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Reader J'ann "Pulse" Sulei New Tur'lista

Reader J'ann “Pulse” Sulei New Tur'lista is a player character played by Moogle.

This character may not be adopted.
Reader J'ann “Pulse” Sulei New Tur'lista
Species: New Tur'lista
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Height: 4'11“
Weight: 140lbs
Organization: Lorath Self Defense Force
Occupation: Mind reader/Interrogator/Morale Officer
Rank: Trooper
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 4'11”
  • Mass: 160lbs
  • Measurements: 40-27-##

Build and Skin Color: Pale skin. Limber build.

Eyes and Facial Features: Has a tendency to bare his teeth just right in a smile to make him look gremlin-ey and not very friendly at all. Very sharp looking teeth. He's got honey brown eyes and matches his smile to narrow them in slits.

Ears: Rounded, New Tur'listan (Human) ears.

Hair Color and Style: J'ann's hair is tied into a neat ponytail near the base of his neck, which is then coloured into the primaries erratically. Otherwise, it is white.

Distinguishing Features: He is VERY hippy. He is wide-hipped and as such also has an ample rear. His years of dancing have added a sashay to his steps.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Very commandeering. Prefers to take every opportunity he can get and turn things to his advantage. He prefers letting other take care of the hard work and like taking the easy route. While he doesn't quite take the Tom Sawyer route of things, he still gets others to do things under the guise of collective progress. He's all about “the collective” when it comes to things that benefit him.

  • Likes: fine cuisine, fine fabrics.
  • Dislikes: Getting his hands dirty. . . in a manner of speaking.
  • Goals: A cushy office and a high rank in the military.


Family (or Creators)

  • Lieutenant Tiin “Strata” Sulei - Mother
  • Director J'aal “Vim” Sulei - Father


  • Born to distant, busy parents.
  • Parents were not ignoring him or abusing so much as emotionally distant in their interaction and high in expectation.
  • He got very good at manipulating his caretakers, and generally used them to get his way for small favors and social luxuries. Under the guise of guardianship, he got away with many sneaky ventures (mostly involving getting things for free by making other people pay for it).
  • He also took dance training.
  • In the major split, his mother was among those who stayed loyal, earning his family much praise since she was in a relatively high position.
  • He sees the result of fame due to loyalty and prestige and wants that for himself.
  • Went to the military academy at a young age, graduated and has four year's experience on his belt on simple patrol around the homeworld.
  • Joined the Va'alta because that's the clearest line to future promotion



Psionic Lorath are expected to be able to converse with excellent ease, this involves being able to operate devices that aid in communication, understand new languages with minimal effort, communicate their thoughts verbally and in written form, and also be able to decipher coded messages.


Individuals in the New Tur'lista house are expected to learn psychology, sociology, diplomacy, anthropology, and philosophy. To aid in their empathic readings of individuals and aid in their relation to other individuals, also to assist individuals or groups that are in psychological distress. These skills are also used to aid in diplomatic relations with hostile individuals.


Members of the New Tur'lista house are expected to be well acquainted with the history of law, science, and technology. They are also expected to have an excellent memory and ability to recall information at a moment's notice. The sharpening of psionic Lorath's ability is highly encouraged and expected.

Technology Operations

All members of the New Tur'lista house are expected to have an ability to operate most technology belonging to the Lorath. Also they are expected to be able to operate new forms of technology when given enough time to learn the workings of the device.


J'ann is versed in traditional and modern forms of combat, and has average skill in these. Additionally, he is exceptional at a form of formerly-occhestrian martial arts that involves using a weapon to block in the off hand and using their primary hand to grapple and burn out the opponent's nerve endings.


J'ann is in shape, as is demanded by his military and dance training.


Reader J'ann “Pulse” Sulei New Tur'lista has the following items:

Lorath Self Defense Force Uniform Components

  • 1 Rank Pin Set
  • 1 M37/38 Environmental Battledress Uniform with collapsible helmet, minus armor plate.
  • 2 Uniform blouse, gray, with appropriate caste and assignment markings
  • 2 Uniform shirts, gray, with appropriate caste and assignment markings
    • Rank and assignment information patch for right shoulder
    • Award Attachment Patch on left shoulder
    • Name Patch
  • 2 pair of pants, gray
  • 2 pair of kilt/skirts, gray
  • 2 stonethread undershirts, caste color
    • Individual name printed on back and left breast of chest.
  • 2 cotton undershirts, gray
  • 2 pair synthetic fiber stockings, black
  • 1 pair synthetic leather gloves, black
  • 1 pair leather boots, black
  • 1 pair short boots or athletic sneakers, black
  • 2 belts, black, brass buckled, sword and pistol usage.
  • 1 Glengarry hat (Fyunnen Caste Only)
    • Rank patch on front left
  • 1 Field Cap (Non-Fyunnen Only)
    • Rank pin on front center
  • 1 Peaked Cap (Officer)
    • Rank pin front center

Weather Gear

  • 1 black balaclava
    • Rank patch on left forehead
  • 1 black stonethread poncho (quarter inch thick), weather resistant inlay, caste colored stripe

Workout Clothing and Undergarments

  • 2 custom print boxer trunks
  • 2 white ringer T-Shirts with pocket on left breast OR 2 black T-Shirts with chest pocket
  • 1 pair black loafers
  • 1 pair black wrestling shoes
  • 4 black cotton boxers (MALE ONLY)
  • 4 black boyshort cut panties (FEMALE ONLY)
  • 6 black sport bras (FEMALE ONLY)
  • 3 black chest wraps
  • 3 white chest wraps
  • 4 pair of black boot Socks

Accessory Items


Reader J'ann “Pulse” Sulei New Tur'lista is currently a Trooper in the Lorath Self Defense Force.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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