uniform Set
  • 1 Fine Uniform Bicorn
  • 1 Regular Uniform Bicorn
  • 5 Undergarments
  • 1 Space Service Pistol
  • 6 Rechargeable Shot
  • 1 Heavy Cavalry saber
  • 1 Fine dress cutlass
  • Comlink
  • Fine Collapsible telescope
Other Items
  • Toiletry Kit
  • Fine stringed musical instrument (To be named, think violin)


<Character> is a <rank> and receives a monthly salery of <number> Sovereigns.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
100 Sovereigns Starting Funds

OOC Information

In the case gunsight1 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
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