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Jessica Smyth

Jessica Smyth
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: NH-29H Nekovalkyrja Height: 1.60m (5'3โ€œ)
Gender: Female Weight: 113 lbs
Age: 27 Measurements: 33-30-35
Employer: Star Army of Yamatai Bra Size: B
Occupation: Star Army Pilot Eyes: Blue
Rank: Chui Hair: Bleach Blonde
Current Assignment: YSS Senbu

Jessica is played by raz

Physical Characteristics

Jessica has a small, fit build, being averagely-proportioned for her size. She has supple, healthy looking white skin that is prone to minor tanning when exposed to the sun for long periods of time. The pilot has high, full cheeks and a graceful celestial nose. Her well-defined jawline elegantly rises from a soft chin just below her full, slightly-puckered lips. She has cold blue eyes and high, arching eyebrows hang above them. Jessica has wavy bleached blonde hair worn in a short, neck-length bob that she sweeps to one side or another. Often, she wears a headband that accents her bangs and keeps her hair off of her ears. Her distinctly human ears and gorgeous physical appearance are the only distinguishing features that Jessica possesses.


Jessica is an independent, free-spirited, fun loving girl who is very serious about flying starfighters. She rocks hard, works harder, and then rocks some more after she's done with her duty. Somewhat contradictory to her occupation, the pilot hates war and the oppressive use of the military, but that's over her head anyway, so why not get that rush from high-speed combat while she's young and alive? She likes rock and roll, being great at what she does, showing compassion for others, partying hard, and relaxing but hates oppression, buzkills, tightwads, and abuse of power. Her only goal right now is to do her best as a starfighter pilot and survive her enlistment contract so she can rock out all over the galaxy.



Jessica was born on Nepleslia in YE 4 and spent her youth moving around the Funky City music scene. Before she joined the Star Army, she was part of a various unsuccessful Neo Wave bands. The free-spirited NH-29 can sing extremely well, and is almost as good a dancer. She knows how to play the guitar, synthesizer, and keytar, but her forte is most definitely singing. As a member of the Yamataian Empire's military force, she flew shuttles ferrying personnel between planets and space vessels, and under heavy enemy fire on more than a few occasions. Eventually, the Nepleslian woman became a pilot in the Star Army's fledgling starfighter service.

Today, as the use of starfighters expands in the Yamataian military, Jessica finds herself in a Nekovalkyrja body, a necessity if she intends to continue flying the newest and best technology Ketsurui Fleet Yards has to offer. Most recently, she has been assigned as Squadron Leader to one of the two Hayabusa units assigned to the YSS Senbu's fighter wing.



Jessica can speak both Yamataian and Nepleslian, and speaks with a distinctly Nepleslian accent. Being in a Nekovalkyrjan body, she has the ability to communicate telepathically. She knows how to operate standard Star Army communications equipment and has some more extended knowledge on small craft-based radio.


She, as all Star Army personnel, has been trained to fight in hand-to-hand combat and fire ranged weaponry, and is able to pilot a power armor if she needs to.

Technology Operation

Jessica knows how to use Star Army's Kessaku Operating System.


The pilot is skilled at mathematics, up to calculus, and is required to understand the type of craft she is trained to fly.


As an officer, Jessica has been taught Star Army history and knows the Empire's laws.


Jessica has the quality required to lead other pilots into combat as a squadron leader and can dish out commands clearly and effectively.

Starship Operations (Starfighter Piloting)

She is an exceptional combat pilot and can execute all textbook maneuvers as well as many non-standard tricks. As a pilot, she is able to process information quickly and react to real time changes and threats with exceptional dexterity.

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