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Namach Kale

Namach Kale is a player character played by Zain Snowpaw.

Namach Kale

Species: Minkan
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5'6 or 168cm
Weight: 154lb or 70Kg
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Software Engineer and Architect
Rank: Nitô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Eucharis
Orders Orders

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'6 or 168cm
  • Mass: 154lb or 70Kg
  • Measurements: N/A

Build and Skin Color: Reasonably tall and thin with white alabaster skin. Not overly muscled like some of the combat specialists that you see around but toned and somewhat athletic.

Eyes and Facial Features: Dark red almond shaped eyes with a scar over the left eye courtesy of a former peer who during training threw a loose computer module at Kale in a fit of rage. His face is somewhere between a heart and a diamond shape.

Ears: Kale's ears are of the human type but are usually mostly hidden beneath his dark hair.

Hair Color and Style: Kale has deep midnight black hair that comes down to the bottom of his ears. Not using hair gel or other such products Kale prefers to just flick his fringe to the side so that he can see where he is going.

Distinguishing Features: Kale and Kira were both members of a group of students in their younger years. This group created their own set of symbols that they had genetically tattooed onto around the left wrist. This allows them to identify other members of the same group at a glance even if they had been apart for years. The symbol is of a tribal design but depicts a phoenix entwined with a dragon in a Yin-Yang pattern. It symbolizes the duality of the universe.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Kale is stubborn though this is not normally a bad thing. He has a flair for the technological and more then once he has pulled extra hours and fixed malfunctioning software that others would have long since given up on.

Another quality is Kale's high intelligence that goes above and beyond the standard recorded norm. This allows him to think through problems in ways that others would/could not and makes it much easier to create something that functions as needed if not above and beyond that standard.

Kale is very loyal to those few who are more then acquaintances with him but has a reputation for being hard to make friends with, though this is not necessarily the case. This is because Kale is usually cynical of the world around him. He detests politics but sees the empire as a whole and the ruling monarchy worthy of fighting for.

Kale can as a whole be somewhat dense in social situations. Not that he is unable to make friends but he does not really pick up on social ques that other people of the same age would, unless someone makes it almost painfully obvious to him.

When working on a frustrating problem Kale can potentially become short-tempered. He tries to restrain himself however as this behavior is not fitting of a member of the Star Army.

  • Likes: Computers, Girls, The colours of Autumn
  • Dislikes: Getting hit with computer modules, People complaining because something is broken, Those that never think for themselves
  • Goals: To design and create a full set of systems for a starship as a test of skill , To visit new places across the sector.


Family and Pre Star Army

The Namach family is little more then average citizens of the Star Empire. The family line however has a long history of producing above average engineers and scientists. Kale has only one sibling, his younger, by ten months, sister Kira whom he is very close to. Kira is recently graduated from the academy and became a planetside communications operator on the planet Tami.


Namach Kale and his younger sister Namach Kira were born on the planet of Tatiana in the system of the same name. Their parents are Engineer Namach Saeko and Scientist Namach Richard both of whom work for the SSS. The two sometimes get messages from their parents. (At least when communication permits). During their early life at one of the local schools Kale and Kira grew very close as sibling usually should, and so when Kale decided he wanted to sign up with the Yamatai Star Army his sister was not very far behind.

At the academy both Kale and Kira were originally entered for the qualifications for the Star Army Technician post however Kira found herself drawn to planetside installations whereas her brother wished to explore the realms of the void between worlds.

Kale is now 18 and has applied for his first position as an Information and Technology officer aboard the YSS Eucharis. Kira meanwhile has gone on to be a junior communications officer on the planet Tami. The two exchange frequent messages and remain supportive of each other.

Current Placement

Mission 1: Dreamworld

Kale arrived onboard the Eucharis while it was exploring a planet sized spaceship nicknamed the 'Dreamworld'. On the groundside expedition it was quickly found that subtle but powerful halucenogens were being used to control and placate the “inhabitants” most of whom seemed to be kept there in perpetual slavery. All except for the beings calling themselves the Essai who seem to act as beaurocrats and administrators for the planet-ship.

With several team-mates reacting to the drug and entering a state not unlike drunkenness but with a shot of aphrodisiac thrown in for good measure. The results were not particularly pretty nor pleasent and Kale attempted to organise a retreat back to the sealed atmosphere of the ship. This was for the most part successful until a momentary distraction caused a member of the team, Koizumi Chieko, to be severely injured during a crash landing at high speed.

With over half the team sedated in med bay Kale fell into watching over the scientist as he awaited his turn to be decontaminated. However during this time the still drugged and now somewhat hysterical civilian Sienna Shelton escaped and ended up at large in the lower engineering conduits. Three members of the crew went to calm and subdue the distressed nepalesian however due to escalating tensions and frustrations coupled with inhibition lowering drugs Kale ended up firing upon both the civilian and one of the other members of crew giving chase.

The situation was resolved when the third member of the search party, medic Orshira Izokia, knocked Kale unconscious and took the other two back to med bay. Having suffered no notable injuries except a mild concussion Kale was able to make his way to med-bay where he was treated and stood watch over the team's only seriously injured party until the medics forced him to leave for the mid-day meal.

