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Keem Ledat

Keem is a player character played by Whitehart.

  Keem Ledat 
  Species:    Pir'taplan 
  Gender:    Male 
  Age:    Unknown 
  Height:    5'9“ ( 1.52 m)
  Weight:    342 lb ( 155.1 kg)
  Organization:    Psychopomp 
  Occupation:    Soldier 

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Color: Average height for his species Keem is quite muscular thanks to his conditioning, occupation and a little genetic modification thrown in. His skin is the usual rust red and he is slighty hunched forward like most from his planet giving him a very predatory image. 

Eyes and Facial Features: Keem has startling pale green eyes that contrast starkly with his skin tone. Pir'taplans have similar eye shape but only a slight nose ridge, much less pronounce than a standard humanoid. Only a subdermal bone ridge speaks of any type of eyebrow. Most notably is a bone crest along the back of Keem's head that is cobalt blue in color.

Hair Color and Style: Pir'taplan's are unable grow hair on their bodies except for the shoulders and backs with additional growth on the chest for males. His hair is a brown that he keeps cut to a downward point on his chest and back.

Distinguishing Features: Beyond the above mentioned, Pir'taplans have subdermal bone ridges that protrude along the forearm ending with a small bone spur at the elbow and similar along the shins with the spur at the knee. They have three fingers and a thumb on each hand and four toes.   Keem in particular has a multitude of scars covering his body, a testament to his training and devotion as a warrior.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: War, fighting and glory are what drives Keem. This has been pressed upon him by a culture of violence and slavery. It was not always so bad but the impact of being a slave and taught only to worry about fighting has certainly left it's toll on him. He was the Low, to be treated like nothing and discarded without a thought and such was his basic mindset.

He wanted to be more and this drive had pushed him to drastic measures, he will fight and endure pain to show he is worthy of being somebody. He follows orders well, even preferring it and will go to his last breath to fulfill his mission.

The only time one may say Keem is subdued would be during downtime and he is not training. He focuses himself through sculpting of all things. It shows a softer side to the brutish exterior

  • Likes: Battle, glory, sculpting, and Nepleslian music  
  • Dislikes: Cowardice, weakness
  • Goals:  To finish his sabbatical and return to his people a citizen.



Keem was born to be a Low. A subservient caste within the Pir'taplan society. His parents were inconsequential and never really a part of his life. His first memories were of being a play thing for a child of similar age belonging to the High caste. It started out simple enough but he quickly learned his role in life whenever he overstepped, thus was the rest of his childhood and early years.

As he turned into what would be considered the teens his fate was decided for him once again. He had, what the Pir'taplans considered, a fighters gift. All of his species were of course strong, heavy and dense thanks to the heavy gravity of their homeworld but Keem was one of those that were to be fated as a warrior with just slightly more density than normal. So, he was changed to the fighting pits, to train and fight and probably die for the entertainment of the castes.

So fighting and surviving became his life. He was successfu in that he lived both the the benefit of his betters and the chagrin of his debtors. This led to even a few additions for Keem in the form of slight genetic modifications. These allowed him to move a little faster, be a little stronger and endure just a little more punishment.

As all pit fighters he eventually rose to the esteem of being given a unique opportunity, leave the homeworld, find glory and success amongst the stars and he may return a Citizen. So with barely a thought otherwise he left his world with nothing but his clothes, armor and a specially made gladius to face the dangers of the galaxy.



Keem can speak but not read or write his native tongue and has a useable, albeit stuttered grasp of Trade. He learned when he reached the Kikyo sector and does not really seek to learn more than the basics. He can use radio equipment though he needs to be taught newer local technology at first.


As a pit fighter Keem has a vast knowledge of close combat and weapons of the melee persuasion. He was rigorously taught to use most weapons from just pick up without even knowing it's actual purpose (though it of course would help to know). He can fight well unarmed and unarmored or vice versa. He feels constricted in heavy body covering armor but can make do. Though the firearms are different he understands the use of such though had very little interaction on his planet. He much prefers easy to use guns such as shotguns.


Being raised a house slave has allowed Keem an understanding of how to run a house, do menial chores and prioritize household needs.


He is in peak condition to fulfill his duties as a fighter. He is strong, fast tough all owing to his constant training, diet occupation. He has trained to fight in all sorts of environments and conditions and even has zero-g fighting knowledge though it is certainly not his favorite.

Due to being raised on a gravity heavy planet Keem is very heavy, has greater bone density and is stronger than average humanoids. With the gravity situation and his genetic modifications, when in regular gravity he is much faster than his size would suggest.


One would not know it but inside this brute is an artist. In his cell, during what little downtime he found Keem woud create small sculptures. Sometimes these were abstract in nature but most times he would choose to make a most recent beast he slayed or a crude rendering of a foe he beat. They were not the best pieces but to Keem it is an escape.



  • Plain long sleeveless woven tunic
  • Simple woven pants
  • Broad belt
  • Gladius scabard
  • Knife sheathes
  • Woven bracers
  • Woven armband

Trade Goods

  • 4 bundles of Exotic Fiber





  • Scutum shield with curved cut out for spear or shotgun


Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
1345 KS 1655 KS Armor
295 KS 1050 KS Weapons
175 KS 120 KS Trade Goods
1135 KS 960 KS Loan
175 KS 960 KS Power Spear

OOC Information

This article was created on 09/05/2018 by Whitehart

In the case whitehart becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

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