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Joitto Elina

Joitto Elina is a player character played by Samanthia.

Joitto Elina
Species: Nekovalkyrja NH-33
Gender: female
Age: 2yrs
Height: 5“ 4'/ 165 cm
Weight: 44k / 98
Organization: Yamatia Entertainer Guild /
Occupation: Entertainer / SAINT SPY (Classified)*
Rank: Guild R-1 (novice) / Santo-Hei (Classified)*
Current Placement: YSS Soyokaze

Preferred Plots

  1. YSS Soyokaze
  2. open yamatia faction rp
  3. see above

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5” 4'/ 165 cm
  • Mass: 44k / 98 lbs
  • Measurements: 36c-26-36

Build and Skin Color: average nekovalkerie body.

Eyes and Facial Features: Almond shape, sapphire blue eyes with actual cat eyes type of iris.

Ears: Average neko ears with dark brown fading to soft golden brown along the edges.

Hair Color and Style: Dark shaded rainbow colored hair, windblown curly hair to midback

Distinguishing Features: Unusual rainbow colored hair and cat eye's iris.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Elina has a relax and easy going personality. Tends to look on the bright side of things. Loves to be in the spotlight as an Entertainer.

  • Likes: Singing, happy people, be around a lot of people.
  • Dislikes: Grouches, overly drunk people, dark places,
  • Goals: To bring joy to those that need it.
  • Quotes: “Smile! If you don't have one. I'll give you mine. I've got plenty more.”


Family (or Creators)/ Pre-RP

Elina creators were a group of academics at the Academy of Science and Medicine, playing around with Nekovalkyrja genetics and other bio-nano. She is missing a lot of Military Application that went along with the Military Grade NH-33 series. They gave her a lot of social skills to be entertaining and fun to be around. They had fun creating her for a school project. She became their “younger sister/daughter” They named her using their first initials of their names. Elina Joitto (Elina, Larry, Indigo, Nokura, Arlene / Julia, Oscer, Iniko, Thomas, Tonaka, Olivia)

=Classified*= SAINT needed an outsider that couldn't be found out by the others in the department, Several Senior SAINT commanders needed someone they could use as a courier to transport their messages that they couldn't communicate by regular channels nor agents already in their employ, also to spy on several Org Crime Bosses in public. They sponsored one of the students to make her. She was perfect under the guise as an Entertainer. They lost her while investigating a NMX spy ring that allowed the NMX to smash into Yamatia space for the second time. They wanted her back with the information on who was the traitor to the Yamatia, and other Star empires. Her last drop message was that she knew the names of the Yamatia Traitors before she disappeared…Classified ends*

Elina came from a war torn world on a refugee ship NMX captured and used to invade a moon that the NMX invaded and took control of it. Even though the NMX had captured the moon and it outlying bubble domes, had pretty much left the Refugees and the Miners and their families alone to survive as the best they could. She lived by her wits and skills as an entertainer. Spy for those in power within the refugees compound. She stole when it came to self survival and a very good chance of getting away with it.

She took over the bases short range radio station (Max range was from the moon base to the edge of the system, centered on the moon.) She still holds the names of the Yamatians V.I.P's that conspired with the NMX. Once a week she would turn on the radio and transmit her SAINT coded songs, hoping for a responce, using that method of encryption that a select few SAINT operatives, plus her handler, knew. An off chance, one of her transmission gotten a response back…

Current RP


Joitto Elina: Secret Ops


Communications (proficiency in communication; writing and speaking, Includes cryptography)
Art and Vocations (sculpting, painting, drawing, anime, gem cutting, etc.)
Domestic (Includes things like laundry, basic cooking, cleaning, infant care)
Physical (acrobatics, running, etc.)
Entertainment (acting, storytelling, belly dancing, performing, sexual techniques, playing an instrument, singing etc.)
Rogue (Pick-pocketing, pick locks, sleight of hand, “streetwise,” seduction)
Vehicles (Mecha, tanks, cars, trucks, hovercraft.)


Joitto Elina has the following items:

1 Pull along wheeled carry-on (3 x 2 x 2) 1 backpack 2 bright dark yellow miniskirts 1 pair of of 1 inch high-heels 1 pair of multipurpose sandals 2 white tank tops (1 with a bright yellow smiley face) 1 neon green bikini swimsuit 1 dark mid-summer evening blue 1 piece swimsuit 1 black leather mid-waist bomber jacket 1 burgundy beret 1 Shiny black patent leather shoulder strap clutch purse 3 mid thigh skirts ( 1 green, 1 bright candy apple red, 1 black) 3 blouses with 1 pocket over left breast (1 light green, 1 fuchsia pink, 1 white) 1 cosmetic kit 1 personal hygiene kit.


2 small data storage devices (for her 3k songs, favorite music, 400 movies, 20 E-books, appointments, tour schedule, finances, personal stuff.) 1 laptop (compatible with the data storage devices) 1 iPod device w/earphone buds (2k songs from other Artists, bands, musical groups) 1 power cell recharger (can charge different sizes of power cell)


Joitto Elina is currently a in the .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
3000 KS 2,652 KS pay
5652 KS 2,652 KS back pay
8304 KS 2,652 KS back pay

OOC Character stuff

* classified items Approved By Gm Yoshi 6/9/2014 2022 pacific time

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