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Iwase Tamako

Iwase Tamako is a NPC controlled by ShotJon in the Yamatai Senate plot.

Iwase Tamako
Species: NH-29
Gender: Gynoid
Organization: Yamatai Star Empire
Occupation: Governor, Senator
Current Placement: 4SF Colonization Group Ahrbeg system

Character Description

  • Height: 5\' 4\โ€œ (163 cm)
  • Weight: 90 punds (41kg)
  • Measurements: D
  • Build and Skin Color: Not very tall as nekoes usualy are, but with pretty athletic build. Her stature is still a little unnatural, with her rather large chest on athletic body. Her skin is white.
  • Eyes and Facial Features: Tamako has a round red-eyes, that happily glitters. She has cute think lips, which are always smiling. Her face is almond shaped.
  • Ears: Tamako has neko style ears. They wre white furred.
  • Hair Color and Style: Tama's hair is reaching to the middle of her back. Most of the time she wears it in a bun, or hold it back with head-band.
  • Distinguishing Features: As all neko's Tamako has her genetic code tattooed on her lower left back. She alse tends to wear glasses as fashion item. They are round Uno-glasses.

Psychological Characteristics

  • Personality: Tamako is dependable and resourceful. She loves to get busy and work hard whenever she can. The neko loves when her work blooms and see the fruit of her effort. It sometimes borders with workaholism. Tamako became devoted to Ahrbeg and her responsibility as its governor.

When not working Tamako is cheerful and likes to not take things too seriously. Seriousness is straining in her opinion and it is better to be friendly. That said she is still military officer and knows when the situation forbid joking around.

Tamako loves her daughter and tries to be with her as much as her duty and her daughters service in 4th fleet allows.

  • Likes: Her job, Ahrbeg, company, good food,sense of humour
  • Dislikes: disarray, chaos, NMX, spicy food
  • Goals: Lead Ahrbeg and ensure its safety and growth.


Daughter: Iwase Noriko, NH29 nekovalkyrja, age: 3, assigned as helmswoman within 4th fleet


Born in late YE26, Tamako was one of the first neko\'s to upgrade to NH27 bodies. She started her service as a bridge officer handling mainly communication and sensors. The then young and rather naive neko was part of 4th fleet. Making her way through service, she left combat duty and became part of command staff withing year. That proved to be more her venue, as she had more talent with logistics and administration.

Slowly she raised through ranks, became officer and generally became important officer of 4th fleet logistics. She upgraded to NH-29 body as soon as it was released. Not the most important, but important. By the YE30 she was Taii and was part of retaking Ahrbeg system. She handled logistics for that operation, which ended up as success and Mishhuvurtyar were drived out of the system.

Tamako remained with forces looking over the system and handled most of the administrative and logistics for the military force kept in it. The colony was started, though it was small at the start with no consolidated government apart from soldiers of SAoY. In YE32, more and more colonists started flooding in and colony was growing. Shinja Rika, leader of 4th fleet decided that Ahrbeg will have to found its own militia. She also decided that the system needs its own government and asked for volunteers within 4th fleet. Knowing Ahrbeg system quite well already Tamako volunteered.

Surprisingly enough, Admiral Rika accepter her and she was made acting-governor of Ahrbeg and promoted to Shosa. Tamako was happy at the time as she also inherited the local militia and all the responsibilities. It was a lot of work, but she enjoyed those times. Within a year, she stopped being acting and became really governor of Ahrbeg.

In YE34, the way senate worked was changed and every system had to choose his own senator. To Tamako's surprise, people of Ahrbeg chose her to represent her even in the senate. With pride she accepted.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Yamataian, Trade, Elysian
  • Fighting (hand-to-hand, firearms, jujutsu)
  • Technology operation (sensors)
  • Accounting and mathematics
  • Administrative and organisation
  • Diplomacy and public speaking
  • Strategy (organisation of troops and their equipment)
  • Culinary


Iwase Tamako has the following items:

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