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General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Cat Height: 8 inches (at the shoulder)
Gender: Male Weight: 8 lbs
Age: 1 1/3.14 year Eyes: Green
fur: Kama has cyan fur with some forest green and blue markings

Orie is an NPC played by Moogle

Physical Characteristics

Description:Kama is more or less an average sized cat - see below. fur Color and Style:Kama's fur is a nice cyan color with dark green swirls appearing at irregular intervals along his sides. Dark blue stripes run down his back and his belly fur is white, like many cats. Distinguishing Features:If looked at from above, the swirls on his back are in the shape of a 'jesus' type fish. Also the swirls on his face are prominent features.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Kama is a bit of a space cadet with a habit for tripping over things - but is loyal to his friends. In the series, one can never be sure of whether he's a coward or not. He also has a knack for dodging large and heavy objects with ease, but don't ask him how - he doesn't know. Likes: Hanging out with Orie, large steak dinners, not get eaten by the Evil Flying Jellyfish Dislikes: Tap dancers, Evil Flying Jellyfish, and boomerangs. (He LOATHES the last one) Goals: To stick by his best buddy until they find a good home.


Kama is a character of the children's show Yami NekoNeko, which has recently become popular in Yamatai.

Kama was actually born to a normal family on a planet far from Yamatai, but accidentally wandered onto the wrong starship after his carrying kennel opened (his family was on vacation). Several flights later, he ended up on the streets of Yamatai, quickly befriending Ori at a young age (More or less a week after she escaped).

Kama is ready to support Orie in thick and thin, and will do practically anything to protect her.

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