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Kaya is a player character played by Ethereal.

Species & Gender: Helashio Female
Year of Birth: YE 18
Occupation: Cook/Pilot
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Independent

Physical Description

Kaya stands just shy of 5'7โ€œ, as she is rather proud of. Her build is slim yet lean, as if she exercised regularly but not to the extent to get much muscle mass. She sports the naturally pale skin of her people as well as a striking golden-yellow eye colour. Her feline ears are prominent even for her own kind, as well as the long and slender tail she often swishes absentmindedly. Her locks of straight grey almost white hair, dyed pink towards the ends easily reach her lower back. She has a calming, steady voice yet fire in her eyes and a proper posture like she was taught. She has standard body proportions for her build and a c-cup chest.


Kaya is an introverted, shy person. She enjoys her quiet time and keeps herself to herself generally after years of subservience. She works diligently when instructed, not letting up until the task is done. Of course, her ultimate goal is freedom to do what she wants and likes without waiting on the wishes of another. She tends to play with her hair a lot when thinking or nervous, curling the locks around her fingers. She's incredibly brave and not much shakes her silent resolve, though she doesn't revel in violence. At least, until she gets mad when she changes into a furious harpy - especially when inside a fighter, as if the years of slavery had lost all effect. There, she is free. At least, for a while.


Kaya was born in YE 20 in the service of a minor Lorath household. Through her early years, as soon as she could be parted from her mother, she was traded frequently between houses like a commodity. During this time, she learned many domestic stills including cooking a variety of dishes to please her masters in an attempt to better her position in the house. Eventually, she was sold to a shipping company and took to piloting like a duck to water - for a time she was content.

During one of her many trips through the regular routes, her shuttle was boarded by pirates and she was taken as a prize. Time for another change of hands, as was often the case in her life. This time, she was sold to a band of outlaws on Fegefeuer. Who knows what will happen from there?

Skills Learned

Optional section. Kaya has the following notable skills:

  • Culinary: Kaya is able to cook exotic and large meals after years of doing so every day for her various masters of different species and cultures, to the point other slaves would look to her on advise on what their masters would prefer on any given night. Mood, temperature and tiredness all affect how a meal will be received in her eyes.
  • Domestic: Having been a slave, basic functions include household tasks such as cleaning, laundry etc. She's also able to manage basic managerial functions such as keeping stores stocked and making sure supplies are always on hand.
  • Vehicles: Kaya can operate small shuttles as she did during her last position, used to ferrying breakable cargo through busy spaceports with little guidance from the outside. She has a growing interest in fighters and that sort of craft, she would occasionally do a maneuver she had seen when nobody was around.
  • Communication: She can speak in Trade and several Lorath dialects having served many different houses on her own planet. She knows some Yamataian but only snippets and odd words.
  • Entertainment: All slave children were required to learn some form of instrument or other interesting talent, so that when they were sold at auction there would be a demonstration of how talented they were. Kaya picked up the flute and practiced unwaveringly every she could, even when she was supposed to be sleeping. After all the time she's had, she's happy to play for anyone who would listen.

Social Connections

Kaya is connected to:

  • Kia-Lux Hauling Co. (Last Owner)
  • Shin-Shei (Friend)
  • Aileu Brovax (First Owner)

Inventory & Finance

  • A few sets of simple clothes
  • Standard Slave Control Necklace

OOC Information

Artwork by Wes using the base by Waitress/Hensa purchased from Cozycat studios.

In the case Ethereal becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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