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Jordan Jane Simmons

Jordan Jane Simmons
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Height: 5'11“ (~180 cm)
Weight: 120 pounds (54 kg)
Organization: Jensen's Bar
Occupation: Waitress

Jordan Jane Simmons in Roleplay

Jordan Jane Simmons is a player character played by ShotJon.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'11” (~180 cm) Mass: 120 pounds (54 kg) Measurements: 38C

Build and Skin Color: Jordie is a little taller then you average nepleslian woman. But she has slim figure with well toned muscles she has from keeping herself fit. Her skin is pinkish and her skin is smooth on touch.

Eyes and Facial Features: She has almond shaped light green eyes set upon small nose. Small lips cover her white teeth and can shift into jolly smile. Her face shape is oblong.

Hair Color and Style: Jordan has long red hair reaching up to her scapulae. She usually lets it hang but sometimes she combs it into a bun or pony-tails it.

Distinguishing Features: Jordan lost her right arm and had it replaces with prosthetic limb. Limb is insulated and has light durandium coating.

She has dolphin tattoo on her right ankle , two black lines on cheeks, one under each eye that makes her look like some warrior. Another is on her left scapulae and it is a skeleton hand with explosion behing it. She has ring piercing in her bellybutton.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: If anything Jordie is not shy. Not that she is flashing anyone she meets but she tends to not care about someone seeing her goods. She is outgoing and doesn't like to dwell on things too much. They will sort by themselves.

Other than they she used to be very aggressive and “bad girl” but she tries to behave now and retains her calm. Rather then with fist she likes to respond with witty and sarcastic remark. She will still defend herself if anything should happen. But if customer touches her in-appropriately she will respond with quick slap.

She still feels an urge to have a good brawl now and then it is pretty hard to not listen to it, but she tries her best.

She dislikes boredom and is quite curious. She likes to try new things and learn new things. She learned her wide set of skills thanks to that.

Likes: Good beer, fun, a little adrenaline now and then. Dislikes: Thugs, very loud people, touchy-feely customers, when someone is injured beyond any help Goals: Retain her calm and get rid of her past. Get herself a proper and normal life.


Family (or Creators)

  • Amy Simmons (mother, age 35, deceased)
  • Nathaniel Simmons (father, age 51, location unknown)


Jordan was an only child born to happy couple on Nepleslia Prime. Her father was an ex marine and local cop and he sustained both Jordan and her mother. Those were pretty happy and easy times. Nate Simmons who wished for a son was still happy that he got a daughter. Which didn't stopped him from teaching her a thing or two about defending herself. Her mother on the other hand wanted her to be more girly and taught her what every girl should know according to her.

Alas her mother died in accident when Jordan was fifteen. Jordan was there too but she only lost her arm that was crushed. Her father couldn't handle the loss. He sent Jordie to boarding school and only sent her money. He did not even tried responded to any of her messages. She did not understand and after a year she even gave up. Without being under vigilant eye on of her parents lamb changed into a wolf. Girl started to hang with a “wrong” crowd. She started getting into fight, being wild and violent. It didn't took long since she was part of local gang. It was no major crime just bunch of young people going to local arena and brawl for money. Jordan was better then other but she got training from her father who was a marine. She had technique where others just had brawling. And she learned to use dirty tricks too.

She stopped receiving money from her father when she was 22. It didn't bother her at first since she got enough money from her fighting. But soon she started to wonder what happened. She went back to the place of her birth but she could not find her father. None of people who knew him had any idea where he went. This frustrated her. It got to her so much that when she had big fight in front of her she lost miserably. She got beaten extremely badly and spent time in hospital. There is she had time to think. A lot of time. Was this really a way of life she wished? In the end answer her mind gave her was “no”. So she got a surgery to start looking like human being again after numerous fights. She hoped to never see anyone from fighting circle and regretted that she won't be probably able to see her father ever again.

Seeking a new way in her life she attended a medical school. Not so she could become doctor, but to be at least nurse. Last few years she was beating poeple, now she wanted to try helping them. Jordan actually even enjoyed it. But the her big trial by fire came when she decided to join colonization of world named Francia. Francia was very fierce world. Inhospitable conditions. Big animals roaming the surface. It was a challenge.

