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Kameko Yukari

亀児 紫
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Yamataian Height: 168cm (5'5“)
Gender: Female Weight: 49kg (108 lbs)
Age: 19 Measurements: 85cm-55cm-82cm
Employer: Star Army of Yamatai Bra Size: C
Occupation: Medic Eyes: Golden Brown
Rank: Itto Heisho Hair: Dark Brown
Current Assignment: none

Yukari is played by Revolver

Physical Characteristics

Description: Yukari is a slender Yamataian female who engages in regular strenuous exercise. Her face is youthful and round, with a small bulb of a nose. She has pale peach skin and golden brown eyes. Hair Color and Style: Her long dark brown hair often looks black depending on the light. She rarely lets it loose, preferring to keep it tied up behind her head. Distinguishing Features: Her eyebrows are kind of on the large side, and her fingernails are elaborately decorated with irezumi-style art, nail rings and dangles.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Yukari usually has a harsh, abrasive attitude with little to no “bedside manner.” She's blunt and to the point, often seeming to pay more attention to her work than to her patients. Often boastful, Yukari rarely does so without the ability to back it up.

Likes: SAMURAI MOVIES, Trolling Dislikes: Goals:


Family: Goemon(father), Kichou(mother), Ryuji(younger brother), Hibiki(younger sister), Ichiba Nakamura(mother's side, uncle), Rieko Nakamura(mother's side, aunt), Kai Nakamura(cousin)

A cousin of the Kameko Clan's head, Goemon didn't seem outwardly a good fit for a member of the shadowy clan. A brusque thug who was heavily involved in the underworld dealings on and around Yamatai. Taking the tenet “Live in shadow; never reveal your true self.” of the Clan's Honor Code to heart, he served an informant's role and his kills were as stealthy as any other clan member. Who indeed would suspect that the loud street thug who pushed his weight around could be a silent, exacting contract killer? His eventual marriage to Nakamura Kichou was an arranged one. It seemed an odd fit, Kichou had been a bridge Science Advisor on a small Star Army ship who dreamed of running her own bookstore. But the two got along well, finding balance in the other's quirks and temperament. Kichou was never made aware of the clan's real dealings. She knew Goemon was involved in shady business, but as long as he didn't bring it home with him, she was content to build their lives in the hopes that he'd change and leave it all behind someday. Their first child, born in YE 12 was a girl they named Yukari.

Yukari was a bright young girl, mostly due to her mother's constant attention, reading to her most every night, even at a young age. Her father taught her discipline, many a times his iron palm paddled her backside. Often she was made to sit silently as punishment for one transgression or another, which taught her patience. Usually this was due to her acting out in some fashion on trips to the Kameko Clan Castle. Given her father's reputation, Yukari often felt it was necessary to defend her family's honor in school, leading to the girl getting in more than her fair share of fights. At home, afterwards her father would discipline her himself. He didn't want her to turn out like he did, wanting better for his daughter, but instead, he only drove her to a similar lifestyle. She hung out with bad crowds and any hell she caught at home from her father and mother fell on deaf ears. It only got worse when she went to live at the Kameko Household for her real training.

At the castle, she was a model member of the clan. Taking to her training quickly, her instructor found that Goemon had been teaching his daughter well. She knew how to hold a sword, basic stances and kata and could recite the Code forwards and backwards. However, at the academy she still hung out with the bad crowds and got involved in some shady business. Generally just ferrying recreational drugs around the campus for the most part was what she personally was involved in, but there was some heavier stuff, beatings, rackets, gambling. For a while, she dated a guy, a tattoo artist named Tetsuya who was part of the older crowd, having graduated by the time Yukari met him. Yukari was head over heels in love with him, and over the course of their relationship, allowed him to practice his art on her, doing beautiful “Floating World” styled scenes. After the Kameko decided that they all would switch to the new Yamataian bodies, however, she refused to carry the art over. She didn't want to wear a copy of the original art, and when it was discovered that new art wouldn't stick, their relationship became strained.

In terms of schoolwork, Yukari did very well, finding a personal interest in pharmaceutical chemistry. Her decision to join the Star Army was based on a couple of important facts. First of all, it would allow her to continue her studies in a real-world setting, plus it would be valuable job training. It made her mother proud, too, to see her daughter sort of follow in her footsteps. After some long distance communication, Yukari eventually realized that she no longer had a real relationship with Tetsuya. Boot Camp, on the other hand, was easy for her, her clan training helping her to far exceed expectations from a Yamataian. But, when time came for her to pick an occupational route, she chose medical. In her mind, not only were Nekovalkyrja better suited than her to more combative roles, but taking center stage on her own combat abilities would be a bit too much of a spotlight. On the other hand, in Medical she would be able to better keep tabs on whatever ship she was on, and have access to the personal medical histories of her crewmates.

