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Kade Daviad

Kade Daviad is a player character played by SirSkully

Kade Daviad
Species and Gender: Genetically Modified Being –> Minkan Male
Year of Birth: YE 27, with the physicality of someone born YE 20
Organisation: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Ranger - Unconventional Regiment
Rank: Santô Hei
Current Placement: Task Force Inquisition

Physical Description

Kade was once a lab-born being who was aged into the body of an adult, each part of his genetic build-up was hand picked for battle and to be a recognisable figurehead if he succeeded, that form has since been shed in favour of a more standard Minkan body yet it carries the aesthetics of what he has gotten used to looking at in the mirror.

Kade is a 5’8” Adult Male minkan with tanned skin over a lithe yet masculine frame with his most noticeable feature being his dark eyes, black voids besides the irises that burn a violent red colour, combined with his slightly more pronounced canine teeth and the ears that end in short, elven-style points and his slightly unkempt appearance – Kade tends to give off a somewhat animalistic vibe that has deterred more than a few people.

His jaw is broad and framed by a slightly overgrown beard which leads into his unkempt, dark-brown hair that is swept back and always seems to flick up at the back fo his neck. These features are further exaggerated by slightly hollow cheeks, high cheekbones and his bushy eyebrows – the batch code K4-D3 is written down his left bicep in black, industrial text. One feature he did ask to be removed however was the tan-line and scarring on his neck where the collar used to sit.


Kade is a rather driven person, he sets himself a goal and does whatever he needs to in order to carry out that goal to completion. He has no issues with taking the reigns of leadership if the need arises and tries to formulate plans that work to the strengths of those around him while shielding their weaknesses and exploiting the enemies’ own. Where other folks may seek luxury as some kind of compensation for their efforts he is much more comfortable when put into rougher conditions – he feels more at home in a fox-hole then he ever could in a pristine ship cabin which leads to Kade often taking any field assignment he gets the chance to and preferring the longer-term ones.

A certain sense of calm takes over Kade when he is in the throngs of battle, it is the first thing he ever knew and the purpose of his creation so it seems fitting that this is where he most feels at home. On the opposite end of the spectrum – formal events often leave the ex-gladiator somewhat on edge and uncomfortable.

He is a rather gentle and kind soul most of the time though, so long as the company is good, rather humble and not much of a bragger.


In the seedier parts of space, the dark corners on the outer rim where prying eyes of the law tend to not reach there was an out of commission mining outpost embedded in a hunk of rock. The station may have been decommissioned yet it was still a hive of activity – anything and everything could be found there if you spoke to the right people but there was one attraction in particular that kept money flowing through the place.

An empty space that used to be the mineral storage sits at the heart of the outpost and has since been refitted for a new crowd – the kind that bet their money on those who were trapped within, with the victor living to fight another day while the loser was nothing more than a pile of soon-to-be-rotting parts with a disappointed owner.

Genetic freaks and anybody unlucky enough to get caught up in the net that was the fight-pit were pitted against each other with only the singular goal of surviving until the next fight.

One such individual was a vat born fighter with the batch number K4-D3 imprinted on his left bicep, artificially aged until the genetic hybrid was at the peak of his physical capabilities and sent off to fight against his own kind. K4-D3 was more than good at his job, he was one of the best and was given a name that rolled off of the tongue easier as well as some fabricated backstory to fuel the mythos separating the weak from the winners– Kade Daviad, a stranger of unknown origin who supposedly pledged himself to the man who held the controller to his slave collar.

That was not his concern however, time seemed to lose all meaning as the endless cycle of slaughtering and victory all but consumed the biological weapon.

Then came the day that the outpost was literally torn apart by inner turmoil, Kade found a way out by climbing the landing gear of an escaping freighter as it absconded the broken hive of scum and villainy.

Kade was a man who spent his short life fighting, he knew nothing else so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out he slipped into the role of a merc for a few years, wandering around from roughly the start of YE 32 to the end of YE 39 with a gun in his hands and a name in his pocket.

Eventually Kade decided he wanted more than just a name as another hired gun, he had aspirations that carried him through the SAoY recruitment process and into a new minkan body as a scout.

Skills Learned

Star Army Common Skills

Fighting: Kade was born a fighter and he will keep on fighting until the day he can no longer lift a weapon to face his foes, highly skilled with most weaponry he comes across but more often than not favouring a rifle and a blade. He finds power armour clunky and bulky to fight with unless it is the kind that drift’s his own consciousness with the machine and acts more like armour than an armoured suit.

Military/Survival: Kade is a scout and as such, is trained to put up with less than comfortable situations for as long as he needs to – highly skilled in improvising objects in his environment to ensure survival and even thrive if given enough time. In addition, he is a great tracker from his days doing merc work and likewise a great hunter.

Physical: Kade keeps his body in top shape and can often be found doing so when not on a mission, able to perform strenuous physical activities for long stretches of time while also being quite the agile and speedy individual.

Rogue: From his past as a merc, Kade is no stranger to breaking into areas he shouldn’t be in, as such his footfalls are naturally quiet and he has picked up a few skills along the way such as lockpicking and many other ways to enter a building.

Knowledge: Kade is used to fighting the uphill battle and as such, coming up with less than orthodox yet more than effective plans are a second nature to him. Flanking routes, finding weaknesses in the enemy and come easily to him.

Social Connections

Kade Daviad has no social connections as of yet.

Inventory and Finance

Kade's Daisy II

Loadout One: Rough Stuff

OOC Information

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