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John Morris

This character may not be adopted.
John Morris
Alias: None?
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 174.8 cm
Weight: 71.1 kg
Organization Independent
Rank None
Occupation(s) Deliveryman, Civilian
Current Placement ISC Phoenix

John is Luca Pavone's Right hand Man and an NPC in the ISC Phoenix plotline.


John has very, very messy, curly brown hair with a goatee. He takes no effort to tame his wild hair. His eyes are a shade of turquoise and his skin is a bit pale. He is usually seen wearing dull colors, navy pants, a burgundy jumper over a tan shirt with a black pair of boots and a pair of sunglasses.


John is very considerate and rather careful despite his messy appearance. He's very streetwise and generally serves as a voice of reason and judgment, regardless of the circumstances. He is sublime in piloting shuttles and similar spacecraft and has taken an attitude to the repair and modification of such crafts.


Born in YE 07 to Colin Morris and Marina Morris, John lived somewhere in the slums of Funky City and was bought up as a means of repairing mechanical implements of all sorts for the family, as well as a minor pickpocket when times got scarce. John came to Planet Yamatai with his Nepleslian family in YE 22 by means of a heavily modified Shuttle and settled down in ralt, away from Funky City and all of the crime and gang-wars. It was there that he met Luca Pavone at his part time job at the post office and the two became best of friends over a period of 7 years, during which John went on to a local university and graduated in the top 20% of his class in repair, maintenance and building of Starships and Shuttles.


Maintenance and Repair (Shuttles/Starships)

John is a very good mechanic when it comes to shuttles and Starships, he to helped lead his family to Yamatai using a heavily modified Shuttle. This is proven by his Graduation Plaque.

Fighting (Firearms)

Having lived in the inner slums of Funky City, John learnt how to use firearms of various sorts at an early age, he has quite an accurate shot with a pistol, and is well versed with solid ammo and energy weapons.

Starship Operations (Navigation)

John served as the Navigator on his family shuttle, learning all of the basics about navigating, such as setting co-ordinates and landing shuttles.

Communications (Public Speaking)

John is a very good speaker with his strong, confident tone of voice. He is a very good debater too, able to pick out lies, falsities and beguiling.

Rogue (Streetwise/Sleight of Hand)

John has very nimble fingers, and idle hands are the devil's playthings. John has managed to con more than a few people and as well as pocket a few things whilst people are enthralled in his conversation.

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