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Jason Argo

Jason Argo is a player character played by Perilous Siege.

Jason Argo
Species & Gender: Nepleslian/Cyborg Male
Year of Birth: YE 38 [Visibly late teens]
Organization: Independent, formerly Psychopomp PMC SSI
Occupation: Pilot
Current Placement: Planet Osman

Physical Description

Jason doesn't exactly resemble the image most people in the Greater Kikyo Cluster would conjure when told someone was a supersoldier. He fails to resemble the feminine bodies with feline features that people have come to associate with the Nekovalkyrja. Nor does he have the gigantic, hypermasculine forms given to their predecessors, the ID-SOL. More than anything. Jason's artificial form is made to closely resemble the subject his genetic material was taken from, Alex.

The pilot only comes to the same short stature of his twin, five feet and five inches, which belies the superhuman characteristics that heavy cybernetic augmentation has granted him. The toned, athletic build they possess might help to correct this initial misconception, all though it's artificiality might speak more to his creator's vanity than any practical reason. The young man is ethnically Nordic like many human descendants of the initial exodus to local space after his species near mythical revolt against an empire that enslaved them long before the modern era and bears a lot of the features stereotypically associated with them aside from his height. From skin as white as a sheet, to blue eyes the color of the skies of most habitable planets, to the medium length dirty blonde hair atop his head.

Meanwhile, apart from being clean-shaved the young man's face isn't particularly evocative of the teenagers that he was created to blend in with when he was integrated with the rest of the SSI. A cutting jawline with a round chin, a tiny nose, and a rounded chin all complete his resemblance to Alex, however. Similarly, at the base of his neck is a node that works much like Nepleslian Mindware all though modified with the intention of allowing 'handlers' to better direct them.


Personality: To say that Jason's unusual upbringing has resulted in him adopting a set of values that are largely at odds with those of contemporary society might be a bit of an understatement. He is quite aware he was 'born' not out of some desire for another familial bond or as an aspect of random chance like most people, but as a commodity. In his experience, his value to people is only measured in his utility to them, as a pilot, as a soldier, and whatever alternative skill set he can scrounge together. Rather then detest this fact and mope about it, the young man embraces it wholeheartedly, applying it to the rest of the world in turn.

In Jason's eyes, there are two kinds of people, regardless of your circumstances. You're either a screw-up whose atoms can be put to better use than continuing your existence who should be happy with whatever treatment the people with power over you deign to give you, or your someone who Gets Shit Done, meaning your deserving of respect if not kindness. Aspects of a person such as how they approach life or their moral character rarely if ever getting involved in the equation. That being said, his meritocratic outlook is often heavily biased towards people who are of use to him or some broader organization he's a part of, and he often fails to take into account the random events that impact a person's life through no fault of their own as mitigating factors unless he's favorably predisposed to a person.

This can lead to him coming off fairly misanthropic person, albeit one driven to make others see his existence as valuable. His brutal upbringing has, in turn made him fairly comfortable with abuses of power and treating others with mocking contempt, he nonetheless is deeply concerned with his superiors and those he deems his peers viewing him favorably. Not only does this motivate him to hone his craft as much as he can, but it can also make him fairly easily pressured to adopting behavior or stances on issues they would approve of, at least when their around.

Speaking of superiors, there's a certain irony in Jason outlook towards the people who command him. He's been heavily conditioned to ensure loyalty, to the point of installing back doors to his mindware and trigger phrases, but the truth is such things are largely unnecessary in his case. Much like the usual kind of person who would buy him, Jason has few moral qualms that might make him relent from carrying out controversial orders. An entire existence lived under the direct control of the SSI has largely normalized his lack of freedom. Buying his genuine loyalty is as easy as bringing him out of the squalor and prison-like conditions he's been used to for his entire life.


Jason isn't a man with a particularly, long or complex background. It's somewhat hard to when you've only lived a fraction of the time most others who've achieved his physical and mental age have. They came into being several months ago with the sole purpose of being used as a soldier at others behest. This is, unfortunately, not all that uncommon in an era filled with wars and skirmishes where the great powers had long learned how to replace their need for the natural populace to fight with an artificial one more suited to the task. One with no ties to the people who might mourn their death or anywhere else to go after being created.

Unfortunately, instead of being created by some military that at least pretended to care about the well-being of its' soldiers and about efficiency, Jason was the created by madmen as part of some haphazard project called the SSI. Perhaps the people running it had grown out of their penchant of kidnapping random kids to indoctrinate, train, and then augmenting them in order to produce a “better class of soldier” when Neko's and ID-SOls have functioned perfectly for decades with a fraction of the time investment. In the year YE 38 he found himself among a number of clones of one of the top performing subjects, Alex. A product of heavy genetic and cybernetic enhancement, Jason found himself thrust into the same life as the natural born subjects of the SSI project and exposed to the same brutal treatment as them. Forced to spend most of his time learning how to fight and pilot a frame, he routinely expected harsh physical discipline if he acted out and lived in squalid shared living conditions with no privacy on an asteroid in the middle of nowhere. Shunned by most of the original subjects due to his attitude and status as an outsider while butting heads with Alex before the original's departure, Jason nonetheless founding himself excelling in the environment as he quickly found himself catching up to his peers in training with the promise that top marks would earn him a promising contract and a spot in one of the most advanced frames the company had accessed too.

