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Jaisa “Free” Vylea Gerristo

Disclaimer: a non-canon character so far! Still needs working on obviously. Also, pretty damn abusive, adult, messed up history, so readers discretion is adviced!

Jaisa “Free” Vylea Gerristo
Species: Helashio
Gender: Female
Age: 6
Apparent Age: 29
Family (or Creators): Rikon “ColdHeart” Lonfalls Fyunnen
Height: 5'8” (173cm)
Weight: 120lbs (54kg)
Masurements: 42-34-38

Jaisa “Free” Vylea Gerristo In Roleplay

Jaisa “Free” Vylea Gerristo is a Player Character played by Soda.

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Color: She has been underfed most of her existence, and it shows through her thin build and bony structure; though she is slowly improving, one could still count her ribs without much effort. Her skin is a near perfect marble white, surprisingly healthy now that she's able to take care of herself.

Facial Features and Eye Color: The overall shape of her face is round, though it is bony like the rest of her body. A wide, jagged scar runs from her right ear to her cheek, and another one crosses diagonally over her mouth and soft, pinkish lips. Her eyebrows are a very dark tint of red, leaning almost to black, with her left eyebrow missing a bit of hair where a small scar runs across it, almost completely vertical. Each eye is a different colour: the left is a light shade of blue and the right a hazel leaning brown.

Hair Color and Style: Her hair is a deep, dark red colour, bordering on the color of fresh blood. She has straight cut bangs in front, with long strands that go down to her shoulders and start to curl towards the tips.

Ears: Slightly pointy and larger then the average Nepleslian ears but not covered with fur. Both have cuts and splits in them that never fully closed up and reconnected.

Tail: Her distinct, 4'2” (127cm) long, prehensile tail, with a short, shiny fur, as red as her head hair, makes her an obvious Helashio.

Distinguishing Features: The many scars, long or short, thin and clean, or wide and jagged, that are found scattered over her body shows the a violent past as a slave to more then simple, harmless sadism. She still wears the pitch black, leather-like, buckle-less collar that's partly integrated into her nervous system, though it serves little purpose as most functions but the back-up chip are disabled.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Shy, dependant and with a very swaying mood, this Helashio girl is scarred and damaged by her past, specifically her 'training', which really only involved linking deadly pain to pleasure and increasing her pain threshold. She's damaged, and because of it, very introverted to the majority of others. She easily bends to other people's wills out of fear for what happened to her, usually doing her task to the best of her ability.

However, when pressure on her becomes too high, she snaps completely, either having a violent and dangerous spell, or turning completely mute and avoiding any social contact for days. She often only finds peace with those she really trusts… but trusting anyone is hard for her, as she is scared they might betray and hurt her. With her trained addiction to pain, she often finds herself deserted by the people who find out about her darker desires.

Otherwise, she's a creative and lovable person. She likes painting, it's just a shame that her inspiration is kind of grim. If she actually gets close with someone, they can rely on her 100% to be there for them, a true friend for life.

Likes: Openly: Warmth, Warming teas, Chocolate, Small and cosy spaces, Privacy, Books, Painting, Calm music. Privately: Submission, Pain (into the extremes), Sedatives Dislikes: Anger, Betrayal, Silence, Screams, Being called a freak, Being stared at (her scars) Goals: Enjoying her life as a self freed slave, hopefully overcoming her traumatic past and finding someone to share her feelings with.


Creator: Rikon “ColdHeart” Lonfalls Fyunnen


Jaisa's history began years before her existence. It began with the history of Rikon.

A Lorath man who had lost his pride and dignity, he was kept under tight control by his wife, blackmailed to buy her everything she wanted with his hard earned money and even being sexually abused by her. His wife's name… Jaisa Lonfalls Fyunnen.

In their married years, Rikon lost more and more of his pride until all that was left was an empty husk, filled with self loathing and an urge for revenge, wanting to pay his wife back for years of personal torment. Rikon's wife died a horrible death, fallen prey to an incurable disease at still relatively young age.

After she passed away Rikon had commissioned that a clone would be made to resemble her appearance, but in as a lower life form, as a Helashio.


At this point Jaisa Vylea Gerristo was created, with her appearance based on Jaisa Lonfalls Fyunnen, with some basic knowledge, like language, speech and other skills built in. It was assumed by society to be a substitute for Rikon's loss, and was frowned upon, but accepted, but what the world did not know, is that it was more than a substitute, the clone was his method of revenge.

