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Jannafette is a player character played by Littlewasp.

Species: Qua'Jurein pest (former human)
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years (bodyloss at 16)
Length: 3 feet
Weight: 40 pounds
Organization: Self-employed
Occupation: Entertainer, amateur musician

Physical Characteristics

  • Length: 3 feet
  • Mass: 40 pounds

Eyes and Facial Features: Black compound eyes

Ears: N/A (Antennae function as ears)

Distinguishing Features: Non-humanoid body type.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Having lost her former human body in the process of being transplanted into what equates to a giant, space cockroach, Jannafette's self-esteem is at an all time low. Being a loyal, affectionate person, she takes rejection poorly and abuse even harder, and her current location gives her both in excess.

  • Likes: Physical affection (hugging, petting, etc), fruit juice and other sugary fluids.
  • Dislikes: Wild pests, being called a 'bug'.
  • Goals: Escape the eye of Sepalla.


Family (or Creators)

Two parents, presumed dead.


A former citizen of Nepleslia, Jannafette was born into an impoverished community rife with crime. Suckered into a number of debts they could never pay off, Janna's family was inevitably taken into slavery and seperated from one another. The young girl was sold to the government of Qua'Jurein: A lawless, mobile planetoid run by malicious, cephalopod-like creatures. After a few months of experimentation, her mind was transplanted into the body of a Qua'Jurein pest; cat-sized insects that infest areas of the planetoid. A thought-translating voice collar was wired into her skull along with a tracking microchip and kill-switch, and she was released into the slums of the Xylem Sprawl to try and make a living for herself in her current state. Currently, Jannafette has formed an uneasy partnership with an eccentric inventor. The two make money off of Jannafette by building extravagant, woodwind-esque instruments for Janna to play using each of her breathing spiracles.



A year of being half-freak show, half-musician has given Jannafette a set of simplistic, self-learned skills in improvisation and music. While far from being a professional, Janna still manages to draw a crowd, if only for her unusual body.

Survival and Military

Being a civilian, and a prisoner on top of that, Janna has no military training. However, her years spent wandering the Xylem Sprawl have given her an intimate knowledge of the many mazes of maintenance corridors, crawl-spaces and pipe networks. She knows what places are patrolled by aging security drones, where local gangs have set up shop, and where to find water supplies. She has previously used this knowledge to perform odd jobs like revealing the locations of wells and pest-hives to others.


Jannafette has the following items:


Jannafette is currently Self-employed.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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