Most of the crew hoped the excitement for the day was over and began to prepare the ship for takeoff, however a chance scan for intruders identified 45 un-authorised mechanical signatures present. The crew had to face off against the little mechanical terrors who seemed to have a closely linked intelligence network and showed incredible teamwork. However the Crew proved itself victorious having sustained no serious injuries. Kale kept and reactivated one of the droids after reprogramming it seeing it as a link back to a similar project back at the academy.

The crew was finally able to lift off though the Essai did not make it easy for them, nearly flooding the ship in the process. However both ship and crew escaped the planet unscathed.

Mission 2: Return Home

The YSS Eucharis docked at the starport on Hanako's world. Following a crew parade and then a minor shopping spree later the crew made their way to one of the luxury hotels in the area for a christmas party and a retirement farewell to First officer Jalen Sune. Kale gifted the commander with a floating metal replica of the ship he served upon as a memento.

Following this Kale was called away for a temporary assignment upon the planet of Tami.

Mission 3: Echoes of the Past (Return to the Eucharis)

A few months down the line Kale has re-joined the crew of the YSS Eucharis to find that most of the people that he knew have moved on to other posts.

The Ling-Xian Quartet

The Ling-Xian Quartet are the group of four childhood friends that Kale and his sister Kira are a part of along with Rika Lareman and Niel Finchard. The four identify with each other using a set of genetically added tattoos around the left wrist depicting a pheonix and a dragon entwined with one another. They decided to do this in order to be able to identify each other if they were apart for many years. All four of the quartet currently serve in the Star Army in varying positions though they send each other updates where they can.

Despite only two of their number being blood siblings the four think and act like brothers and sisters and are fiercely loyal to their own.


Common Skills

Technology Operation

Kale is adept writing, editing and operating programs of varying levels of complexity. Though perhaps not a prodigy Kale did come out a top in his graduating classes on technological operations at the academy.


Coming from a family of engineers and scientists, Nano-Fabrication of all things non biological is a skill passed from generation to generation. Kale can write you a program to fabricate anything from a flashlight to a laser cannon capacitor bank.


Tying in hand in hand with technological operations Kale has a flair for the mechanical. He is a decent engineer and though not particularly specialised yet Kale is having trouble deciding whether to specialise in technological programming and operation or in engineering.

Maintenance and Repair

“Whats the good of building something if you can't maintain it.” Virtually a family motto, Kale has been taught to repair if you can or salvage if you cant. He is the sort of person to run devices completely into the ground several times before even thinking of replacing things.


The cornerstone of any technological or mechanical system. Kale is very familiar with mathematical operations of varying types. The theory here provides a solid base for the programming of starship systems.


Kale loves his Hoverbike. More of a recreational activity he built himself a high speed hoverbike in his free time. Though it has no place on a starship Kale retains his love of vehicles of almost any nature. Hes a fair hand at the wheel of most of them too.


Kale does not quite have an eidetic memory but it comes pretty close. His skills in information gathering and retention are not to be scoffed at. He can act as a technical repository of sorts as he actively retains all information he can about computer systems of any type.



Namach Kale is currently a Nito Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
2950 KS -50 KS Purchase of a Star Army Data-pad
1150 KS -1800 KS Purchase of an Isolated Computer Pad for work on the go
1371 KS 221 KS Salary: August YE:35
1582 KS 221 KS Salary: October YE:35
1914 KS 332 KS Salary: November YE:35
1814 KS -100 KS Formal Clothing
1614 KS -200 KS Christmas Presents for the Eucharis Crew
1946 KS 332 KS Salary: December YE:35
2278 KS 332 KS Salary: January YE:36
2610 KS 332 KS Salary: February YE:36
2942 KS 332 KS Salary: March YE:36
3274 KS 332 KS Salary: April YE:36
3606 KS 332 KS Salary: May YE:36
3938 KS 332 KS Salary: June YE:36
4270 KS 332 KS Salary: July YE:36
4602 KS 332 KS Salary: August YE:36
4934 KS 332 KS Salary: Setptember YE:36
5266 KS 332 KS Salary: October YE:36


Kira is Kale's sister and only sibling. The two are very close to each other and to a small cadre of friends they have collected.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'4 or 168cm
  • Mass: 140lb or 70Kg
  • Measurements: B:35 W:24 H:34

Build and Skin Color: Tall and thin with white skin like her brother. Has long legs and an athletic build .

Eyes and Facial Features: Dark red almond shaped eyes and thin eyebrows. Her face is heart shaped.

Ears: Kira's ears are of the human type.

Hair Color and Style: Kira has neon blue hair with black stripes running down it. It is usually tied back into a ponytail and comes halfway down her back.

Distinguishing Features: Kale and Kira were both members of a group of students in their younger years this group created their own set of symbols. One that they had genetically tattooed around the left wrist. This allows them to identify other members of the same group at a glance. The symbol is of a tribal design but depicts a phoenix entwined with a dragon in a Yin-Yang pattern. It symbolizes the duality of the universe.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Kira is an open and fun loving sort normally but can be prone to bouts of sadness and depression. Most of which can be associated with the feeling of not being with her friends and family. She loves to make mischief though only upon those who deserve it. (More then one lad who was coming on too strong woke up with a little humilliating prank played upon him.)

  • Likes: Matchmaking, Anime, Sharks
  • Dislikes: Being lonely, Whiners, TV advertising

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