Service Record

Yukari's first assignment was as a medical assistant aboard the YSS Encore, a Plumeria in the 9th Squadron. Compared to the seemingly fast pace of school life, military life was a breeze. Not only was she secluded from most of her friends, but also from her clan. It was liberating, in a way. Cleansing, even. It allowed her to focus more on her own life. She still kept in contact with the clan and, on a couple of occasions, was called to perform some duties during leave. Slowly rising through the ranks, she was eventually promoted to head physician aboard the Encore.

While aboard the Encore, Yukari missed the very end of the SMX War, and near the end of YE30, she was turned down when she requested a transfer to serve as a doctor aboard Virgo Star Fortress and instead assigned to the YSS Reliance, a step sideways in her eyes. As the YSS Fiesta completed construction, she nabbed a posh position as a researcher making sure that the science crew stayed healthy while they developed better food sources.


Communication: Yukari has taken all the requisite training courses to become familiar with all standard communication equipment and techniques of the Star Army of Yamatai and has proven these skills in service to the Empire. Including, but not limited to transmitting and receiving via basic radio, headsets, starships, powered armor and shuttles in both combat and non-combat roles. Additionally she is fluent in both Nepleslian and Yamataian, but prefers Yamataian as it's more “traditional,” even though her manner of speaking is rather brutish.

Fighting: In addition to the standard Star Army training in hand-to-hand, energy pistols, rifles, grenades, knives and powered armor combat, Yukari has also been extensively trained in the Kameko-clan style of martial combat which focuses mainly on techniques involving a wakizashi, tachiko or other short sword-like weapon. Combined with her medical knowledge, she is further skilled in using thin acupuncture needles in combat situations. She is both skilled and experienced in combat in zero to an atmosphere and a half of gravity, with or without weapons.

Technology Operation: Yukari is trained and experienced in the use and operation of any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS. She has a rather low level of proficiency in doing anything other than very basic tasks, preferring to leave computer related tasks to AIs.

Mathematics: Though she received basic mathematics training up to and including algebra and trigonometry, Yukari has a rather low retention rate of what she actually remembers and can recall on short notice. With the assistance of a datapad or AI to look up formulas, however, she can successfully reproduce her skill from back when she was still in school.

Medical and Science: Yukari is quite skilled in the field of medicine, especially when concerned with NH-series (Geshrin, Yamataian and Neko) and Nepleslian bodies. The interest and knowledge base extends to both the production of and application of a wide variety of drugs and techniques withing Yamataian and Nepleslian space. Additionally she's taken a particular interest in Lorath medicine and drugs in particular and it colors her personal research and preferences in medical situations. Yukari can diagnose and treat conditions, apply first aid and emergency care (CPR, etc), and perform field surgery/general surgery if given the proper tools/facilities. She knows how to work in and use a variety of hospital and medical equipment including, but not limited to, medical and science scanners, medical kits and nanolathes (such as the hypolathe).

Humanities: An important part of Yukari's training was how to observe people and watch how they react to different situations. She studied some sociology and psychology while in school, but the majority of her practical knowledge comes from either her clan training or personal experiences.

Knowledge: Yukari is well acquainted with both traditional Yamataian culture and the “underworld” culture that the Kameko clan exists and operates in.

Awards and Medals

Rank Pin Itto Heisho
Ribbon Name Citations Awarded For


Yukari choses to be an unpaid soldier serving the Star Army of Yamatai. The Empire provides for all her needs and some of her wants as per the Yamatai Prestige System, and the Kameko clan provides the rest.

Total Savings Credit Debit
3000 KS Starting money


Qty Duty Uniforms
3 Duty Uniforms
2 pairs leather boots, dark gray
1 pistol belt, leather, dark gray, with holster for service pistol
Undergarments & Workout Clothes
3 Complete Exercise Uniforms
4 additional black sport bras/swimsuit top
4 black panty
8 pair of black boot Socks
Other Clothing
1 yukata (cotton robe), white, with navy blue print of various silhouettes of Star Army starships.
1 black sash for yukata
1 pair black sandals
Weather Gear
1 black tricorner hat, thick felt with red border
1 black overcoat, thigh length, empire waist
1 pair leather gloves, dark gray
1 scarf, teal.
Weaponry and Tools
1 鳴風 - “Minamo” - A durandium wakizashi blade on a katana-length handle.
1 Ketsurui Zaibatsu Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 30
3 BR-28E Battery Magazines
1 Star Army Communicator, Type 29 and charger
1 Star Army Helmet, Type 30
1 Star Army Flashlight, Type 30
1 Survival knife, solid diamond with rubberized grip and lanyard, in dark gray belt sheath
1 Earplugs with belt case
1 Field Bandage with belt case
6 Assorted sharpened hairpins
Other Items
1 Wooden jewelry box with red velvet interior (for medals)

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