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Jackson Tuvesh

Jackson is a player character played by Whitehart.

  Jackson Tuvesh 
  Species:    Nepleslian 
  Gender:    Male 
  Age:    36 (YE4) 
  Height:    6' (182 cm)
  Weight:    215 lb (97.5 kg)
  Organization:    NPF 
  Occupation:    Canine Officer 
  Rank:    Sergeant NC-1 
  Current Placement: 13th Precinct

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Color: Jackson is considered to be a big man for his size, not only due to his physique but also his presence. His skin is a smooth dark brown that accentuates his muscular build well.

Eyes and Facial Features: His eyes are a deep brown on an almost age defying face. The most visible lines are his laugh lines around his mouth. His nose is a bit on the large and flat side but not overly so.

Hair Color and Style: While his skin and face seem to defy his age, his hair seems to have gotten the message. He keeps his thick black hair cut close to his head though he is noticeably bald from his forehead to his crown. He keeps a closely cut and just as thick beard.

Distinguishing Features: Though nothing apparent stands out about Jackson beyond his commanding presence, beneath his uniform he has various marks, one or two from bullet wounds, a scar from a knife cut and a surgical scar where he had his kidney replaced.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Jackson has been a single father for a long time and a Police Officer even longer. His sense of fatherly duty has been what has kept him facing forward, throughout the hardships of his job.

He is known as being a patient, helpful and steadfast man that easily earns respect. This kind of attitude helps him have a natural command presence, a person that inexperienced and experienced Officers alike can look to as a solid backup.

At home he is both a parent and a friend to his children, pushing them to be the best people they can be while also understanding their own limitations. At work he is a friendly and veteran Officer who will lend advice when asked or the time is right.

Likes: Family, his job, dogs, boxing and bad jokes

Dislikes:  Cruelty, bullying

Goals:  To raise his children to be good people and to take a bite out of crime.



  • Janice Tuvesh - Mother
  • Trevon Tuvesh - Father (Deceased)
  • Trina Tuvesh - Adopted Daughter
  • Maxwell Tuvesh - Adopted Son (Twin to Michel)
  • Michel Tuvesh - Adopted Daughter (Twin to Maxwell)
  • Arnelia Green - Older Sister
  • Devon Lilen - Older sister
  • Nathan Tuvesh - Younger Brother
  • Lily, a female Gunhund


Jackson was just four years old when the Great Plague struck Planet Yamatai and to a lesser degree the other planets within the Yamatai borders. While the galaxy was suffering the loss of billions upon billions, on Planet Nepleslia, the Tuvesh were huddled together thankful they all made it through. They were considered lucky. As most families were then, whose families had stayed together and survived.

Growing up Jackson's parents ensured that he and his siblings understood what occurred and just how fortunate they were. While they lived in the Urban Rezone of Roger Wilco, they were lucky enough to be in possibly the best area for their middle class. The family grew up close and relied on each other heavily. The various small scale wars between criminals sadly caught up to them when Jackson was thirteen, ending with the death of his father. Trevon had done what he could to defend his home but paid the price.

The following years were quite the strain for the Tuvesh family, All having to find some way to overcome the sadness and loss. Thus, When Jackson turned eighteen he entered the local police force. He had always been in shape, played sports in school and of course was a decent marksman. He wanted to step up and not only protect his area but mostly his family, whom had only grown closer.

He was successful as an Officer and worked hard to keep peace on his streets. His life went through a transformation in YE 28, the same year Nepleslia was undergoing its own transformation to Independence. Jackson had responded, and was the first on the scene to a major accident, It was a tragic scene and had its share of casualties. Among the vehicle wreckage and bodies one sound strained out to his ears, a child crying for her mother. In a frantic search he found, trapped within a car on the outskirts, a three year old girl doing her best to cover twin newborns in seats. The woman in the front was clearly dead and the scene hit a tone with him.

