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Jun Nan

Jun Nan is a player character played by Whitehart.

Jun Nan
Species: Yamataian/Minkan
Gender: Male
Age: YE 19
Height: 5' 6“ (1.67 M)
Weight: 146 lbs (66.22 kg)
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Hacker
Current Placement: The Wayward
Theme: Gangnam Style

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Color: Nan has a light skinned complexion as though he doesn't get outside much. Though he has a generally fit physique his body is noticeably lean and thin.

Eyes and Facial Features: Nan's eyes are a ruddy brown with slight flecks of gold, his eyes sit slighlty slanted on a hawkishly thin nose. His face is angular with defined cheekbones.

Ears: Nan has slightly pointed ears.

Hair Color and Style: Nan colors the tips of his black hair with a bright blue color. He keeps his hair in an “Emo Glamour” fashion with the bangs longer and slanted down over his left eye and the scalp and back of his hair generally combed upward in a messy fashion.

Distinguishing Features: Nan keeps his nose pierced with a Durandium stud that he fashioned from the shell of his first drone. Along with his nose he has both ears pierced with industrial steel studs.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Nan is generally flamboyant and happy. He gets really animated and giddy when given a chance to show off his computer skills. He is friendly and shows a loyalty with those he comes to call friend.

Hacking is not a thing Nan does for personal gain, humiliation or maliciousness. It is a challenge, a test he administers to himself to prove he can do it. This led him to adhere to a personal code of ethics. He strives to show how good he is and will use his skills against those who seek to profit off others.

Although Nan is highly intelligent he does not use that to put down others. He believes that everyone has a gift, some will find it and use it, others won't but that doesn't mean people should use their gifts against others. All people should be given the freedom to be themselves.

  • Likes: Hacking, new technology, robotics, friendships
  • Dislikes: Conceit, people lording over others, injustice, failing
  • Goals: For those out there to whisper about Hive the greatest hacker with a heart of gold.


Family (or Creators)

  • Jun To (Father)
  • Jun Lei (Mother)
  • Jun Ming (Older Sister)
  • Jun Wei (Younger Sister)
  • Sama Kai (Mentor)


Jun Nan was second born to the Jun family. While loved and cared for he would never hold a position like his older sister Jun Ming. She would go on to join the Star Army as an Officer and reap many rewards.

Although he seemed unremarkable to his family, he grew to become an expert at computer use, programming and hacking. He studied diligently in school, devouring more and more information revolving around computers. He kept pushing to learn more and in doing so, at the age of 14, ended up at an electronics repair shop. While there he worked alongside a former Origin technician Sama Kai, that worked on some more advanced electronics, most notably robots and drones.

Sama Kai saw something in Nan and so during down time he would tutor Nan in the fields of robotics and advanced electronic maintenance. These were perhaps the greatest 4 years of Nan's life. He was a quick study and kept the teachings to heart. Nan grew to respect the technical aspect of electronics. Learning that innovation and creativity are boundaries to be pushed but that as an engineer you should always know that they are equals.

Sama Kai told Nan he was done teaching him and that it was time for him to experience the universe, so at the age of 18, Nan left his home in Kyoto and headed to the stars. He spent all the money he had saved on his PHC, scrounged and repaired a few drones and was gifted a Ulti-Tool and Energy pistol by Sama Kai. He is eager to get out there, adventure and meet some amazing people along the way.



Nan has learned to read, write and speak Yamataigo, Seraphim and Trade. Along withose he can speak a spattering of Abwheran and Sharan. He is good with programming languages and is adept at cryptography. Nan is a whiz when it comes to communication networks and equipment.

Technology Computers, Hacking, Drones

Nan has developed extraordinary skill in the use of computers. He learned the basics early on as most children do but Nan took it further. He kept learning. Growing more and more knowledgable as time went on. Soon he got bored of the mundane uses of computers and turned his attentions to more illegal endeavors, Hacking. Beyond computers Nan has picked up knowledge on various drones and their use.

Strategy - Situational Tactics

Nan's mind works in ways that allow him to see situations sometimes unthought of. This really shows itself in the field. He can plan and execute strategies and relay them in a precise understandable manner. Though not a leader per se he can lead situations with data and quick reactions.

Maintenance and Repair - Electronics

Nan's first and only job in his young life so far has been as a computer tech for a simple electronics store. While there he put himself to disassembling and reassembling computers and other devices.

Engineer - Robotics

As Nan learned more about computers and how they worked and such he developed interest in robotics. He became fascinated with all things robotic especially drones. His fascination grew into his study into engineering. Specifically in the field of robotics.

Rogue - Lockpicking

His hackings days in full swing Nan was constantly on the move. His skills being honed by being in the action. He quickly learned to hack electronic locks and while it came up less often he learned to pick more mundane physical locks though he isnt quite as adept at them



  • Swarm
  • Decoy
  • Personal
    • Beam
    • Wall



  • 45 x Box of 20 Candles
  • Organic Tissue Culture Unit - Small
  • Pristine crate of antimatter missile warheads
  • 161 x Ornate Gold & Crystal Chandelier
  • Starship controls from pilot station

Future Inventory


Jun Nan is currently an Independent .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
887 KS 2113 KS Inventory
287 KS 600 KS Robotics
1287 KS 1000 KS Pay Bonus
512 KS 775 KS FARS
5512 KS 5000 KS Pay
1437 KS 4075 KS Shopping
877 KS 560 KS Shopping

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