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Jo Cigaro

Jo Cigaro is a player character played by SmokeEmpress.

Jo Cigaro
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 5'6โ€œ
Weight: 125 lbs
Organization: Nepleslian Star Navy
Occupation: Fighter Pilot
Rank: Ensign
Current Placement: 78th_tactical_battalion Aquila Flight

Preferred Plots

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Color: Jo is not as wiry thin as most women even her age still are. She is pleasingly curved, though still very active and manages to fit in the smallest of spaces. Her skin is a light olive color, more like a natural light tan than a deep tan.

Eyes and Facial Features: Her eyes are a startling blue and a bit more round in shape in spite of her skin tone. Her nose is a bit broader than she'd like, but it fits the soft roundness of her face.

Hair Color and Style: Her hair is the color of burnt sienna. Brown with red high and low lights. It is very curly, so she keeps it tamed back in a braid, rarely having it fall around her shoulders.

Distinguishing Features: At first glance, most would think her more masculine than feminine, but she is quick to set one straight.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Jo is a bit of a contradiction. Sometimes she is all quiet and shy, other times she is loud and obnoxious. It really depends on what is going on and how well she knows whom she is dealing with. Or, if she is just in the cockpit of her fighter and kicking ass and taking no names, for she doesn't care to know em.

  • Likes: Carnations, Dark Chocolate, the color Blue
  • Dislikes: Players, Haters, Naysayers
  • Goals: Her one main goal is to find a reason to stay alive. Until then, she'll just continue to strive to be the best pilot that she can be.



  • Father - Jonah 'Pa' Cigaro
  • Mother - Mary 'Ma' Cigaro


Growing up on a small farm on the outskirts of the Nepleslian space, Jo is used to hard work and being part of a team. She flew the planes that dusted the crops and knew that one day she'd go for more. Her dream was to be in space, flying among the stars. She went to the Academy at a slightly older age, due to the fact that she had to raise the money on her own, and had finally gotten through it. Her callsign โ€œSmokeyโ€ came because of her silent runs. The trainers said she could move and all they'd see is a wisp of smoke.

Now that she's out of training and ready to make a go of her own, she joined up with the elite. She was top of her class, and so the invitation to join the Aquilas was hers to take, and take it she had.

Fort Sentinel

Jo was assigned to the training unit that was located at Fort Sentinel. She was in the last stages of her training when suddenly the Fort was under attack. As her training flight was scrambling together to evacuate, one of the shuttles that had incoming personnel was blown out of the skies. At this point, the unit of Ace aviators was just starting to form. The unit commander knew that her flight would soon be given assignments to units, so looked to her training officer and asked for two of the best in the class. Jo and Leo were both tagged, causing her to rush into the other hangar with the new flight crew and their AI units.

Jo chose her AI and aircraft, setting up Jethro in a non-training craft. They took to the air, hoping to fend off the attackers. Holding their own well enough, they managed to ensure that the evacuation took place before they joined up with the main units as well. Though still an Ensign at the moment, Jo has started on her new path and is now part of the Aquila Flight. She can only hope that things get better before they get worse once more.



Jo, of course, can speak and write in Trade without any issues. She may, on the rare occasion, misspell words, but for the most part, she is able to not only get her point across but sometimes sounds a lot more educated than most would expect of where she comes from. She is well versed in how to utilize the communication units provided to her squadron.

Starship Operation

Due to the fact that she was always in the air when at home, Jo is very adept at flying just about any form of craft, even in space. Her training proved her to be more than apt at outmaneuvering most opponents.

Maintenance and Repair

Jo can maintain and repair the craft she flies, even if it's not really needed as a pilot. She had to learn how to at home, so may as well keep that knowledge just in case she is stuck without that support in the future.


What fighting Jo has learned is mostly through her training. Even at home, she never really had to fight for herself. Her family made sure of that. She did learn some basic hand-to-hand, but having so many men around to fight for her, as any gentleman should, Jo didn't need to learn more.

Knowledge - Military

Jo's knowledge of the military is very basic. She knows the rules and regulations that is expected of her as well as the ranks necessary for her duty assignments.


Jo Cigaro has the following items:



  • 2 Button-up short-sleeved overshirt, blue, with rank patches on shoulder pads and name plate
  • 4 T-Shirts, white
  • 4 underwear, white
  • 2 Blue jeans
  • 1 Garrison hat, blue, with flash patch
  • 1 pair of finger-cut gloves, leather, brown
  • 1 pair of shoes, brown
  • 6 pair boot Socks, white
  • 1 double-strap belt, brown
  • Naval Service Dress Blues (full outfit with white pistol belt, gloves, pants, and boots)


  • 2 T shirt, white, with fleet number on the right chest
  • 2 Pairs of ankle length pajama pants, blue
  • 1 Pair of slip-on flexi-shoes, brown


  • 2 Short-sleeved mocks with fleet number on the right chest, blue
  • 2 Work-out shorts, light blue
  • 1 Bikini, blue, fleet number on right breast.

Weapons and Weapon Accessories


  • 1 pair of identification tags, metal, with name and hometown
  • 1 Canteen, 1 quart
  • 1 Wallet with the Naval Corps Insignia plated on it.
  • Starting pay of: 6000 DA


Jo Cigaro is currently an Ensign in the Nepleslian Star Navy.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds

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