Jordan was helping mainly in hospital/infirmary at Point Francia, but she also often joined expeditions and visited colonists who were living farther from Point Francia. That was of course very dangerous and they met deadly animals of this planer few times. Once or twice almost didn't make it. And they made it only thanks to weapons supplied by Deidre NicAlasdair.

After years when everything calmed down a little more, Francia became proper colony and people started flooding in. Jordan stopped being very special in her mind. Now there was enough medical personal and enough people to do things. She started thinking this might be time to try something new. To try and start meeting people and see how they acts and lives their life. She though for a while about this until she seen an ad. It was an ask for help in newly opened bar and dine called Jensen's. Jordan gave it a though before applying and getting the job as a waitress. She is enjoying that verily now. She still visits hospital and her old colleagues though.

Skill Areas

Fighting (Brawling, hand-to-hand combat)

Jordan spent many years of her life in a ring beating other people or getting beaten. She gained high pain tolerance and knowledge of hand-to-hand combat. She receiver partial marine training from her father and gainer brawling experience. Although she is slim and light she know where to hit so it hurts and uses mainly that. She also knows how to use guns, she learned that from her times with her gang. She has knowledge and she shot on firing range, but never aimed gun at another person. She had a lot of experience with Francia's fauna though.

Domestics (Waitressing)

Although at first she was learned how handle things at her own house, she learned to be very good waitress over the time at Jensen's. She can carry six meals at once or eight full tankards without problems. She also can tap a killer-beer with proper long pull. Jordie knows how to cook simple meals and when Amy is busy with orders she can help out in kitchen.

Her skills with mop are unmatchable.


Jordan likes to keep fit. She trains (almost) daily and takes care of herself. She is pretty fast runner and good climber. Running away from authorities on Nepleslia Prime taught her that.

Humanities (semi-psychology)

Serving beers fro two years at Jensen's taught her to read her customers face. To know when she is supposed to ask about refills and others. It also learned her to found out who is really really angry and ask Amy for help to deal with him.

Rogue (stealth)

Jordan knows how to be quiet. Many times when fights were found out by police forces it was much better to hide somewhere or creep away. Although she is not especially best at this she know to sneak in urban like surroundings.

Medical (first aid, nursing)

Jordan knows how to give a first aid and care about patients thank to course she came through before moving to the colony. She knows how to bandage and give mouth-to-mouth, apply medicines and give shots, even stitch simple “flesh-wounds”. She used these skill mainly when she first arrived on Francia. She was full-fledged nurse and worked both on infirmary and “home-visits” how she called times when she had to see people living outside bounds of Point Francia.

Maintenance (handyman)

Jordan helps Amy out keeping the bar together in any way she can. She is learning some stuff about electricity and plumbing, she even learned a thing or two about engines. Seeing as Amy has needs to do stuff owner of bars usually do she want to help out.



  • (1) blackjack, leather, filled with steel balls (30)
    • (2) Zbrojovka 79 magazine (100)
    • (1) Black leather holster with one magazine pouch (100)
    • (1) Wooden grip (60)
    • (120) 10 x 25 mm ammo (120)
  • (1) Styrling SBS-23 (525)
    • (20) .8 gauge shotgun shell (40)


  • (1): heavy brown coat for winter.
  • (1): black leather jacket
  • (1): black, fingerless leather gloves.
  • (1): big brown fur-cap. (fur imitation)
  • (3): black, on purpose ripped T-Shirt with skull on it.
  • (2): white blouse
  • (2): flanel shirt, green and blue square pattern
  • (3): cargo pants
  • (1): workout pants and sweatshirt
  • (2): jumper, one red and one black
  • (1): sky blue bikinis


  • (7): knickers, many colours
  • (3): black thongs
  • (2): white brassiere
  • (2): black brassiere


  • (1) Leather wallet + eletronic money card
  • (1) AwesomeCorp DataJockey basic Aethersperm version (200)
  • (1) Kawaii brown ball of fur going by the name of Lord Byron Merryweather. Often following Jordan to bar. Tends to sip alcohol sometimes… (100)
    • (1) Portable Happy Kawaii (TM) Kawaii Care Kit: 190
      • (5)KawaiiKibble: 150
      • (5)Kawaii YumYums: 25


Jordan Jane Simmons is currently a in the .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
3560 DA 2 440 Bought guns, clothing, pet and other

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