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Fuller, Jacob

Jacob Fuller is a player character played by Isaac Goldhammer.

Jacob Fuller
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 193.04 Centimeters
Weight: 75.2963 Kilograms
Organization: Freelancer
Occupation: Rookie Bounty Hunter
Rank: N/A
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. Bounty Hunters

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 193.04 Centimeters
  • Mass: 74.39 Kilograms or 164 lbs.
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Jacob has a slightly below average muscular build. His skin is white, but is slightly closer to a tanned tone.

Eyes and Facial Features: Jacob's has light blue eyes and a light amount of eyelashes. He does not have any facial hair besides his narrow eyelashes.

Ears: Jacob's ears are very round and short.

Hair Color and Style: Jacob has bleach blonde hair that is very far grown out, covering much of his eyes.

Distinguishing Features: On Jacob's left ear, there is a chunk of flesh missing that is pointing away from his face. This was a result of when he was 7 years old and had grasped the handle of a very sharp knife. The knife had sliced his ear as he pulled the knife out of it's sheathe in a very swift jerking movement.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Jacob is a very outgoing person and enjoys the company of others. Every now and again, Jacob retreats into solitude in order to refocus. He had a close relationship with his mother, but she had died while he was at the age of 17 due to natural causes. His father, whom he despises, has neglected him most of his life. He bottles up his anger towards his father, but on rare occasions he may be seen yelling for no apparent reason. He holds his friends close to him, as they are all that is keeping him from giving up. Jacob is seen as being more of the intellectual and comedical type, as he knows how to hack and pilot aircraft.

  • Likes: Comedy, The sky, Space, Calmness, Music, and Technology.
  • Dislikes: Alcohol, Cars, Confined spaces, Loud noises, Pets, and tobacco.
  • Goals: To finally have a name for himself, through hard work and determination that comes with a pay so that he can become wealthy and prosperous.


Family (or Creators)

His mother, Larissa Fuller (Now passed). And his father, Jacob Fuller, for whom he was named after.


Jacob was born into a family as an only child of a family of average wealth. He was named after his father and spent his infant years just as other children, although he had seemed to be progressing faster than others. Growing up, Jacob was a very intelligent young man. His peers looked up to him and his family was very proud of him. He was thought to become a very successful man later in life, as he had shown that he was quite well capable of being a well-mannered child. At the age of 8, his interest of aircraft had become apparent. Every night, while his parents lay asleep, he sneaked about outside towards the shuttle and examined it. Over time, his gathered knowledge helped him to identify similar objects on other types of ships.

His father had neglected him just about all of his life. The only time they spent together was at shooting ranges to practice their aim, but they rarely ever conversed. He had much anger for his father, but never expressed it openly. Jacob always tried to spread around a cheerful mood by replying with witty comments or by doing something entertaining.

At age 14, Jacob had enrolled in a private teaching program to teach him about computers and other software, and how they work. This was necessary for him to be able to pilot certain spacecraft. Jacob had also learned some techniques on how to hack and hijack simple machines, as his tutor was not necessarily sane-minded. With his current knowledge of hacking, he was able to develop more sophisticated hacks and was able to hijack more complicated vehicles.

At the age of 16, Jacob had begun to attend a flight school in order to fully understand how to pilot a ship. He learned all the basics and most of the advanced level skills, but then tragedy struck. His mother had died abruptly the day after he turned 17 due to natural causes. His father, inheriting the family's money, gave nothing to Jacob and refused to continue paying his school bills. Shortly afterwards, Jacob was forced to drop out.

With the small amount of money he had left, Jacob became a freelancer as he could not afford to do much else and was in desperate need of quick money. He would commit any crime for the right price, as long as it was not demoralizing. He vowed revenge upon his father, as he had ruined his life and sent him on a spiraling path down towards depression and chaos.

His partnership: Helric Johnson and Jacob Fuller had hardly knew each other, although they had attended the same school and were neighbors. Jacob, being seen as a nerd, was constantly being bullied. The rare encounters that they had were when Helric would help him get rid of his aggressors through intimidation, as Helric did not like to see Jacob being bullied. Helric’s tough exterior and the look in his eyes always scared them off. Jacob had helped Helric in school as well by assisting him with his studies. They became very good friends, as they were always seen hanging out. Both of them were unable to get the original professions that they had desired. Instead, they chose to become bounty hunters in order to make cash. Through the years, their relationship became stronger and stronger. They were an inseparable pair whose friendship knows no bounds.


Aerial Vehicular Operation

Since he was 8 years old, Jacob has always been interested in studying Ships. In particular, he had studied his parent's shuttle. He took notes on all of it's aspects starting from as minuscule as the lights to as massive as it's outer hull. On one occasion, he even stole it and went on a practice run. This ended with some minor damage to the shuttle, but his parents did not suspect anything of him, but blamed the local neighborhood teens. At age 16, Jacob attended a flight school in order to harness his skills, but he could not keep focus. Before dropping out of flight school, he learned a few invaluable skills involving piloting ships and other aircraft.


In combat situations, Jacob had always preferred a medium to close range gun. If he did not have a gun on him, he would resort to blades and knives. The one activity that he had participated and shared with his father was shooting at targets. He had practiced using many styles of guns, but nothing suited Jacob better than an automatic rifle. While nobody was around, he had practiced using blade weapons. This includes knives and swords. THe first time he ever handled a knife, he sliced his own ear.


Jacob was left behind on a camping trip before for an entire week and he struggled to survive. Throughout his experiences, he learned how to effectively hide, hunt, stalk, have a sense of direction, and how to make a quick and stable shelter.

Communications: Nepleslian

Jacob fluently speaks Nepleslian, and can effectively communicate in all forms of communication. He can also use all forms of communication devices including phones and radios.


Sneaking around at night taught Jacob how to be stealthy and aware at all times. At some points, he even had to steal from his own parents in order to view the inside of the shuttle.


Jacob exercises frequently, but not for very long periods of time. He is strong enough to fight back in hand to hand combat, but it not very effective at it. He is an excellent runner and can outrun most others.

Technician: Hacking and Hijacking

Through his tutor at the age of 14, Jacob had learned how to hack and hijack devices and ships. At first, he thought he would never need to use those skills, but now he is not so sure.


Jacob Fuller has the following items:

Combat Gear

  1. Breaker Automatic Burst Rifle with 1.5-3×35 Variable Zoom Telescopic Sight, Carry case and Full Suppression kit. This includes 5 magazines and a box of 320 ammo.
  2. A Retractable Durandium Shortsword with molecular knit.

Personal Gear

  1. Computer Tool.
  2. 10x Mega-Tube liquid bandages.
  3. Solanii “IroCom” Personal Computer with memory card and main device.
  4. Personal Clothing.
  5. A Black backpack.


Jacob Fuller is currently a N/A in the Freelancer.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
1870 DA 4130 Weapons, Armor, Clothing, Misc.

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