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Jeeves is a NPC for the YSS Sakishima.

Species: MEGAMI
Gender: Female, Identifies Male
Age: 1
Height: 5ft2
Weight: 128lbs
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: MEGAMI
Rank: AI
Current Placement: YSS Sakishima

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5ft2
  • Weight: 128lbs
  • Measurements: 36D-22-35

Build and Skin Color: Jeeves is curvy, attractive and has fair pinkish skin.

Eyes and Facial Features: Jeeves has medium blue eyes. Her face is roundish and Nordic with a strong nose and cheeks.

Ears: Jeeves has pointy Elf like ears with no fur or hair on them.

Hair Color and Style: She has bright platinum blond hair that is long and well groomed. She keeps her hair in a neat braid or ponytail at all times.

Distinguishing Features: Styles her cloths and voice to match her male persona.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Jeeves is very proper, very controlled and exact. She speaks with a prim accent and also has modulated her voice to be as of that of a male butler. She also prefers to appear in the attire of a butler, thinking it appropriate to her place on the ship.


Family (or Creators)

Star Army


Jeeves was brought online along with her ship, the YSS Sakishima as her MEGAMI and has operated with the ship both of their entire short lifespans. Jeeves has a deep attachment for her crew and does everything she can to take care of them and protect them.


As time has gone on, with the insistence of the Captain, Katai Yoshi, Jeeves has been spending time exploring the world outside the Sakishima when the ship in in port. She will transfer herself to an artificial body and explore Leo Star Fortress and experience what it is like to be more than just a computer AI.

OOC Discussion

Jeeves is the YSS Sakishima's NPC MEGAMI

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