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Jirou "Decker" Harridan

Decker is a non-player character played by Moogle.

This character may not be adopted.
Jirou β€œDecker” Harridan
Species: Augmented Nepleslian Cyborg
Gender: Male
Age: YE 10
Height: 5' 8β€œ
Weight: 280lbs
Organization: Galactic Armament Organization
Occupation: Faction leader
Rank: Grand Admiral
Power - Kanye West Rising
Kamen Rider Decade - Henshin+Form Change A challenge is issued!
On the Loose - Saga A one sided fight
Boost up! Beet Buster! Who said you had a chance?

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5' 8”
  • Mass: 280lbs (Mostly cybernetics)

Build and Skin Color: Was once pretty well-shaped in build, very middling (Not bulky, not lithe) but has since lost all limbs in favour of cybernetics he can swap out. His skin is pale. His cybernetics are very top-of-the-line, with capabilities based on what society he's in, but for the most part look like metal versions of human limbs.

Eyes and Facial Features: almond-shaped, brandy-brown eyes.

Ears: Rounded Nepleslian ears.

Hair Color and Style: Jet black hair, done up in a variety of trendy styles, mostly for his acting career.

Distinguishing Features: He dresses very well. And his hair is fabulous. And he's got nice looking robolimbs. He's very, very pretty.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: His public face is very kind, even demure. Just an all around pleasant person to be around. Never drinks too much, eats slowly, and always minds his P's and Q's. His GAO face isn't necessarily opposite, but it's definitely different. He's cold and calculating, but he still makes jokes. He's cunning, but plays like he doesn't know quite as much as he lets on. Has a penchant for wordplay.

  • Likes: Dancing, Acting, Executions
  • Dislikes: Disappointment, losing every limb on his body.
  • Goals: The reestablishment of the UOC, maybe the downfall of the Ketsuruis (It's a pipe dream of course.)



What Who Where
FatherBraddock HarridanDeceased, Mishu
MotherAyami HarridanDeceased, Mishu
  • Parents were civilians
  • Parents killed by SMX when he was 17
  • Joined with the SAOY (out of duty, than revenge) in YE29, but managed to avoid getting involved in the SMX war due to convenient base placement
  • Left the SAOY for the UOC in YE30 after losing all his limbs at the freespacer genocide
  • YE 31 enlisted in peacekeepers, fights NMX Towards the beginning of the next year, he got his own ship, an Ayana-Class Escort
  • UOC fell in 34, Decker aiding in evacuation efforts, rescued Synthesis.
  • Desperate Decker turned to piracy, in uncoordinated anger. Breaker snaps him out of it and he sets a plan together.
  • He gets a job with Shinka Studios to work on Magical Girl Aeternalis as the Quintess in YE 35
  • By YE 36 he had acquired a sizeable company of soldiers, mostly jaded veterans who served with him.
  • YE 37 - plans to secure more weaponry and more ships
  • YE 38 - kidnapped Luca pavone, killed in the ensuing chaos before/during the Lorath exodus



Decker is very aware of how media influences folks and has dedicated much time to perfecting presentation and anticipation techniques surrounding media.


Decker is a very gifted dancer, and puts that to good use. He has a natural predilection towards not getting hit by bullets when out of powered armor, and is generally good at his timing. Timing, of course, is indeed everything.


Arguably, Decker is better at fighting in close combat than he is at anything other form. Especially when factoring his situational cybernetic limbs into the equation. He's been trained in two militaries and picked up skills from his international compatriots.


Decker is well versed in Powered Armor and gunplay, and trains on a regular basis to stay sharp in these skills. His long military history aids this with training.


Decker is an effective rancoteur and can rally others to his cause fairly well.


Decker is very knowledgeable on a variety of military and media related subjects, and a bunch of other tangenitally related odds and ends. He's very familiar with his own ship, the Ayana class, and knows all of its secrets inside and out.


Through maintaining himself and being taught by his Freespacer companion, Decker is very skilled at the art of repair and maintenance.


Jaqk is currently a pirate in space.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
45,504 KS Funding from total time in the military

References β€œLet's make it showy!” (ζ΄Ύζ‰‹γ«θ‘Œγγœγ£οΌ Hade ni ikuze!)

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