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Itatski Kyoko

Itatski Kyoko is a player character played by Nightdreamer09.

Itatski Kyoko
Species & Gender: Female Nekovalkyrja (Type 33)
Date of Birth: 7ζ—₯ 1月 YE 41
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai Star Army Intelligence
Occupation: SAINT Intelligence Operative
Rank: SantΓ΄ Hei
Current Placement: @@[email protected]@

Physical Description

A thin athletic Nekovalkirja, Kioko has a white complexion and striking blue eyes; beautiful eyes that were said to be lovely if only showed some emotions and not such coldness. Her hairs, usually shaved on one side while kept long on the other, match the eyes with a darker shade of blue, the same shade of blue of her ears and fluffy feline tail.


As the last of three sisters, her life had seen early on the pressure to be no less than the other two Nekovalkirja. She coped with it becoming detached and calculative: it's her duty to the Empire and nothing should stand between her and her duty. To others she usually appears dispassionate and cold which in fact she is but usually only on the matters regarding her duty.

She is a loner kind of person, it's hard for her to get into any kind relationship (both friendship and love affairs). She would like some but she knows they would clash with her duty to the Empire so she prefers to stand as the hard, cold one not needing anyone.

About the relathionship with her sisters

The third of three sisters. All recommended military personel in duty to the Star Army. All children of military personel. There weren't other way to go but join the military too. She was born to it, her gene made her for it. With her sisters is a love-hate relathionship at best. She is the last one, the smallest, the youngest, dwarfed by the bigger, better known, better achieved sisters. They are family and family deserves respect and love, yet, she hates the comparison that always hangs above her like the shadow of a black moon. She is intimidated, put under pressure, nagged at, by the other two, they are the good ones, while Kioko is just the young one, the one that hopefully will follow the steps of her sisters. There is always a chance of failure even if you're bred to be the best soldier. Such troubled psycology kind of drove an edge between them as Kioko sthrive to make for herself a name, to bring her own light beside the one of her sisters. Kioko tries to be the hardest, the most dutyfull of the three even if this tends to impact her life outside the military career. If her sisters had choose the Infantry or the Ranger, she went on to become a Intelligence Operative. What better position to show she could be on par of the other two than a dangerous field requiring cunning intelligence and adaptability?


Kioko is a daughter of the military: she is the child of a brief relathionship between Itatski Ichika, Infantry of the Star Army and Mark Tazar, Infantry of the New Dusk Collective. Her very few weeks of life were spent with her mother on Sirrius VI learning and growing in the shadow of her two bigger sisters. Everytime they came back from whetever mission they had been on, they had something to tell. They impressed her, both their tales and their persons. They were accomplished soldiers that had seen action while she was just a child. It would haven't been that bad if she didn't so often get comparised to them, with or without purpose, it didn't matter excessively. She didn't want it but the only way to avoid it was to become as good as they were, if not better.

During her growth, her mother never told her much about her father and only when she was ready to go into the Star Army herself she did met her father. The event was quite a traumatic one as her world, limited to her mother and her two bigger sisters suddenly gained two more elements in the shape of her father Mark Tazar and an older brother, Kaine Tazar. Good or bad as it was, she didn't really had much time to dwindle on the matter as the training to become an Intelligence Operative started at about the same time.

Blood and sweat, that's what it takes to become a member of the SAINT. The Operative Selection first and Operative Indoctrination later make sure the canditates give plenty of both before becoming Intelligence personel; for Kioko it wasn't any less. Day after day she endured the exhausting training, she didn't miss the will to succed but she did arrive close to break nonetheless. Just wanting to succeed is not enough when you're drilled and kept under pressure every day. She had to resist, she had to sthrive to be the best even if all her body screamed to drop and leave. Such training shaped her coldness: if the superiors saw you were emotionally unstable they would push even harder toward the edge; there was no space for the emotionally unstable, only the hardest would survive. She learned to be blank, to not let emotions show like it did when she had met her father and older brother. She wouldn't drop out of training, even if it meant sacrificing part of herself to it.

What came out was the Kioko of today: a wiry, athletic girl with blue eyes reflecting the darkness of the ocean instead of the light of the sun. The emotions still boil and churn under the surface but they usually kept tightly in check under a hard as metal surface. She was an Intelligence Operative, there wasn't space for a crying newly born girl.

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Itatski Kyoko currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

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