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Kago Nanashi

Kago Nanashi

Statistical Data

Species: NH-17s2 Gender: Female Age: 3 (Feb. 24th, Year 21) Parents/Creator: PNUgen Corp.; WickedArms Industries Alligence/Faction: None, she obeys her authorized handler. Occupation: Security Rank: Specialist Current Assignments: Chief of Security on the GSS Ketsurui Chiharu (GB-09) (pending psychological adjustment).


Physical Data

Hight: 5'4 Weight: 97lbs Build and Skin Color: Slender; matte black Hair Color and Style: Dark green with med. green highlights; straight, cut just below the ear with one long bang on the left side of her face held in place with a metal band. Facial Features and Eye Color: Softly angled features with wide eyes; bright ruby red. Distinguishing Features: Typical NH-17s2 features (cat ears, corporation mark on left breast), two thin yellow lines that run vertically down the left side of her face under the long bang.

Personal Data

Personality: Still innocent, she has learned a bit since being assigned to Chiharu's care. With the tutilage of her new friend Sai, Nanashi is a bit more social but still dangerous. Preferences border on necromaniacal in nature, collecting elements of death when she can. Tactically, she's as sharp as a razor and just as dangerous, recognizing potential weapons and devising a minimum of one way to kill everyone around her upon arrival at any location. If given the order or the chance, she will execute those plans. Interests: Weapon assembly and maintenance, general destruction, sniping (a fast and favorite way to increase her body count), general weaponry. Likes: Death (she's good friends with him), “playing” (her favorite game is called “Genocide”), torture. Dislikes: Being locked up, confined places, stasis, being confused with large or redundant words and terms. Goals: To meet the 5 million mark in her personal body count and to beat her personal speed record for deaths. To her knowledge, her current records are 6,549 and 20 victims in 2 minutes. In reality, the body count record is 648.

Occupational and Skill Data

Character Class: Ninja Skills - Species and Intrinsic Abilities: 10 - Active Stealth 8 - Anatomy 5 - Anti-Gravity Field 10 - Combat: Hand-to-Hand 7 - Cryptography 6 - Detect Ambush 8 - Detect Concealment 5 - Hemosynthesis 9 - Land Navigation 5 - Language: Japanese 8 - Martial Arts 10 - Telepathy 5 - Underwater 8 - Wilderness Survival Skills - Class and Occupational: 8 - Silent Movement 10 - Weapons: Swords 10 - Weapons: All Rifles 10 - Weapons: All Pistols 10 - Weapons: All Blades 6 - Weapons: Heavy 8 - Weapons: Improvisational Skills - Learned: 4 - Swimming 3 - Language: Terran English 5 - Language: Geshrin 6 - Logic and Reasoning 8 - Physics: Combat-related (ballistics, motion, etc) 8 - Physiology Analysis

History Data (biographical information and important dates)

An experiment in increasing the destructive tendencies of the Nekowalkyrja, Nanashi was immediately placed in a special training unit after her 'birth'. The training consisted of a constant simulated environment in which she and one other Neko were programmed to be the perfect killers. Murder was presented as a game, which, to her child-like mindset, she obeyed without remorse. It's a form of recreation to her. She killed her fellow trainee within two months. Unfortunately the rules of the killing game were not made clear. When Nanashi was introduced into the real world she began killing without provocation to “raise her score”. The persons in charge were going to have her destroyed for fear that she would become another Eve, but the Elysian threat led to the suggestion that she be used for that instead. “After all, why waste such obviously useful talent?”

Summary: Military History

YE 21 - Born, inserted into a special training program. Killed sister/fellow trainee. YE 22 - Escaped confinement, recaptured after three hours and 542 dead. Introduced to a social setting, 106 killed before she was confined and placed in stasis. YE 23 - Decision made to place her in the care of Chujo Ketsurui for the duration of the Elysian War. Escapes quarantine and befriends Sai. Transferred with Taisho Ketsurui to the GSS Ketsurui Chiharu (GB-09). YE 24 - Made Chief of Security.


Money (all in bank) VR device headband Knife GP pistol Spare clothes Hammock, pillow, and blanket

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