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Itatski Sachiko

Itatski Sachiko is a player character played by Charaa.

Itatski Sachiko
Species & Gender: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33
Date of Birth: YE 40
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Combat Engineer
Rank: Santô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Shiroyama

Physical Description

Height: 6'3 Weight: 107 Lbs

The color that the strands that made up Sachiko’s hair were a single shade of a Darker cyan color, which she had kept in two pairs of thin ponytails, two at the back, which was kept short since she didn’t want it to touch her back. Her hair was kept in a spiral, like a screwdriver. She also had a few strands of hair in front of her face a little, which she sometimes played with while thinking and focusing. Visible under the hair, dark-shaded eyebrows, with a particularly dramatic dramatic2) arch. Under her eyebrows were the pair of Golden colored eyes. From Zoe, she received the facial features of a soft chin, peachy cheeks and a gentle, petite nose and soft, narrow thick lips. from Setsuya she received her curved and beautifully rounded face to fit the other features in. The ears that allowed her to hear the sounds of her environment were a pair of pointed and definitely elf-like ears, however, there was a bit of fur growing at the back a little. The fur was matte black colored.

The skin that covered her body was pale shade. Although somewhat slender, she had an hourglass-shaped figure, which at the top ended in a D bust. Due to the training she had undergone, she tends to walk upright, and when she stands or sits she tends not to slouch. Because of the exercise and training, she has had to endure. With thicker legs with pronounced muscles both on her upper thighs and her lower legs. Her abdomen is also visibly muscled, a chiseled and trained body. Her arms followed, with visible, outlined muscles. Behind her at the end, was a medium length black fluffy feline tail.

On the rare chances she actually feels she has something important to say, her voice comes out as soft-spoken, but it wasn’t quiet either that she couldn’t be heard, but it wasn’t loud either.

Her uniforms are ironed and kept very neat with no speck of dust or dirt at all on her clothes, her hands had calluses due to working on machinery that the Star army needed, also some relatively minor hardly visible burns.


Sachiko is motivated by an interest in learning things, and understanding, she was interested in learning how the technology worked and how to repair it or to make it better, as a result of her actions. She liked working with technology, so she decided that she will do her part, for her mother, and her people as a technician.

Because the good influences she was polite to those she meets, and she too was disciplined, in that as a youngling she didn’t act like a spoiled brat, but like a nice and polite young lady. Sometimes, though, her mind is at times distracted by thoughts on technology that she doesn’t realize she should be adding something to a conversation she might have been having.

She’s a very dutiful girl, willing to do her duty without complains knowing that her work helps her people, though sometimes while her mind is distracted she forgets to do things, like getting dressed. As a polite young lady, she generally acts kind and polite around the children, since she remembered what it was like, and around elderly people, she makes sure they are alright, ad if they need help she will help them. To anyone else, it will likely depend on how they treated her.

Sachiko is a bit of a savant when it comes to working with technology, but though she is very skilled she doesn’t act prideful or behave in a way that makes others think she’s better than they were.


Pre-rp History On a certain day for a certain month, in YE 40, Itatski Sachiko, came into the world, like a screaming lunatic unhappy with the situation the infant found herself in, namely leaving a warm enclosed space to a wider, colder one made of various metals encased in the vast expanse of space. Like the life of old, through the use of procreation, her parents had worked tirelessly to give form to their creation, their biological offspring, who Setsuya would name Sachiko. She emerged on board a starship her mother had been serving on, while separated from the other who had greatly helped her, Zoeichi 'Bastion' Saksen-Coburg.

Setsuya had chosen not to transfer anything military related to her daughter at a crucial time, in hopes of it allowing her daughter to develop her own personality. Sachiko did try to stay out of the way of few of the personnel, but she began learning things related to machines. She started to develop technical skills, and she soon gained a proclivity for technology. As she continued to mature, her mother told her about Zoe, about who she was, and especially who she was in relation to Sachiko too. She got to see pictures her mother had of Zoe, and when she had been able to, she was able to ‘Facetime’ with Zoe, so that Sachiko could meet her.

Unfortunately, because of situations, she couldn’t meet Zoe face to face, so she settled for that Facetime and virtual reality. Eventually, as the three months passed, she finally became a mature Nekovalkyrja. However, there were laws in place, laws that required her to serve in the military for three years. The former youngling had chosen to join as a technician/Engineer, willing to serve her empire by working on the technology.

Fortunately, she was able to serve the Ship where she literally grew up, and sometimes on the ship that her mother was currently serving on as well. She began hearing of an offer that people in her occupation had, on becoming a Combat Engineer. She knew what it meant, but she was uncertain if she wanted to do that. So after seeking advice from those she trusted, she returned to get specialized as a Combat Engineer. Once trained, she chose a new posting, that of the Space station Shirayama where she chose to join as a Ranger. She still liked working with machines and repairing them, but she decided to see what her time would be like before she decided anything more.

Her mother was kind enough to take her to the station, where it turns out she had an aunt serving there.

rp history

Having arrived, at her new placement she found herself in love with the Space station, it’s a technological marvel that she hadn’t actually been able to stay in for a longer period. So the former youngling was happy that she would be able to stay in this place, and she would be able to interact with her aunt Suzume. She was concerned at first that her aunt wouldn’t like her, but in the end she needn’t worry, Suzume was nice, very nice, and so after saying farewell to her mother time she got herself ready for her duties.

She got to meet the leadership, of both her and Suzume’s team, as well as the leader of the base. She also et a new friend, Shasse who had knocked her over in jumping on her. Then they got to their first mission, where she tried her best, and hoped she made her Aunt and her leader proud.

She was eventually able to get a place that she could claim for her hobby of tinkering with technology, there she spent her free time tinkering, before coming up with a new program that she hoped would let those on long voyages without sleep to get their sleep.

She was proud of her accomplishment and the fact that others might actually use this.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Itatski Sachiko has the following notable skills:

Social Connections

Itatski Sachiko is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Itatski Sachiko has

Itatski Sachiko currently has 3000 KS.

owned locations Sachiko's Tinker Space

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