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The following article is about a character from a 'television show'


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General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Cat Height: 7 inches (at the shoulder)
Gender: Female Weight: 25 lbs
Age: 1 year Eyes: Purple with the ocasional cybernatic lines
fur: Iteito has purple fur, with glowing circitry lines that appear when Iteito is using her powers

Iteito is an NPC played by Gardner in the Dark

Physical Characteristics

Description: Iteito is a robotic cat, not a real cat. Why she was built is a mystery, as she doesn't remember who built her, she just remembers waking up one day in the sunlight. fur Color and Style: Iteito has purple fur, with a darker patch across her face and along her belly Distinguishing Features: Unique coloration, cybernetic lines

Psychological Characteristics

Personality:Iteito doesn't understand that she's not like other kitties, and occasionally forgets she can power up. She's usualy more towards the outside of interactions. Since she's more durable then most cats she can be a bit absent minded, but she's very protective of her friends Likes: Other kitties, sunlight, electrical wires

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