The worry and the connection that Jackson shared with the three oprhaned children changed his life forever as he uprooted his life and adopted the three children. His co-workers and friends called him crazy. His family however stood firm beside him. So the twenty four year old Police Officer was now a father and although he was now more tired than usual, he honestly could not have been happier.

YE 32 really shook up things within the Urban Rezone in reference to the Civil War. Jackson was in a constant state of action having to both be ready against the reds or even the criminals hoping to profit off the mayhem. Add in the now seven year old Trina and four year old Michel and Maxwell and his life was a great big ball of stress. In the end though he came out a better Officer for the experience, certainly more prepared and skilled for sure.

Family life is important to Jackson and all of his priorities changed in regards to his career. He loved his job and he was very good at it but he routinely turned down promotions so he could retain a set schedule and some form of routine and stability for his children. He rose to the rank of Sergeant and stayed there for the rest of his career. It was YE 33 when he was chosen to be the first Canine Officer in his precinct and he could not be happier. Not only did this bring a new addition to his family but it allowed him to be just a little better at his job which was a win-win to him.

It is YE 40, Jackson has been in Law Enforcement for eighteen years. He has seen the ups and downs, trained more rookies than he can remember and has three great kids. He felt like a million bucks! Life was just where he wanted it to be and then he was offered a position on a newly formed DTR team. The pinnacle of his hard work, the elite. How could he say no?



Jackson is well versed in reading, writing and speaking his native Trade as well as Yamatain. Furthermore he understands a spattering of various other languages, mostly down to being able to hold a broken conversation in case of emergencies. He is also versed in radio protocols and use.


Like any other NPF Officer he is trained in a multitude of firearms and close combat techniques with more of a focus of handguns due to his canine specialty. He was an amateur boxer in his younger years and keeps up the practice to help keep him in shape. He has experience moving and acting in ballistic armor as well as the more rugged Golem armor.

Animal Handling

Having always been a dog person Jackson was ecstatic to bring that in to his work. It was about halfway through the first eighteen years of his career that he was able to train and take on a service canine. He spent a long time learning the ins and outs of proper training and handling of the dogs of a wide variety. He has become an accomplished canine handler and trainer.


He has enhanced knowledge of first aid and is proud of it. Being a canine handler he always has to be ready to see to any victims of his partner. In the same degree he even has some basic veterinary knowledge to help in case his dog is injured.


One would not know it without getting to know him but Jackson is quite a keeper of the house. Having spent a long time as a single father has helped him in caring for his children, doing some basic cooking and keeping house. In fact, to some degree, he enjoys his house chores for no other reason than to show his children that it is important to know such skills regardless of what you do as a career.


His Eighteen plus years of service has leant Jackson a vast knowledge base when it comes to Law Enforcement. He has seen it, done it and probably forgot it well in advance of the newer rookies. This is not to say he knows every little thing because that is just too much, but he can at least reference where to get the proper information. This kind of experience has helped place him as a certified field mentor. He is able to teach new Officers, show them the ropes and give them the skills they need on the streets.


Like most Officers he has always kept himself in good shape but his new position in the DTR has pushed him to exceed his previous physicality. He is back to his “fighting” shape as he puts it with a main focus on involving his Canine in his regimen, as lifting and handling the dog is an important part of his job.

Inventory & Finance

Preferred Weapons


  • Black Trousers made from a fire retardant Nylon/Cotton polymer material.
  • Dark Grey short sleeve (Long sleeve variants available depending on climate and season) button up creased shirt made from the same material.
  • Black Leather gunbelt.
  • Black, Shined shin-high leather boots.
  • Dark Grey wool trenchcoat (Winter)
  • Black Patrol cap with the NPF badge emblazoned on the front and the officers name and rank on the back (Reccomended only in precinct house, Helmet advised while on patrol.)

Jackson Tuvesh currently has 6000 DA.

OOC Information

This article was created on 08/21/2018 by Whitehart

In the case whitehart becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NEVER

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