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Jeffrey Thessilus Armstrong

Jeffrey Thessilus (J.T.) Armstrong is a player character played by Mythe. This page is a work in progress and has yet to be approved.

Jeffrey Thessilus Armstrong
Species: Geshrin
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Height: 5'8β€œ
Weight: 145
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. Kaibutsu (name pending)

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'8”
  • Mass: 145
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Make this look nice and read well, and add more detail before posting

J.T.'s frame is wide, stocky, and somewhat shorter than a lot of Nepleslian males. He has imposing, wide shoulders and thick, average-length arms. His head is wide as it is tall and sits on a short, muscular neck. His torso has something of a V-shape. His legs sit closer together than his arms, enhancing this overall appearance. His body as a whole is muscled and knotted, characteristic of his profession.

His skin is dark brown and roughened by years of street life.

Eyes and Facial Features: He has a low, wide, forehead with dark, expressive eyebrows. His medium-sized, wide-set eyes have irises of a deep brown that makes the whites all the more stark against his skin. His nose is tall and flared against high cheekbones. His chin is sturdy but not particularly pronounced.

Ears: J.T.'s ears look like most any other human - rounded and unremarkable.

Hair Color and Style: His hair is dull black and cut very close to the scalp.

Distinguishing Features: J.T.'s right leg and hand were injured beyond recovery in an accident. His basic insurance provided him with cheap cybernetic replacements, but the limbs hardly suit him. They are little more than motorized skeletons. The leg's thin shaft lies uncovered by any sort of skin, and looks starkly out of place next to his thick and muscled left leg. The hand is similarly stark. Their lack of any excess strength frustrates him; moving faster than a brisk walk is beyond its limitations. He still hasn't gotten used to fully controlling the prosthetics, and walks with a pronounced limp.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: J.T. is an exuberant, quick-witted, high-spirited, and free-running man of action. He is in his element whenever a situation can be somehow improved with a dangerous maneuver, an unexpected punch, a well-timed joke, or by thinking on his feet. Consequently, street life has suited him well. Though he prefers fight over flight, he knows when it's time to disappear and is quite good at it, which is probably the main thing that has kept him alive and out of jail for so long.

Life in the underground has taught J.T. to be quite a people-person, not that he needed much instruction. Consistent with the peculiar social structure of street life, J.T. is open and welcoming to any fellow hard-timer or person he sees as his equal, generous and compassionate to anyone worse off than him, and on some level or another innately suspicious of anyone that might consider themselves to be above him. Above all, though, he knows who his friends are and to them exhibits great loyalty. To anyone in his better graces, he is gregarious, good-natured, and has a strong sense of justice; conversely to most others he comes off as gruff.

He carries with him a healthy ego that lends itself well to self-confidence, but egos are not without their sore spots. J.T.'s happen to be his height, being looked down on socially, and, most recently, his prosthetics. Brush up against one of those points and you might find yourself in a confrontation that'll be at your throat, or your gut if you're tall, faster than you'll know it's started. But while his temper can be quick to flare up and nasty when it does, J.T. will drop an issue nearly as fast as taking it up, and he rarely will hold a grudge.

A couple of neurological traits probably account for J.T.'s impulsiveness and innate need for thrills. First, Jeffrey was blessed with abnormally quick reflexes and a hair-trigger adrenal gland that made dodgeball trivial as a child and makes fighting and free-running just as easy now. Second, J.T. 'suffers' from an unusual case of synesthesia, which blends his senses in odd ways. This serves to make J.T. always uniquely aware of his surroundings. While the condition is sometimes bothersome, sending conflicting or confusing sensory information at inopportune times, it usually goes unnoticed.

J.T. is by no means unintelligent and can often devise very simple and practical solutions to problems - when he takes the time to slow down and think, that is. More often than not, though, he shares the habit of all adrenaline junkies of moving first and thinking things though while he's doing them, if at all. This tendency has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion, some of which he regrets deeply.

J.T. enjoys almost any kind of recreation. Naturally his favorite kinds are the ones that involve running around or punching things, but he can find just as much enjoyment in games of chance or strategy (though he often lacks the patience for the latter). He always keeps an eye out for a way to lighten a room and doesn't have much patience for a downer. No matter the party, though, he seldom drinks, explaining that he can't stand dulled nerves. He has a soft spot for the ladies, and on occasion possesses a certain charm and chivalry that can melt away a girl's nerves and send a feminist into a raging fit.

Unfortunately, since his accident, J.T. has been stripped the most valued facets of his life and the ordinarily carefree and spirited man has begun to slide into something of a depression, frustrated at his misfortune and tormented by the feeling of being held down and helpless by his ineptly suited cybernetics. He has had to rely on his friends to take care of him, and his powerlessness to give anything back vexes him to no end.

  • Likes: High jumps, running fast, good fights, close calls, money, competition, and nice girls
  • Dislikes: Tight spaces, booze, self-superiority, being cooped up, ceilings, and tight spaces
  • Goals: ???


Family (or Creators)

  • Helen Armstrong (Mother, M;PD)
  • Benjamin Armstrong (Father, M;PD)
  • Edvar Rhylotov (Unrelated, surrogate father figure)


J.T.'s history is one of loss, survival, adaptation, and comradeship. If you care to read the whole thing, it's written out here(make a link when the threads are up). Otherwise, the important bits are summed up below.

Jeffrey's early life was of the simple, pleasant, normal sort that doesn't warrant excessive explanation. Born to middle-class, working parents in the technology industry, he lived a reasonably privileged, but not opulent, life in an uptown neighborhood of Nepleslia Prime.

When Jeffrey was 8 years old, he and his parents took a holiday trip offworld for a month. On the return trip, as the cruiser approached Nepleslia Prime, the ship, for hitherto unknown causes, suffered a critical reactor failure resulting in the destruction of the ship and the loss of many of its passengers. Jeffrey manage to survive in an escape pod that landed on the planet surface, but was separated from his parents. It is unknown if they survived.

With no word on his parents' whereabouts, a traumatized Jeffrey was placed in the foster care of Edvar Rhylotov, a middle-aged floor operator at a chemical plant in Funky City. The two got along exceedingly well and quickly formed a strong bond.

After two years, the chemical plant closed and Edvar found himself out of work. Not long after, the foster care authorities got wind and made plans to move Jeffrey to a more capable caregiver. Having grown quite attached to each other, the two decided instead to flee and take to the streets. The change was a shock to them both, but in time they learned to survive. J.T. adapted exceedingly well to his new environment, quickly learning the rules of the street: how to steal, who you can sell to, who you can trust, where to hide, etc. He became skilled at parkour as a means to get around the urban forest. He also learned to fight exceptionally well; so well, in fact, that he was able to make decent money in β€œunofficial” fight rings around the city.

Edvar, on the other hand, found it more difficult to adjust. Being thrown so quickly from his lifelong home was hard on the older man, and though he was able to survive just as well as J.T., at least for the first while, his health began to deteriorate as the years went by. Eventually J.T. found himself taking care of himself as well as Edvar, which he has done gladly for years out of a fatherly affection for the old man.

When J.T. was 28, he was involved in a serious industrial accident after hours at a construction site. The accident caused him to lose his right leg and part of his right hand, as well as leaving burn scars on much of his right arm and side and, to a lesser extent, the lower right portion of his face. The hospital provided him with basic prosthetics, but their low quality left him effectively crippled.

Skill Areas


Jeffrey Thessilus Armstrong has the following items:


Jeffrey Thessilus Armstrong is currently a in the .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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