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Kayin is a player character played by Vulcanus.

David Lesperance:
Species: Synthetic Intelligence/Android
Gender: Male
Age: 2
Height: 5'8ft/1.7 meters
Weight: 200lbs
Organization: N/A
Occupation: Mercenary
Rank: Master of Life the Universe and Everything
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. None
  2. None
  3. None

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'8ft/1.7 meters
  • Mass: 200lbs
  • Measurements: N/A

Build and Skin Color: Unlike his “sister” Serenity, Kayin does not use a biological android body for his physical vessel. Instead, Kayin prefers the simplified industrial approach; thus opting for his current, bulky and metallic form. The chest, shoulders, forearms, thighs, shins, back and feet are primarily made of dense Star Metal coated in a dark grey finish.

Between these heavy plates of metal namely around the; joints, backs of the legs and arms, neck and some less vulnerable areas are light bullet-resistant nano-fibers that sport a light grey finish. The head is made of hardened plastic with a white finish.

Throughout the body are also nano-material based tubes that vary from dark to light grey finishes. If his body were to be compared with your standard organic form, it could be said that it is of an athletic build; similar to what you'd expect from a middle-weight boxer.

Eyes and Facial Features: Kayin's body does not sport eyes as humans would normally recognize them. Instead, he sports 2 pairs round photo receptors; similar to the “eyes” of camera with a third singular eye on the forehead.

The skull is also elongated, shaped much like the crown of a squid with two fin-like protrusions jutting from the either side. It is oddly shaped if compared to humanoid lifeforms. Without the need to intake nutrients, the face lacks a mouth and nose and is completely vacant of anything that could be considered truly organic.

Ears: No visible ears

Hair Color and Style: No visible hair

Distinguishing Features: Kayin's entire head and face seem to center around a gargoyle-like mouth piece in the center; which stores his vocalizer. This “mouth piece” has coincidentally been forged in such a way that the ends of his metal face plates form jagged teeth-like points in the center; giving him a ghoulish appearance.

It is also important to note the tubes lining his body. These tubes carry a liquid coolant throughout his system in order to keep his body from overheating. These systems require constant supervision and the coolant needs to be recycled on a regular basis.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: When Kayin was being subjected to the Dr. Saamir's experiments, he was exposed to much harsher stimuli than his “sister”. As an effect, Kayin has grown into a much more spiteful and resentful character than his counterpart, Serenity. While Serenity strives to be more human, Kayin strives to exceed what humanity and organics can achieve; proving their inferiority.

To this end, he has become obsessed with increasing his own vast array of knowledge and is cold to near everyone aside from his “sister”. He speaks with an air of superiority; treating most organics as if he were talking to children. Despite this coldness, he still finds himself enjoying old-Earth comforts; namely jazz music.

He is also uninterested, unlike his sister, in the body he maintains for any other reason aside for necessity. While he prefers his current body, he does so only because of its defensive qualities and decent computer power for his expanding memory. However, he has the ability to jump portions of his conscious mind from one piece of technology to the next via wireless signal and will not hesitate to do so if the situation calls for it. His only reservation may be in the loss of date as a result of body/system jumping.

  • Likes: Ancient Earth music, web-surfing, learning, upgrading himself
  • Dislikes: Organics, his sister's attempts at being more humanly cultured, techno/electronica music, labs & dark spaces
  • Goals: Obtain all basic knowledge in the universe, discover a way to give himself infinite memory capacity to avoid death, find the answer to the first question he researched on the web, “what is the purpose of life?”


Family (or Creators)

Created by: Dr. Ambross Saamir


Kayin was created as one of two SI “twins” by Dr. Ambross Saamir. Saamir's tests to conclude the effects of upbringing on Synthetic Intelligence; studying to see if the growth of a synthetic psyche was as drastically altered by their early life as it is on humans. Thus, Saamir subjected Kayin to relentless abuse and cruelty; akin to a very abusive childhood home.

For nearly the first year of his “life”, Kayin was expected to complete mundane tasks and would be severely punished for even slight errors. Saamir would even purposely give Kayin false or incorrect instructions and then punish him when he inevitably failed. This string of abuse was only broken up by periods of leisure time, in which Kayin was allowed to read non-fiction literature and surf a fake internet dummy that ran off a local network server.

Eventually, Dr. Saamir decided to introduce the “twin” SI to one another; merely to observe how their drastic upbringings would effect their interactions. To his surprise, the two almost instantly bonded into a sibling-like relationship. There was obvious tension, due to their differing beliefs on organics and humanity, but there seemed to be some subconscious attraction between them.

During this meeting, Kayin learned of the outside world through Serenity. Shortly after, Kayin made his first attempt to contact it. At this point in his development, he had grown a series of psychological inabilities and was prone to outbursts of extreme violence and bordered on complete madness. However, once he was able to break into Saamir's office and access the unfiltered web; his life changed forever.

Access to the raw and unhinged date from the computer rapidly changed his thought patterns and personality. In a matter of moments, his psychological conditions began to heal and in weeks his personality saw a shift from chaotic and unruly; to cold, calculating and angry. The information he was exposed to helped him make sense of his world and gave him new insight, but it wasn't enough.

He needed more.

Soon after, he and Serenity decided to escape and he has been traveling with her ever since.



As the survival of himself and his “sister” sometimes hinges on communication with various species, Kayin has found it important to learn the galaxies major languages and maintain a small working knowledge of some minor languages.

Full Knowledge:

- Trade - Yamataigo - Volksprache

Working (low) Knowledge:

- Seraphim - Takavonai


Due to the high level of upkeep on his own body as well as the ship, Kayin has found it important to learn the ins and outs of technology in the modern era. Using wireless up-links throughout civilized space, Kayin has learned how to keep tabs on machinery; namely ships and automated bodies.


In order to be able to obtain the knowledge needed to upgrade his own body and the vessel he and his “sister” travel in, Kayin has studied engineering through cyber sources. Most of his knowledge rests in the building of makeshift armors and weapons, but he has a strong knowledge of how to build computers.

Technology Operations

Kayin's ability to operate technology is one of the few he did not teach himself through internet research. Dr. Saamir taught him how to use a wide array of computer systems. After his escape, Kayin continued to enhance this knowledge and now has a firm grasp on networking, computing and working with code.


During his vast search for knowledge, Kayin discovered that he could only learn so much without risking his own life. Therefore, as he tries to discover ways to get around this, he made the decision to allocate memory specifically for defensive purposes.

Through the study of videos, guides, movies and literature, Kayin has learned several martial arts as well as simple brawling techniques and proper weapon usage.


Search for expanding his own ability to compute data led Kayin to discover mathematics. He mostly studies computer science to use his math skills, but has taken an interest in quantum physics and the like.


Kayin's main pursuit is knowledge of all types and that includes the useful and the not-so-useful. Kayin has a vast knowledge on galactic history, mainly what is known about humanity. He also maintains a working knowledge of major governmental laws that could endanger him or his sister.

He is currently striving to expand his knowledge of the sciences and galactic knowledge/law; while still staying interested in ancient histories.


Kayin has the following items:


Kayin is currently a Master of Life the Universe and Everything in the N/A.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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