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Izual Katos

Izual Katos
Species: Elysian (Caelisolan)
Gender: Male
Age: 54 (born YE -15)
Family: Domiel Katos (father), Mirafil Katos (Mother), Luvael Katos (Elder brother)
Zodiac Sign: Poseidon
Height: 6' / 181 cm
Weight: 127 lbs / 58 kg
Organization Independent, formerly Elysian Celestial Navy
Rank No formal rank - honorary Lokhagi for services rendered in the past.
Occupation Missionary, master chef, agent provocateur
Current Placement Doing the work of God…

Izual In Roleplay

Izual is a Player Character played by Orion.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6' / 181 cm Mass: 127 lbs / 58 kg

Build and Skin Colour: Izual is, as most who sport a Caelisolan body, rather tall and of a relatively slender build. As any Elysian, save the occasional extremely unfortunate Plebeian, Izual sports large wings - with a span of just under fifteen feet when fully outstretched - which can make him appear far more imposing than his build would otherwise suggest. He has a characteristically pale complexion, the usual slightly rosy flesh-tone favored in Elysia - his wings are white-feathered, with the primary remiges tipped in a darker brown tone.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Izual is consummately Elysian, with a sharp and avian face of level, even proportions. His eyes are forest green, and he most often looks either half-asleep, with his eyes half-closed, something added to by his tendency to yawn and stretch dramatically, often at inappropriate junctures in conversation.

Hair Color and Style: Izual's hair, much like the rest of him, could be called quintessentially Elysian: he has long, straight goldenrod hair which he tends to with an overzealous degree of care (“It does not do to be unclean in God's universe.”) and most often keeps bound back in a tight braid.

Distinguishing Features: Like most Plebeians given a Caelisolan body - and indeed like most Elysians who choose to take on a new body - Izual has no truly unique features. New bodies are never ugly or unpleasant due to Elysian pride… but to ask for one of special or exotic appearance would be seen as vanity, a deadly sin.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Izual is pleasant and polite, save for his somewhat irksome habit of yawning often and at inappropriate junctures. A missionary by trade, Izual wishes to be a shepherd to the whole of the galaxy. He has no delusions that others will easily embrace Elysia's God, and does not make direct attempts at conversion: instead, his methods are more subdued, as he seeks to spread the virtues extolled by his faith. Charity, mercy, integrity, honesty, humility - through these five virtues, he believes one can grow closer to God, and closer to the right path, without necessarily converting to a religion run more by politic than pursuit of the truth. Izual does his best to live the virtues of God's path, though it is a difficult and treacherous walk, particularly in the broader universe where not everyone is happy to see an Elysian. He also continues to struggle with an extreme ingrained hostility towards Nekovalkyrja. Like most veterans of the Elysia-Yamatai wars, Izual learned to hate his enemies, and learned that mercy on something engineered to kill you and destroy your home is not always the most prudent path.

He tries, though. He tries hard to be the good shepherd.

Likes: Cooking, prayer, meditation, reflection, intellectual discussion, poetry, music Dislikes: Unneeded violence and bloodshed, Nekovalkyrja and Seraph (both of which he associates with unneeded violence and bloodshed), disruptive and excessively angry people Goals: To be a creature of God, and to guide as many souls as he can down a more virtuous path.



Izual was born a Plebeian, long ago, when being a Plebeian wasn't nearly so pleasant as it is today. Like virtually every Elysian his age, Izual was profoundly affected by the wars with Yamatai. In different capacities, he fought in all of them: in the first as a volunteer, Semeai and second helmsman onboard a Thunderbolt. He served in much the same capacity through the start of the second war, before being transferred to a different service - intelligence. He served as intelligence for the Celestial Navy through several years and two more wars before, upon his request, being released honorably from service. Izual saw many things in the wars, both as a soldier and an analyst, that left him with a very foul taste in his mouth: he could not believe the rampant violence and bloodshed was the intention of the God he served. He was offered a Patrician body for his many years of military service, but he turned down the offer, professing himself unworthy of the honor.

