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Jacky is a player character played by SirSkully.

Species & Gender: Androgynous Human, Female Pronouns
Batch Code: F-22
Date of Birth: 35日 9月 YE 24
Organization: Section 6
Occupation: Recon Specialist
Rank: C1R Corporal
Current Placement: NDC Armed Forces "Duskerian Legion"

Physical Description

Jacky stands taller than most clones at a solid 6’4” with a lean and toned body that hugs her rather distinct and womanly hourglass figure, with hints of defined muscle hugging her limbs and a subtle six pack strapped to her thin abdomen only to be broken up by the generous curves of her pronounced heart-shaped rear and full, perky, E cup chest. During Operation Crimson Jungle the clone took a lot of damage, Section 6 did their best to heal the wounds though many small scars still dance across her torso, a reminder that she risked it all to save her twin brother.

Being what most would consider the twin sister of Talos and Jacklynn she too has non-standard pigmentation for a Jane clone, with jet-black hair she tries to dye snow white as the shoulder length hair is swept to the right – though the black base layer keeps managing to reveal itself no matter how hard she tries. She’s a rather beautiful woman in her early twenties, with porcelain skin, high cheekbones and a triangular jaw that only makes her dark crimson left eye stand out more while the deep blue one remains tucked behind her hair for the most part as an attempt to fit in.

Jacky can often be found wearing her Section 6 dress jacket over a charcoal hoodie and a white tank top, with a pair of form-fitting cargo pants and athletic tactical boots to match – though it wouldn’t be an unfamiliar sight to see her wearing her Revenant undersuit underneath all this.


Jacky tries her best to fit in amongst the other clones as they break their shackles, she’s not too sure what to expect from life just yet but has started to develop a few hints of an individual personality behind that outwards appearance of shyness – she’s fiercely protective of her siblings and often feels like they are the only one she can confide in due to the non-standard moulds they were cut from.


In YE24, cloning began for the Fenrir project, a initiative that sought to create mass produce-able soldiers. In this they were successful with the creation of their prototype who later became known as Jack Pine. A batch of 100 were created from him, 50 male, and 50 female. The males became known as Jacks, while the females were known as Janes. Jane bares this name just like her batch sisters, and was a slave to be used as a expendable soldier. But event were put in motion that saw the products shelved in cryogenic sleep, the data being used else where. for 16 years, Jane and her siblings slept, fated to be forgotten, but the prototype rose against the wishes of his masters. In YE39, Jack Pine founded Section 6, which he would later use to free the batch of siblings, having been unaware of their existence. He took them in, gave them a military to fight with that actually cared about them, and through it, hoped to help them break their changes. It was proven it could be done, as two before her had grown into unique individuals, later known as Sparks, and Talos. However, even with her new freedom, even after a year, Jane is only just now starting to come into her own – having dropped the batch number in favour of the name Jacky as an attempt to further fit in with her sisters who had begun being individuals, though she is still trying to figure out just what kind of person she wants to be.

Skills Learned


Nepleslian comms techniques. Familiar with most other species languages. Standard knowledge of basic military communications.

Starship operations

Basic understanding in the operation of small space craft and light vessels. Helm operation, and Astrometrics Navigation.


Basic understanding in the operation, modification, and maintenance of most vehicles: Mecha Tanks Cars Trucks


Proficient in the application of first aid and basic medical procedures.


Expert at hand-to-hand combat. Black belt in martial arts. Standard power armor operation and maintenance. Proficiency in weapon handling, maintenance, modification, and marksmanship. Jacky’s preferred weapons of choice are pistols, longer-range rifles and in particular lever actions, her skill in a hand-to-hand fight is intimidating to say the least - with Jacky making use of a very mobile fighting style involving many grapples and kicks alongside powerful strikes with her fists.


Basic understanding in: Camouflage, Hunting, Shelter construction, Signaling, and Finding water. Intermediate in land navigation – she’s shown an exceptional skill for hunting and tracking, be it man or beast.

Social Connections

Jacky is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Talos has the following:

Jacky currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

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