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Jenn Riggs

Jenn Riggs is a player character played by Noodles.

Jenn Riggs
Full Name Jenn Riggs
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Female
Year of Birth: YE -11
Organization: Azaela Company
Occupation: Physician
Rank: Knight Hospitaller
Current Placement: Knights of Asteria

Preferred Plots

  1. Knights of Asteria

Physical Description

Jenn stands at a fairly tall 6' (182.88) and weighs a healthy 160 lbs (72.6 Kg). She sports a toned pear-shaped body with a Larger (33D) bust! She moves about with a relaxed, but confident posture, all her movements deliberate and well-practiced. Her skin is lightly tanned, as if she spends a large amount of time outside. She has blue, deep-set eyes and a small, rounded nose set precisely where they belong, right above a set of small, but full lips. Her lips are almost always curled up in a calm, steady smile.

Her face shows faint signs of aging, however, she maintains an overall very fit appearance.

Her arms and legs are visibly muscular, but lean, as if she puts effort in maintaining her physical appearance, or is physically active for other, more practical reasons.

She smells faintly of the outdoors- the scent of freshly cut plants and flowers linger on her person.

Her voice is soprano and quite soft, rarely raising just above a whisper.


Jenn is a very thoughtful and knowledgeable woman, yet very laid back. She's never in a rush to do most things in life, just steady along the stream of life. She has a lot of experience under her belt, but is never one to wave that sort of thing in anyone's face, however she is quick to give advice where needed. She's quite good with people in general and is quite accommodating towards others. She has opinions like anyone else, and is willing to voice them, but never to force them onto anyone else, as she is a strong believer in freedom of expression.


Jenn Riggs was born in YE -11 in the city of Funky City, Nepleslia

Jenn's younger years were filled with mistakes fueled by youthful passion, drugs and alcohol reigned supreme in her break-neck paced teenage years. Regretfully there's a lot she doesn't remember from those times. The memories that stick out were the times she spent playing music, and sex- so much sex, so many faces she knew only for a night that she -now- cannot put names to. Not that it mattered at the time. She only wanted to see all the 'fun' things life had to offer someone so full of energy as she had been. She rarely had a job, and spent most of her time bouncing from place to place, hitching rides from those who had been 'lucky' enough to hop into bed with her.

Of course, eventually, this came to an end when she wound up pregnant. The shocking realization that she was now no longer responsible for only herself was a harsh, but well needed wake up call. She calmed down considerably and began to put genuine interest in others. With a calmer look on life, and another life to look after, Jenn looked into the medical field.

She was lucky enough to have a few connections that cared enough to set her on the path she wanted, without having to go join a band of mercenaries, or the military. A lucky break for someone that detested violence.

From there life was fairly straightforward. She invested all her time in her daughter and her studies, with none to spare towards such trivial things as partying. She didn't want her daughter to grow up as she had, and adopted a far more 'hippy' lifestyle. Of course, kids will be kids- no matter how many degrees you have, and she was left alone- her daughter off to join the IPG, despite her own reservations.

Time goes by, her daughter visits- and pregnant too!- and then up and disappears. Only for Jenn to get up and 'kidnapped' by the mother of one of said daughter's crewmates.

She found herself whisked away, off to Asteria- a place new to even someone so well traveled, with plenty of oppurtunity to find trouble.

Skills Learned

Jen Riggs has the following notable skills:


Jenn has several medical degrees and is a licensed MD who specializes in Psychology- though she is knowledgeable enough to diagnose and treat basic physical ailments as well. To top her knowledge off, she also has many years of practical experience putting this knowledge into practice.


Though this skill set came about as a hobby, Jenn has a certain way with plants, a 'green thumb' even, and is incredibly knowledgeable about hundreds of flora both local and 'alien'.


Despite disliking violence Jenn realized that knowing how to protect oneself is an important skill to have, and as such spent time learning how to fight. She's skilled in Gendaijutsu and with her athletic ability is more than capable of protecting herself from most non-military threats. She also knows how to handle a weapon to a basic, practical level. She is not, however, a soldier in any sense of the word.


Jenn spent most of her younger years playing instruments of all types; Woodwinds, Stringed Instruments, Chances are if it makes music, she can play it- or, given some time, can learn how to play it. To put it simply, she's an incredibly talented musician.


By nature, Jenn is a very empathetic person and finds it easy to connect and communicate with most people. This makes her quite diplomatic, and calm even in stressful situations with other people. She never loses her cool, and can quickly make assessments about most people to a fairly accurate degree.

Social Connections

Jenn Riggs is connected to:

Ava Riggs- Daughter

Daran Ist'Laderen- Son-in-law

Xoha Riggs- Granddaughter

Inventory & Finance


OOC Information

In the case notred becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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