In the three years that followed, what should have been training to make Jaisa a good, helpful, working slave, turned out to be weekly torture sessions, beginning with name calling, shouting and slapping, all accompanied by positive emotions, stimulated by the slave collar around Jaisa's neck. And every day, Rikon had her thoughts wiped, to avoid her on planning to turn against him, to avoid her remembering that each day would either bring sole captivity in the room she was locked in, or the horror he'd bring in her life, leaving her naïve and unsuspecting every time she every morning that she woke from bed. Over time, the abuse and torture worsened, while Jaisa's body slowly adapted to seeing the increasing humiliation and pain as part of being appreciated and loved by her owner, eventually even becoming pleasure itself due to the stimulated emotions.

There were days when she'd been beaten up, had things thrown at her, been pushed down stairs, sexually abused and more, all for the sake of relieving Rikon's hatred of his wife and himself. Yet Jaisa had never harmed a fly; she was based on the appearance of Rikon's wife, but bore no memories of her, and did not understand why Rikon did this to her. Maybe it was her duty, maybe she had done something terrible to him, maybe this was the way life was?

In the last year of her captivity under him the torture reached unforeseen heights as he got closer and closer to his goal. Jaosa didn't have the faintest idea, she remembered nothing, every day waking up only knowing that pain and torture felt strangely pleasant. The collar nearly wasn't needed any more for it… her body had made the connection itself by now. Rikon was starting to use more dangerous objects such as clubs, tools, iron bars, and even knives, be they sharp, serrated, or terribly blunt. As he sent Jaisa through a hell of pain, Rikon started to take extra pleasure in recording every event.

She spent weeks recovering from the surface wounds, but with no professional care, they formed large and unsightly scars, only to suffer from more torture when she had indeed recovered enough. The cycle went on, the torturing becoming more and more grim as Rikon was slowly working to a climax of killing Jaisa, killing 'his wife'.

However on a fateful day, a small miracle occurred in the form of a slight malfunction in the slave collar. The daily scheduled mind wipe had ceased to work, and Rikon had become so reliant on it working perfectly he had paid no attention to the collar's operating status. Jaisa remembered the immense torture on her way to the new sessions, and she became aware of what had happened to her, what all the scars on her body meant and realised what this was heading towards. She had to take action before it was too late.

Rikon had often waved his pistol in her face, threatening her with it, but he did not take much care to hide it's storing place from her. On the day that Rikon had planned to end her, she managed to find her way to the drawer of the living room cabinet before he could. She had already made her decision, not hesitating for a moment as she emptied the silenced gun's magazine on Rikon.

After having killed him… she sat down with her back against the wall… the gun still hot and smoking… just sitting there for almost a day, before even looking up again. She began to inspect the body, finding access methods to the collar, disabling the majority of it's functions. She went to check out the house she was in, finding the recorded videos of her torture. Eventually she called for help.

A swift court trail ruled Jaisa clear of any guilt and gave her a large part of Rikon's wealth as compensation, but also had her admitted to therapy, where she recovered slowly. Even though she remembered little very clearly, her personality and thoughts had become twisted and the last torture sessions with Rikon, the ones she did remember, were traumatic and permanently imprinted in her mind.

Therapy helped her become more stable, and after another year or so she was released, free to follow education and try to live a life. She quickly joined an education centre, as she hadn't the faintest idea what to do with her life now. She had no real dreams to aspire to, so she just started learning all she could, to fill her head with new things and keep herself from reliving her past in her mind. More often then not she had trouble socializing with people. Inexperienced in life, and damaged as she was, she was never able to find common ground, other then perhaps the same educational homework.

Art class was a big relief for her though. She had finally found a hobby that suited her, as well as a harmless way of expressing and dealing with her thoughts and emotions. The teacher was delighted by this 'dramatic and inspired work', but fellow students feared her. The teacher eventually became one of her few friends, and perhaps her only close friend. During education she went through several fall backs, reliving the traumatic moments after being subdued by too much stress. She often fled from people, hiding in a 'safe' corner somewhere small, stammering quietly as her eyes stared into the distance, a haunted look in them. Once, however, things turned the other way and after being bullied by fellow students, she became extremely violent, throwing books around, kicking down tables and breaking some guy's nose.

More therapy ensued after that, but she was quickly released again with no valid reason to keep her, returning to education where now everyone silently avoided her… and she seemed quite fine with it. After finishing her basic education, she decided to leave Lor and head off with the money she had been given as a result of the trial. She would seek a new place where she could perhaps begin her new life for real. Having to part with the art teacher was hard, but necessary and he would remain in her heart as a true friend.

She now hopes to find a new place to start, with more people who dare to interact with her, making more friends and learning more about art in all it's forms, be it paintings, books, film, music, theatre or dance.

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