Then, the OSO made his dreams a reality.

Skills Learned

Communication: Jason is fluent in Trade, as well as familiar with operation of Radio, Laser, and Hyperspace Comm systems. Meanwhile he's been giving training in how to interpret military hand signals, flashing lights, morse code, and even basic cryptography skills

Physical: Jason, much like the rest of SSI has been through a grueling physical regimen that pushed their bodies to the limit. They possess stamina on par with a infantryman before the advent of power armor, razor sharp reflexes, an incredible ability to ignore pain compared to the average person, and thanks cybernetic augmentations possesses a superhuman speed and strength.

Fighting: On top of his piloting training, Jason has also been given an education in infantry combat. On top of being taught self-defense training he's heavily familiar with various knives, (as well as swords and spears due to their use by frames) pistols, rifles, grenades, and rocket launcher. In a pinch he can also make use of power armor.

Vehicle: The largest part of his training, Jason is an exceptionally talented frame pilot, along with being able to drive wheeled and gravimetric propelled vehicles.

Engineering: They've been ingrained with near encyclopedic of most modern military vehicles via mindware, from power armor to starships, and are often capable of recognizing weak points, their practical limits for performance, and the modifications done to a standard design.

Maintenance and Repair: This has all granted him knowledge pertaining to the upkeep of these tools, particularly his own frame.

Starship Operation: Aside from being able to navigate and do the basic duties of a crewman on a starship, time spent in active instruction, passive instruction, and VR learning how to pilot a Ki-V1 "Hoplite" Variable-Configuration Fighter also has given him experience with fightercraft.

Inventory & Finance


Aside from the mindware implanted to given him inbuilt communications, higher learning capacity, better handling of machines even at a distance, and making it easier to control him he's also been inplanted with similar physical enhancements to strength and speed.

Two cybernetic fingers on his left hand

Homeostatic Nanocore

"Owned Craft":

Along with Jason, Psychopomp has sold the OSO a cutting edge frame for him to pilot. A M5 Knight colored white with gold trim, it's been significantly customized. The shoulder hardpoints holds a pair of LANCEwings modified to hold eight Kirin Feathers instead. Both it's hip and calve hardpoints have been affixed with a total of four mini missile pods usually carrying self-guided antimatter munitions. Occasionally, he'll supplement the dual 50mm Gauss Cannons within both forearms with a OI-M3-W3304 Light Pulsed Plasma Cannon, all though Jason usually prefers using the kinetic handheld weapons in his arsenal, such as the OI-M3-W3303 75mm Pump-Action Gauss Cannon. The OI-M1-W3106 Plasma Pistol/Saber makes for a great close combat weapon. Finally, it's internal computers have been augmented with the Energy Management System and the delimiter programs.


From the same company as the M5, their's also throwing in an armored pilot suit as a good mix between a flight suit, a space suit, and personal armor.

"Moondyne's Graft" Hackable Voidwalker suit.

Moondyne Loadout One:

Helmet: Hypnoji Suppression Faceplate.
Upper Dustcloth: Upper Dorsal:
SynAras Bleeding Rover
Polymer Insert: Type 5 'Luxe
Lower Dustcloth: Lower Dorsal:
SynAras Leadline Commando
Exo Plating: Exo Material:
Heavy Durandium
Left Arm: Torso: Right Arm:
“Slabber” Inserts “Slabber” Inserts “Slabber” Inserts
Left Leg: Waist: Right Leg:
“Slabber” Inserts Rebar Biter “Slabber” Inserts
Boots: Standard

Moondyne Loadout Two:

Helmet: Hypnoji Suppression Faceplate.
Upper Dustcloth: Upper Dorsal:
Thermoptic Bleeding Rover
Polymer Insert: Type 5 'Luxe
Lower Dustcloth: Lower Dorsal:
Thermoptic Leadline Commando
Exo Plating: Exo Material:
None None
Left Arm: Torso: Right Arm:
Tumbler Tickler Gravving Rainbows Tumbler Tickler
Left Leg: Waist: Right Leg:
Hull Tamp Rebar Biter Hull Tamp
Boots: Standard

Jason's dustcloth is fashioned to resemble the clothing of his adopted homeland more than the fashions of the wider Kikyo Sector..

In the case perilous_siege becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
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