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Itou Shiki

Itou Shiki is a player character played by Exhack and is currently involved in the The Land of Dreamers roleplay plot.

Itou Shiki
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 5'8β€œ (1.72 m)
Weight: 137 Ibs (62.1 kg)
Organization: Aomori Grocers, Aomori University
Occupation: Cashier, University Student
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Vacation Time!

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'8” (1.72 m) Mass: 137 Ibs (62.1 kg)

Build and Skin Color: Shiki has a rather average build and complexion. Despite not being particularly active or energetic, he appears to be quite fit from his regular working habits. This healthy appearance can mostly be attributed to his refined Human genes rather than any concerted effort or care for his health.

Eyes and Facial Features: Shiki's face has a sort anomalous handsomeness, appearing a few years younger than his actual age and lacking any raw masculinity in his features. Although he is rarely mistaken for a girl, he has something of a complex about the notion, as one of a handful of male students in a school environment dominated by ex-Nekovalkyrja. His eyes are a light steel blue and just a bit too large for his face, and what he perceives as the main reason for the confusion.

Hair Color and Style: Shiki has smooth and straight black hair, cropped short and thinned to give it a bit of texture. As it has been about a month since his last haircut, it is around two inches long and hangs just past his ears.

Distinguishing Features: As a person, he's hardly remarkable and less than impressive. Of note, Shiki wears a pair of plain clear eyeglasses to hide the size of his eyes, and occasionally dons black sunglasses when the mood strikes him. This has no practical effect on his vision, as with the basic genetic enhancements that were previously made to all Geshrin, his vision is augmented.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Shiki is an easygoing person who genuinely likes people and always make an effort to be helpful to others. He is not slavish or saccharine in attitude, but has a decent work ethic when it comes to assisting those who need it, and enjoys the feeling of being useful. His personality is one that avoids conflict, however, leading him to withdraw from the world when things become unbearable. Having enjoyed a particularly peaceful, but slightly strict upbringing, he is settled in strong morals and often finds himself acting as a peacekeeper among his coworkers, peers and classmates when things get out of hand.

His personality is one that does not take well to hardship, but is willing to work hard and act as a coordinator to keep the disparate elements of a group working together. In this sense, Shiki is not a particularly good leader and often hands over that responsibility to someone with stronger drive and ambition, and is perfectly content to just sit back and help that person with their plans. He is also is slightly impatient, so spending too long without seeing any results has been cause enough for him to abandon many ideas and projects at their onset.

It is perhaps for this reason that despite being a fairly good worker and friend, his performance as a student is less than ideal. For him, it is easier to do something when he can see, than persist continuously in distant dreams.

Likes: Reading; Shade; Sleeping; Surfing; Drawing; Honest Work; Spicy Food Dislikes: Raw Shellfish; Natto; Academic Pressure; Loud Noises; Loud People Goals: Get a nice apartment; Get a pet cat; Meet a nice girl




  • Itou Rokurou: 39, Father (Human)
  • Itou Aina: 37, Mother (Human)
  • Itou Mamami: 13, Little Sister (Human)


  • Mouri Takako: 3, Classmate (Yamataian)
  • Roger Lundgren: 20, Classmate (Human)



Shiki grew up on Yamatai, the son of an onsen operator and a school teacher. He graduated from high school as a fairly average student, a bit poor in his general studies but, doing well in history, media and political science but not particularly having the drive and passion to pursue them as careers. With a decently paying job as a cashier at a grocery store and a stable family life, he never saw the need to escape anything or move away from the pleasant resort town of his birth. He hadn't ever really considered trying to strike it out in the stars on a civilian ship, much less the military, and contented himself to just being a hardworking (if slightly unmotivated) citizen of the Empire.

Because of this sheltered upbringing, he'd enjoyed a fairly normal and peaceful life even as the Empire came under siege throughout his lifetime. The wars out in space, social unrest and revolutions on distant worlds and even the movements in the Imperial Palace meant little or nothing to him.

In his studies, he continued to pursue history and political science a field that, despite the largely female demographic of his school, had a fairly even balance of male and female students. As he'd shown before, he consistently demonstrated a good grasp of society and political game, presenting a possible career in politics as an aide or adviser in the foreseeable future, but Shiki didn't particularly encouraged about entering the Neko/military-dominated fields of Yamataian politics. With the Senate abolished and the electorate given direct control of the legislative process, he didn't feel that he'd have much of a future to begin with. At various points throughout schooling he had a few short relationships, but none seemed to be particularly gripping or meaningful. Encouraged to take a trip by his parents for his extended break and live it up a little, Shiki found himself on a cruise ship headed for one of the more mysterious regions of space, the Blue Rift Expanse…



Because of some time spent assisting the butcher at the grocery store he works at, Shiki feels fairly comfortable with a butcher's knife in his hands, and has a fairly good swing. In regards to fighting another being, however, he is basically harmless. Although he has the physical capacity to harm another being, he is too mentally restrained to actually hurt someone.


Shiki also enjoys jogging, swimming and surfing, leading him to be fairly healthy-looking. He does not train with weights or make any game of building his muscles, so his physique is not particularly imposing.


Shiki is fluent in Yamataian and Nepleslian (Trade) and can read and write them well, and has taken some xenolinguistics courses because those classes tend to be smaller in size. Because of this, he has some grasp of Lorath and the confusing and disturbing Mishhuvurthyar language.


From a background in social studies, Shiki has fairly deep understanding of Yamataian law, media and society. He also understands something of Nepleslia society and culture, although this is largely through his exposure to the InterNep.


Shiki was required to learn a large amount of philosophy and sociology as a part of his courseload, making him somewhat able in regards to discussions on moral issues and culture. Because he often acts as the peacemaker at work, he is also a fairly able diplomat, although this extends more to quelling arguments than resolving them through compromise.


Because he lives alone on a separate portion of his parent's lot, Shiki has learned how to cook traditional Yamataian foods to feed himself and occasionally entertain his friends. Time spent assisting the grocery's butcher has given him a good grasp of butchery, as well, although this only applies to carcasses that have already been cleaned. In a less impressive manner, he has had to learned how to prepare a large amount of instant or low-preparation ready-to-eat meals in bulk.


Shiki is an avid driver of land vehicles and watercraft, and his expertise extends to these only. He is also competent with a variety of worklifting machines used in the civilian sector. His skill isn't particularly good, but he has good restraint and endurance for long sessions of driving.



Street Clothes

  • Red dress shirt
  • Black slacks
  • Pennyloafers, black

Weather Wear

  • Corduroy flight jacket, brown
  • Cabbie hat, dark brown


  • Dark Blue Boxers, plaid-print




  • Satchel
    • Digital Camera
    • Journal, Leather Hardcover
    • 4 Pencils, HB
    • Eraser
    • Picture of
  • Pocket Knife


  • 2122 KS

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