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Karl Sylvester

A yamataian male whom lived from YE 01 to YE 32. Karl served with distinction in the Star Army reserves as a medic, eventually earning the rank of Nitô Juni, before specializing in genetic engineering and finally working as a geneticist at the Star Army Research Administration. He was married to a woman named Margaret and they had two children: Timothy and Gillian.


A nepleslian-born man, Karl was of the generation whom saw change to the Human body, and then the yamataian one. His hair was a curly honey brown, with brown eyes and had rugged norfolk features that, combined with his charismatic demeanor, made him quite popular with the ladies.

Karl in the Roleplay

His career was noteworthy for the fact that he touched upon many of the Ketsurui nekovalkyrja projects. He's made contributions development and testing for the NH-12B, NH-22M, NH-22C, NH-27 Nekovalkyrja, NH-28 Nodal Integrated Weapon System and NH-29S Nekovalkyrja. He started out as a promising technician and years of hard work saw him promoted, though his tendency to get attached to his test subjects prevented him from becoming more than a lead assistant.

Karl namely created and looked after Kôsuka, born a NH-22M nekovalkyrja. He took the pains to wean her beyond the weapon the Ketsurui desired, teaching her of art, philosophy and in the mundane lives of the people she could be fighting to protect as a Samurai. Contact with his family in fact inspired Kôsuka to give birth to her own child, Kotori.

It turned out Kotori would not stay and complete her training as a Ketsurui Samurai, to her mother's chagrin. Karl stepped forward to the occasion and fostered Kotori into his own family… but as the months past Kotori became enamored with him and decided to confess her love for him, and when she was turned down she tried harder to the point of trying to force her affections on him. Unable to handily deal with a NH-22M neko whom had come very short of raping him, he surrendered her to the Star Army Research Administration so they could deal with her accordingly.

Karl held no grudge against what he considered the unstable moments of a young girl being forced to grow too quickly and while he could not tolerate Kotori threatening his marriage, he did hand down lessons; such as it being important not to commit actions she would come to regret later, and that love was more than just lust - it was wanting to live with another and pursue the happiness of the person she would come to cherish.

Implication with the Nekovalkyrja Signaler

He was later implicated in Kotori and Kôsuka's lives again when his family being threatened forced him into a conspiracy. Amaya, an agent from the Daughters of Eve, selected him as her cat's paw to body transfer individuals within the entourage of the Imperial Princess Ketsurui Hanako to the NH-29 Signaler body.

Karl was deemed ideal for Amaya's purpose because he was a geneticist whom could adapt the Signaler-suite of abilities to the then-recent NH-29 body which he had an hand into. He also personally knew Hanako's bodyguard Kôsuka, which would help allay the suspicions of his involvement.

The apparent point was that the Signaler body, gifted with powerful anti-psionic features, would eventually come in contact with a former ally Amaya wanted disposed of: the Mishhuvurthyar interpreter Melisson. Though after studying the plans he found out that the Signaler was a stunted version of a much stronger kind of body he had never heard of before.

However, Karl pushed his involvement further. Not trusting Amaya to ever leave his family off the hook, he entrusted his hopes to Kôsuka's daughter Kotori whom returned from battle near-death. His captor's expectations were that he turn the fallen that returned into Signalers and that was what he did, though the new body he copied Kotori's mind had the limiters removed… he hoped Kotori would be able to make use of her new body to return the favor to his taskmaster.

The other thing he did was secretly save the dying original and spirit her away. Thanks to the resources his years of dedicated work at SARA provided him, he also made modifications of her body to approximatively give her the same kind of PANTHEON access a NH-23 seemed to possess. Putting the original in stasis, he had her moved and hidden on Kotori's new vessel Miharu and hidden via integration into the ship's computer systems.

His desperate gambles eventually paid off, as Kotori and her crew eventually wiped out the Daughters of Eve.


Just shy of the Battle of Yamatai, Karl left with his family to a summerhome in Port Xenn during his children's winter holiday.

Unfortunately, the timing of this vacation coincided with the Battle of Yamatai. When alarms were raised the Sylvester family made its way to shelters. With Hoshi no Iori sundered and no Star Army warship in sight to defend the world, Mishhuvurthyar forces were able to breach the atmosphere and attack the populace.

Karl, his wife, and his two children were amongst a crowd whom was caught outside a road leading to a shelter as NMX Bomber battlepods flew overhead and killed them all by the means of carpet bombing.

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