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Ivy Dantès

Ivy Dantès is a player character played by Noodles.

Ivy Dantès
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Female
Age: 45
Occupation: Freelance Private Investigator
Rank: Private Investigator
Current Placement: N/A

Preferred Plots

  1. Literally no idea

Physical Description

Ivy stands at an imposing 7'2“ and sports on overall athletic, yet curvy, figure with wide hips and a small (30B) chest. She appears to always be alert, the sort of woman that is often on edge- the sort of woman who often looks over her shoulder out in public. Her skin is an almost porcelain white and, while free from natural blemishes, is 'decorated' with scores of large assortment of scars- and often fresh cuts and bruises. She has a mildly pointed, 'medium' sized nose right between two tired sapphire eyes, and a pair of naturally pouty lips that are rarely without some shade of red upon them- all framed up by her dark maroon colored hair that is kept -mostly- out of her face by an over-the-shoulder ponytail that runs down to the middle of her chest.

She smells very strongly of coffee and alcohol.

Despite her tall stature, her voice is an incredibly high-pitched, and quite 'girlish' soprano.


Ivy is a cautious woman after years of run-ins with not so great people, bar fights, and unfortunate 'accidents'. She often carries a very strong sense of sarcasm and despite her weary ways, sports a healthy sense- albeit often quite dirty- sense of humour. She seemingly has an awfully cynical, pessimistic outlook on life, but despite this is often quite compassionate.

Ivy often seems tired and wound-up, as if her flight or fight response was on constant standby.

In situations where she allows herself to calm down and relax a little she comes across as someone who is confident and mildly flirtatious


Ivy Dantes was born in YE -1 on Nepleslia.

Skills Learned

Ivy Dantes has the following notable skills:


With over ten years of experience in performing investigations, Ivy is quite skilled in video surveillance, 'Stake-outs', tailing suspects, working undercover, and other useful (but not all entirely legal) tactics to dig up useful information on whomever her suspect(s) may be. If the information exists, chances are she can find it.


With both paramilitary and civilian security training under her belt Ivy is an expert on self-defence, and while heavier, more well-equipped hostiles would prove an issue, she is more than capable against more common threats, and with the right equipment could possibly be able to adapt and, at the very least, survive a run in with more serious threats.

While she has more formal combat training Ivy often falls into a dirtier, 'whatever works' style of fighting that often relies on small arms, and the occasional broken bottle or two, that fits right in with the alleyways, under-policed cities, and bar fights she often finds herself in.


Ivy knows how to survive outside the protective watch of law enforcement, and even do damn-well for herself in the process. She has plenty of knowledge in illegal crime circles and what places to dig for information (or to avoid entirely, unless you're really desperate). She knows when to look over her shoulder, when and how to bluff, when to hold 'em, when to fold 'em, when to walk away, and when to run.

Social 'Etiquette'

Not as often used, but still useful, Ivy is well versed in how to act in various sorts of 'polite' company, as sometimes the information she's looking for is under the lock and key of undesirables of another, far more annoying sort.

Social Connections

Ivy is connected to:


Inventory & Finance

Ivy Dantes has:


Ivy Dantes currently has TBD

OOC Information

In the case notred becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

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