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Iwamoto Izumi

Iwamoto Izumi is a player character played by Sigma.

Iwamoto Izumi
Iwamoto Izumi
Species: Minkan
Gender: Female
Age: 4
Height: 160cm (5'3“)
Weight: 54kg (~120 lbs)
Organization: None
Occupation: Unemployed
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 160cm (5'3”)
  • Weight: 54kg (~120 lbs)
  • Measurements: 35C-21-36

Build and Skin Color: Izumi is a hard-bodied coffee brown NH-33. Her compact and lithe stature and well defined muscles lend her the aura of a panther waiting to strike from the shadows.

Eyes and Facial Features: Izumi has almond shaped eyes with orange irises. This eerie color was her request during her transition to the new NH-31 body. She has a sharp, angular face that enhances her feline predatory features.

Ears: Her Neko-style ears are lined with mottled black and orange fur. She often scratches them as she thinks, finding that the soft fur stimulates her thoughts.

Hair Color and Style: Izumi has her orange hair, with red streaks cut straight down to her shoulder shoulders. This length allows her to either grow it out or get it cut shorter to fit the demands of her next role.

Distinguishing Features: Aside from her brightly colored hair and irises, Izumi has no other distinguishing features.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Izumi's true personality is difficult to distinguish from the ones that she adopts as part of her undercover roles. The various “masks” which she presents to the world are layered facades of her true self. Each layer may or may not have traits which are somewhat like her. She truly enjoys playing these cat and mouse mind games with others, even her superiors, making her an enigmatic though reliable asset. Though she can perform her roles and craft disguises extremely well, Izumi's philosophy is that the more extravagant she is, the less likely people are to assume that she is a threat. Hence, her orange hair and irises.

Her loyalty to the Empire is absolute and her streak of successful assignments confirm her abilities as well as inflate her ego. Her occasional appearances before her superiors often display smugness, though whether this is a front or not is open to debate.

Some common characteristics, especially when Izumi is known not to be “in character,” are her dogged perseverance to accomplish even the most mundane task set before her and a genuine love of reading. She could easily spend hours absorbed in books and other written media and not notice it. This trait has often helped with her research and enhances her knowledge of the mission. Otherwise, she is extremely alert and distrusting. While it does not border on paranoia, it does make her difficult to get along with at times.

Izumi also has the standard SAINT Standard Conditioning Package.

Her personality, when undercover, are tailored by her to fit the role. Her acting ability are first rate despite the fact that she has had little formal training. Izumi also has no problems dyeing her hair color to match the requirements of her mission and assumed role.

  • Likes: Playing roles, reading, tricking others
  • Dislikes: Being found out, being wrong
  • Goals: Expose a super secret conspiracy and save the Empire from it!


Family (or Creators)

Iwamoto Izumi was created by the Star Army of Yamatai.


Izumi was born in YE 31 and immediately underwent Star Army basic training at Fort Ready I and passed with exemplary, though not perfect, scores. She was selected as a potential SAINT candidate and sent to Vicky. As with all potential SAINT candidates, Izumi underwent the four week trainingcourse followed by the twenty week INDOC course. She passed these with ease, using her natural skill at acting to throw up layers of false identity to throw off her own instructors. This usually resulted in even harder exercises for her but Izumi knew that if they weren't kicking her out, that meant they were pushing her to see how far she could go.

Without a doubt, Izumi was preternaturally gifted at creating temporary identities and excelled in the courses which dealt with it. Izumi also did well in Operational Planning, Advanced Shipboard Skills, Direct Action, as well as Covert Infiltration and Exfiltration. She was not quite so good at the Sabotage, Legal Theory or the various Software courses.

Izumi's first assignment after training was in YE 32 and involved simple investigations along the Yamatai-Nepleslia borders for smuggled goods. Since these kinds of illicit activities happened all across the border, regardless of SMDIoN and SAOY efforts, it was considered a good way to test the potential of the new agent. The end result was the capture of three pirate vessels as they attempted to swap and bargain their goods away to each other.

Following this assignment, in YE 33 she was one of many assigned to investigate the existence of willful cannibalism as well as the ensuing violence that surrounded the sudden rioting by the shortage of food. Her conclusion was, “They're stupid for rioting and the Senate is stupid making such a big deal of nothing and this whole assignment is stupid because there's no cannibal to find!” Izumi moved from that assignment, with great relief, to find out whether Kurita Shunsaku, the new Taisho of Star Army Twelfth Fleet would turn into a threat to the Empire, given how much of his command, including he himself, had left the Star Army in YE 29 due to the Species Restriction Order.

It only took her a week to send back a final report with her evidence stating that Kurita and his troops were loyal. And in her opinion, if they were a problem, then they were a problem created by the Star Army's Species Restriction Order. So, the only one to blame was the SAOY for enforcing that order and causing such fractures in the first place. At the bottom of her note, she requested transfer to an assignment that wasn't a wild goose chase.

She resigned from her position in the Star Army in late YE 35 in protest of a compulsory upgrade order issued by Ketsurui Yui. In her opinion, the SAOY was repeating the same mistake of the past and would rather see the entire 12th Fleet resign in protest than admit to their own errors.

Izumi switched to a NH-31 body so as to be able to travel to Nepleslia.


  • Communication: Izumi is an excellent communicator, when she wants to be.
  • Technology Operation: She is skilled in the use of the Kessaku OS, Nepleslian datajockeys and NMX systems.
  • Mathematics: Izumi received basic mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry. She promptly got rid of all of that information because little of it was relevant to her line of work as an undercover agent.
  • Humanities (Psychology): To properly carry out her role as an undercover operative, Izumi has learnt much about human psychology. This allows her to understand the motivations and reasoning which people operate on and completes her disguise much more.
  • Rogue: She would be a poor SAINT agent if she were unable to perform the less-than-legal tricks necessary for her to get ahead. Izumi has been trained to pick locks and bypass most known forms of security. No security system, given enough time, can't be cracked by her.
  • Survival: As part of her Escape and Evasion training, Izumi learnt how to survive in all forms of hostile environments. She is capable of enduring the extreme conditions found in artic, desert, and jungle environments.


Iwamoto Izumi has the following items:


Iwamoto Izumi is currently an unemployed civilian.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 KS Starting Funds
15960 KS 9960 Approx. back pay due
6460 KS 9500 Vampire Purchase

OOC Notes

Sigma has stated that he wishes to opt out of the adoption policy making this character ineligible to be adopted. However the artwork belongs to Wes can can be recycled.

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