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Juiy'ne Qyu'amene

Juiy'ne Qyu'amene is a player character played by Ira.

Juiy'ne Qyu'amene
Species: My'leke (Species)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 3'5โ€œ
Weight: 165
Organization: Neshaten Shuakara Navy / V'kaste's Legion
Occupation: Soldier
Rank: C'Baruce
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 3'5โ€
  • Mass: 165
  • Measurements: N/A

Build and Skin Color: Like most My'leke Juiy'ne Qyu'amene has a very feline like build. Her body is lean and muscular. She has blue skin.

Eyes and Facial Features: The eyes are violet, as well as her third eye. She has a very angular face.

Ears: She has sharp pointy ears that can fold back when irritated. The ears are of similar color to Juiy'ne Qyu'amene's body.

Hair Color and Style: She blue fur on her body, with green hair running down her spine.

Distinguishing Features: She has no distinguishing features.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Juiy'ne Qyu'amene has a rather dynamic and fiery personality. She is very confrontational when her ideas are challenged and will speak up. Juiy'ne Qyu'amene how ever is not just a simple brute. She is very thoughtful and tries to choose the high road over sheer brute force in all of her exchanges. She is loyal, but a bit impatient and some times does not think things fully before acting.

  • Likes: Food, romance movies, historys males of her species, Duar, guns and ammunition.
  • Dislikes: Laibe, cowards, space walks, spicy food, bad hygiene.
  • Goals: Her goals are to bring honor to her family and to prove her worth to kingdom by serving it as best she can.


Family (or Creators)

Nuy'na Qyu'amene - Mother Say'qabe Qyu'amene - Father Hat'bate Qyu'amene - Sister Wayu'tene Qyu'amene - Brother


Juiy'ne Qyu'amene had a rather loving, nurturing child hood. She got along well with her siblings and to this day maintains cool relations with them in adult hood. Her parents were very loving to their youngest child. However, her child hood did have a darkness in it which has haunted the current generations of her race for some time. Fear. Her family and community lived in constant fear of being killed due to their race.

This fear influenced Juiy'ne Qyu'amene to first join the youth corp, and then to formally join the military. Juiy'ne Qyu'amene joined to not only protect her own race, but to show that her people were not afraid to defend the other race that they live next to.



All Neshaten, Myleke and Shukaren alike, are taught hand-to-hand combat. However, given their culture, most already know both hand-to-hand and weapons training before they even enter the military. Fighting requires to the use of Martial Arts, Swordsmenship, and Archery.


The art of surviving in battle and addressing the wounds that a soldier may take is an important skill that they must not only learn but also perfect.

Land navigation is important, as it helps the marine know where he or she is.


Juiy'ne Qyu'amene is well versed in how to clean, assemble and other wise repaire her weaponry and armor, as well as that on her ship.


Juiy'ne Qyu'amene is versed in the laws and customs of the Kingdom of Neshatan.

Sharp Shooting

Juiy'ne Qyu'amene has trained extensively in firing her weaponry with great accuracy across the battle field

Technology Operation

Juiy'ne Qyu'amene can operate general technology used by the Kingdom Of Neshatan.



Juiy'ne Qyu'amene is currently a C'Baruce in the Kingdom of Neshaten.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5000 RH Starting Funds

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