He devoted himself, in his retirement, to religious study, praying and meditating for many years. Eventually, he had an epiphany. The path to God was not about service to senators or Elysian pride - it was a path paved in humility, tolerance, and all those other virtues that nobody in the universe espoused. As Nepleslia became a power, as Elysia scrambled to rebuild its military and restore its wounded pride, as Yamatai squabbled with the Lorath and went on a nearly genocidal course of action against the Freespacers, Izual decided he could not be silent in the face of such rampant evils.

In YE 31, he became one of the first Plebeians given a Caelisolan body. Shortly thereafter, he left Elysia, traveling on his own dime on transports and freighters, resolving to take up the mantle of a missionary.



Izual is fluent in Seraphim, Yamataian, and Nepleslian. He is proficient in the use of radios and modern communication equipment (he is most familiar with Elysian objects), proficient in Elysian military communication protocol, and capable of receiving and communicating information and orders in stressful or combat conditions. He is capable of writing military reports, and other reports too really. Like most Elysians who have had time to study language, he has taken a liking to poetry, and when speaking in Seraphim he frequently speaks purely in verse.


In his years of prayer, reflection, and meditation, Izual's primary ways of passing time were attempting to commune with God, and cooking - for himself, and for his parents. Though entirely self-taught, Izual showed a remarkable talent for cooking and presenting food, guided by an excellent sense of taste and an experimental impulse when presented with a chef's raw materials. He has, since then, also compiled hundreds of his recipes, both the successful and the failed, in his journals.


Izual, like any veteran of the Celestial Navy, has finished basic combat training. This included combat with handguns, rifles, autocannons, and grenade launchers, as well as the xiphos, phaelaes, and aspis. He once had exceptional stamina, though in the years since his military service this has decreased somewhat. He remains in very good physical condition, capable of brief flight and aerobatics, sprinting with equipment, and distance running for prolonged periods of time.


Izual is well-versed in the religious philosophies of Elysia, though he does not agree with all of them. He is, further, well-educated in sociology (though he has no formal training) due to extensive research and a good deal of first-hand observation of many different races. Instruction in the psychology of Nekovalkyrja, Geshrin, and Elysians was part of his intelligence training, and he maintains a fair working knowledge of all three.


Izual has a strong knowledge of Elysian history, and a slightly less in depth knowledge of Yamataian and Nepleslian history, focusing much more on military than civilian events. This is bolstered by an eidetic memory: Izual does not forget things he reads and hears. Further, he is very well-versed in Elysian law.


Izual has significant skill in hard mathematics, his training including up through calculus and dimensional theory, but focused particularly on things useful for intelligence analysis: statistics, accounting, algebra, geometry, and so on. Izual has not made much use of these skills in a very long time, but they remain there - perhaps a little rusty, but ready to be called on as necessary.

Starship Operations

Initially, Izual was a helmsman in the First Elysian War. He is familiar with operating 'early' Elysian starships. He has not piloted anything more recent than a Thunderbolt, and would need time to familiarize himself with other vessels. He has never piloted a non-Elysian vessel.



  • 3 Iyko, white
  • 1 Sohktos, white
  • 1 Iyaloh, white with dark red trim
  • 1 pair of leather boots, black
  • 1 pair of leather sandals, black

Main Article: Elysian Clothing


  • 1 Elysian Data-Pad, deluxe
  • 1 Datacard (mostly filled wih recipe notes)
  • 4 Datacards (not filled with recipe notes)

Personal Hygiene

  • Various hygienic things. Does anyone actually keep up with these things?


  • Electronic Money Card with 14,575 AR (2,858 KS)


  • 1 Peltast Xiphos, with iridium core and monomolecular edge, the only souvenir he keeps from his military days.
  • 1 Sersis Variable Pistol, along with three 5.7×11 cartridges and one 11×23 cartridge. He has never fired it - it was issued to him in the later days of his intelligence service.

OOC Discussion

Yes, the skills are deliberately a hodgepodge - Izual was a Plebeian soldier in a time when Plebeians were left largely to fend for themselves even in the military, given limited training and allowed to sink or swim.

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