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Karuah Dhawa

Karuah Dhawa is a player character played by Syaoran.

Karuah Dhawa
Species & Gender: Iromakuanhe(Eyr Ranr ) Female
Year of Birth: YE 08/AR 919
Organization: Astral Vanguard
Occupation: Frame Runner Field Mechanist
Rank: Vaybalri
Current Placement: Setareh Wing

Physical Description

Height: 170cm1) Mass: 68kg2)

Karuah has a light sandy brown complexion and a build that could have her mistaken for gymnast and a youthful expression with soft facial features and sharp brown eyes that seem to catch everything. Her hair is a rich violet kept in an asymmetrical bob cut, one side covering her right eye and the left tucked behind her horn. Her horns are probably her most striking feature, starting between the temple and where ears would normally be, raising up with a strong backwards curve and have been dyed burgundy to better match her hair.


Karuah in a word could be described as whimsical, frequently changing what she wants to do, but it goes deeper than that. She never wants to be stuck in life and prefers to learn many skills rather than staying on one path for ever. She likes to challenge herself and see just how far she can go, but more than anything she hates the feeling of having hit a wall with her abilities, and will very quickly change her approach if she feels like it's a losing effort.


Karuah was born on a airship city on Maekardan where she would spend the majority of her early life. As a child she was energetic and playful, getting herself into all sorts of trouble. Despite her large family however her favorite pass time was taking things apart, which left more than a few angry siblings when their favorite toy was left disassembled. As she grew older Karuah's past time grew into a fascination with technology and seeing how everything worked.

She wasn't one for studying and preferred to learn everything hands on, which was difficult to come by chances for at first.However her uncle Apari worked maintenance at the spires of Port Aersin, he would occasionally bring Karuah along to help out. Here she got the hands on experience that she craved and also learned how to operate frames used in maintenance.

As she grew older and completed her standard education, Karuah decided to forgo traditional schooling and moved down planet side to Mizar Enclave in search of a more hands on approach to learning. The first year was rough for her with most Ivuori not wanting to let a whimsical Eyr Ranr anywhere near advanced technologies, but after working many odd jobs doing repairs for citizens she built up enough trust to get hired by local company that did everything from household appliances to working on Frames and industrial instillations. THe majority of her work centered around Solan Starworks products, with one of her favorites being the GravElectric (GE) Lifter.

The years in the enclave were enjoyable, but as Karuah approached her 30s3) she decided that it was time to expand her skills even further and applied for the Astral Vanguard. Her mechanist training was completed much quicker than she expected however, as she had more than enough practical experience fr the job. Not one to take the easy route though she decided to challenge herself and undergo Frame Runner Training immediately after and become a field Mechanist where she could use her skills on the front lines.

Skills Learned

Karuah Dhawa has the following notable skills:

Social Connections

  • Mother: Alkira Dhawa
  • Father: Matari Dhawa
  • Uncle: Apari Taior
  • Abbas Tawfik: Karuah's supervisor and boss when she worked at the local engineering company. He still works there and helped get Karuah ready for the Astral Vanguard training.

Inventory & Finance

Karuah Dhawa has the Astral Vanguard Standard Issue.


Karuah Dhawa currently has 95000KD and makes 1000KD per week,paid Tuseday (Last pay day June 5 2018)


Karuah has made no significant purchases

OOC Information

In the case syaoran becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
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