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Kelly Williams

General Information
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: born YE 06
Employer: Origin Industries
Occupation: Origin Armor Works Lead
Rank: Senior Executive
Current Assignment: Dawn Station
Height: 6'4β€œ
Weight: 195lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Kelly Williams in Role Play

Kelly Williams is an NPC played by Kai.

Physical Characteristics

Description: Tall, broad shouldered, powerfully built and fairly muscled. Hair Color and Style: Kelly has dark wiry hair braided into short cornrows, which go just down past the base of his skull. Distinguishing Features: Besides his dark skin, Kelly has a large degree of cybernetic implants in his body, such as internal data storage drives, both wireless and wired up-links for interfacing with electronics. His left eye is cybernetic, capable of infrared and night-vision modes.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Kelly Williams is a disillusioned and conflicted young man. He personally loves the Giant Mecha Anime and Cartoons he grew up with as a child, as well as the entire Mecha Industry that it all stemmed from. His main problems stem from when he looks back at his childhood favorites, seeing them in a new light. At his present age, they seem shallow and unrealistic, with bravery conquering all; Kelly knows full well that the 'good guys' do not necessarily win, and that evil may triumph equally as good may. Despite this, he pushes on in a job that connected with is childhood dreams, holding the faint hope that he can make them come true. His struggles with normal society reflect his discordance with the Mecha genre of anime as well. Kelly is aware that if he acted like his heroes, he would be a laughing stock. However, he still holds dearly onto the very same values his heroes had espoused.

Likes: Giant Mecha Anime, Mecha and Frames, Mecha and Frame based combat, The OIF Atuan's Crew Dislikes: Giant Mecha Anime, The NMX, Corporate Espionage. Goals: Take part in making mecha a more prominent and practical means of fighting war. Make mecha more practical for civilian use. Get The Girl, after figuring out who The Girl is.



Jakob Williams (Father,Deceased) Ashly Pinsforth (Mother,Deceased)


Kelly Williams was a single child descended from a middle class Nepleslian family. He had a surprisingly nice, decent life where he went to school as a kid, played some sports, watched anime and occasionally got caught in crossfires from time to time. Throughout his childhood, there were two main constants; his love for anime and the mecha in them, and his father's hate of anything to do with Yamatai. Anime included. Other than this one discrepancy, Kelly and his father got along well, often listening to stories of epic battles, space marines, and loathing of what he called the β€œNeko-Inquisition”. This lead to Kelly becoming somewhat conflicted as he grew up, the bright and optimistic stories created by Yamatai sharply conflicting with the grim-darkness that was his dad's life experience, passed down from father to son. As he could not settle on one over the other, Kelly kept it mostly to himself, occasionally finding others who shared his hobbies.

Because of his father's tall tales, he expected the man to die in the same manner that he lived; epically. Instead, Kelly was in the room over when his father slipped and hit his head on the toilet bowl while repairing the lights. It took a long while to accept his father was dead, and afterwords, plunged into a state of despair. In a fit of what Kelly describes as 'emo rage', he sought to embrace his love for Yamatai, joining the Reds. At the time, he reasoned that all his father's tales were worthless, considering the way he died, amongst other things. Fortunately, his time as an agent of the Reds was not spent at the front lines to an excessive degree; Instead, he acted as an informant and spy for the Reds, partaking in heavy combat operations on occasion only.

Despite his apparent competence at these tasks, Kelly hated it. He hated espionage and political intrigue. He hated talking his way out of trouble. And most of all, he hated not having a chance to be the big damned hero. Fortunately for him, Kelly did have a good friend. Yuno Fumihiko, a Nekovalkyrja operative who served as his liaison to Yamatai, and partner; she got him out of trouble as often as she got him into trouble. This served to take the edge off of a job that Kelly hated. On the other hand, he was aware that taking up another occupation meant he wouldn't see her again. As the war began to wind down however, Kelly found himself on the losing side. As more people he knew died, mother included, Kelly came to realize that he had no real reason to fight for the Reds; it was mostly out of spite.

At that point, most options were closed off to him as the Greens closed in planet by planet. With the defeat of the Reds imminent, Kelly and his surviving friends deserted while Yuno went back to the Star Army. For some time, Kelly spent his life as a fugitive either on the run from the authorities, or trying to make a meager living with miscellaneous jobs. It was only through sheer luck that he was given a way out of this lifestyle by Aerin Tatst. Though he took the opportunity of a new yet likely mundane life with cold feet at first, he immediately brightened up as soon as he heard of one of Origin's divisions.

Origin Armor Works. They built Mecha.

Aboard the Atuan



Kelly is very well versed in hand to hand combat due to his previous occupation, and specializes in rapidly disarming or disabling opponents. Though not as skilled with melee weapons, he is formidable enough to be a challenge, merely using what he knows about hand to hand and attempting to apply it to the use of hand weapons. Kelly is particularly handy with submachine guns and pistols of all types, but is only competent with longer barreled weapons. He is inexperienced with much larger, heavy arms, but knows the theory behind them. Kelly is familiar with both older Yamataian and Nepleslian power armor designs, as well as the Impulse that Origin Industries produces.


Well toned and built, Kelly has kept himself in good physical shape. Though his body is not in the absolute pinnacle of fitness as it was before, he is still capable of rapidly fleeing or pursuing through dense urban jungles, navigating the various obstacles with his strength and agility. Despite his appearance, Kelly's reflexes are sharp; coupled with his speed and strength, he usually gets the first blow in.


Kelly is familiar with standard communications systems, as well as more advanced and secure methods of contact. He specializes in encrypting and decrypting messages, as well as intercepting them. These skills are rusty however, due to lack of use.


Breaking into safes and buildings is not too much of a challenge to him in the past. Now, Kelly finds things a little more difficult due to the new technology that has come out in addition to not keeping himself updated. Still, locks, ignitions and so-forth remain easy game to him. Minor pickpocketing and slight of hand based tricks are also in his resume of skills. Kelly is also capable of some minor streetwise bantering, and is also (embarrassingly for him) familiar in seduction of the opposite gender.


The vast majority of land vehicles, including tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, are within Kelly's range of expertise. In recent times, his skills and knowledge in using mechs has significantly increased, granting him unexpected insight and surprises that would have made his younger self gawk.

Technology Operation

Kelly is very familiar with both Nepleslian, Yamataian and Origin Industries based computers and software. Though rusty he has and still is quite proficient in hacking various systems in order to obtain data, delete evidence or otherwise obtain a desired effect by altering computer code.

OOC Notes

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM: NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year: NO

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